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October 4, 1989



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                           4 OCTOBER 1989, 4:00 P.M.

                            PRESIDENT'S BOARD ROOM


  Present:  Drs. Bates, Boyle, Burger, Campbell, Eaton, J. Johnson

            R. Johnson, La Berge, Lutze, Moore, O'Brien, Snoke, Stephenson,

            Stout, Teekell, F. Ventre (for D. Conn), Mr. Daniel Adams


  Visitors: Dr. Jack Cranford, Mr. John Ashby





      Dean Teekell announced the new brochure produced by Dean Martha Johnson

      describing fellowship programs.   These brochures were distributed

      across campus and should anyone need additional copies our office will

      provide them.


      A printout of Fall census data was distributed to members.  The infor-

      mation detailed headcount and full-time enrollment facts.


      At the final meeting of the CGS last year, Andy Cohill, a member of the

      GSA, presented a resolution that was passed by the GSA regarding GTAs

      teaching additional courses including the Honors Colloquia.  Dr.  Snoke

      wrote a letter to Dr. Carlisle regarding this issue and Dr. Teekell

      provided the membership with Dr. Carlisle's response.  Dr. Carlisle

      stated, "While I believe we should help graduate students become skill-

      ful undergraduate teachers, I believe that GTAs should not be assigned

      to Honors Colloquia.  I agree with several points made by Ron Nurse.

      The Honors Program should provide more involvement with senior faculty

      than our normal undergraduate program typically does.  Those doctoral

      students interested in college teaching should have opportunities for

      instruction or guidance.  Although it would normally be the department

      or the college which identifies the appropriate classes for them to

      teach, I would, nevertheless, like to develop a University-level GTA

      preparation program.  With the aid of the Graduate School, I believe we

      can devise a plan."  At a later date, action should be taken to plan to

      implement a plan of action.


      On October 5, 1989, Dean Teekell will present the Commonwealth Fellow-

      ship Awards of $5,000.00 each to Brett Bennington of the Geology De-

      partment, Barbara Kuzmak of the Statistics Department and Deborah

      Weissenborn of the Biochemistry and Nutrition Department.


      Dr. Snoke raised the question of CGS involvement with the previous an-

      nouncement on GTA teaching.  Dean Teekell said that this issue would be

      a future agenda item for discussion and referral to committee should

      that be appropriate.


      Dr. Francis Ventre was proxy for Dr. David Conn.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 20, 1989 -  The minutes were approved

      with the addition of items of referral to individual committees under

      "Other Business".


  3.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Daniel Adams distributed copies of APEX for

      perusal.  The Graduate Research Symposium will begin with a speaker on

      Thursday night October 12 and poster session on Friday, October 13,

      1989.  Members were invited to encourage participation from individuals

      in the poster session.



      Janet Johnson submitted the report and it was approved.  Dr. Johnson

      announced that policy memorandums from the President's office will be

      updated to reflect the semester conversion.  The next meeting of the

      Course and Program Criteria Committee will be cancelled and an an-

      nouncement will be sent regarding the next meeting time and location.

      Dr. Ventre asked that the "Truth in Packaging" issue not be closed for

      discussion and that Dr. Conn would like to be present at a future meet-

      ing of this committee for discussion.



      Teekell asked that the membership discuss this issue within the indi-

      vidual colleges and this item will be a future agenda item.


      ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT - Dr. Jack Cranford led a discussion, carried over

      from last year, regarding the role of the University in academic mis-

      conduct cases.  After discussion and suggestions by Commission members

      and it was decided to refer this issue to the Degree Requirements,

      Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies Committee for deliberation.

      Dr. Janet Johnson suggested the addition of a committee member from the

      GSA for this issue.  Daniel Adams was added to this committee.


  6.  OTHER BUSINESS -  none


  7.  ADJOURNMENT - 5:08 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton


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