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April 18, 1990



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                           18 APRIL 1990, 4:00 P.M.

                         CRANWELL INTERNATIONAL CENTER



  Present: Drs. Burger, Campbell, Conn, Flowers, J. Johnson, M. Johnson,

           Lutze, Moore, Snoke, Stout, Teekell, Mr. Daniel Adams, Ms. Theresa



  Visitors: Mr. John Ashby - Spectrum




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS -  Dean Teekell acknowledged the service of all members

      of the CGS particularly those whose terms were expiring. Dan Adams, Bob

      Bates, James Campbell, Theresa Fried, Janet Johnson and Arthur Snoke

      have all completed their terms with the CGS.


      May 4, 1990 at 5:00 p.m. will be the Doctoral Commencement in Cassell

      Coliseum.  Mr. Dan Adams will pronounce the benediction.  David Lush,

      GSA Speaker, will give the invocation.


      In 1989 Virginia Tech awarded 1193 master degrees, this year the

      projected number is 1270 master degrees.  333 doctoral degrees were

      awarded last year.  This year, between 340 and 350 doctoral awards will

      be granted.  If this University awards 340 or more doctoral awards we

      will rank among the top 24 universities in the nation, both public and

      private, and will rank us in the top 20 public institutions.


      Dr. John Eaton is recovering well and will be in cardiac rehabilitation

      for 17-18 weeks.  He is expected to be back at work on a part-time ba-

      sis by May 7.


      The 1990 Summer Masters Cunningham recipients letters have been mailed.

      The recipients are:


                    Chienchia Chiu        Material Engineering

                    Angela Farrar         Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional


                    David Groeschl        Forestry

                    Kristine Hunt         Geography

                    Richard Kirschner     Biology

                    Scott Long            Mechanical Engineering

                    James Matthews        Animal Science

                    Jeffrey Paine         Mechanical Engineering

                    Timothy Slaterbeck    English



      Dr. Ernest Stout has been named Associate Provost for Research.  Effec-

      tive May 15, 1990.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 4 APRIL 1990 -  the minutes were approved with

      minor corrections.


  3.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Theresa Fried stated that the GSA has been

      working on a statement of rights and responsibility for graduate stu-

      dents.  The preliminary draft of this statement will be voted on at the

      next GSA meeting.  Dan Adams voiced his appreciation of the support of

      the commission.


  4.  REDEFINING GRADUATE SUPPORT STAFF - Dr. Martha Johnson discussed the

      fact that the research responsibility aspects were left out of the de-

      finition for the GSS.  As the definition is currently written, these

      students will also be ineligible for the waiver of out of state tui-

      tion.  Should we include research in this statement, there is a possi-

      bility that we will be in agreement with the laws that govern the

      waiver of the out of state fees.  Dr. Arthur Snoke noted that the defi-

      nitions were not the updated ones that should be used.  After dis-

      cussion, revisions were made to the definitions.  (Please see

      Attachment A for approved statement)


  5.  POLICY MEMORANDUM RESOLUTION - Dr. Arthur Snoke presented a resolution

      to reinstate the D+, D and D- grades.  This resolution is proposed to

      make the graduate and undergraduate grading systems consistent. Dr.

      Snoke's motion to adopt this resolution and send to University Council

      was approved.  (Please see Attachment B for approved resolution) The

      current policy, stating that students be required to repeat courses on

      their program of study in which a grade below "C-" is earned, will stay

      intact and will be reflected as such in the Graduate Catalog and the

      Policies and Procedures Manual.



      Johnson presented the committee report and the report was approved with

      the following corrections.  (1)  Item 35 should read:  New Course -

      ENGL 5354 - Comparative Studies in Literature was approved. (2) Item 11

      - New Course - CE 5204 - GIS Applications in Civil Engineering was ta-

      bled.  The two departments, Geography and Civil Engineering, who were

      discussing the course have come to an agreement and therefore the com-

      mittee report was amended to read that this course was approved.


  7.  ADJOURNMENT - 5:20 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton





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