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April 4, 1990



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                            4 APRIL 1990, 4:00 P.M.

                            PRESIDENT'S BOARD ROOM



  Present:  Drs. Bates, Boyle, Campbell, Flowers, Hooper, M. Johnson,

            R. Johnson, La Berge, Lutze, Moore, O'Brien, Snoke, M.

            Sporakowski for J.  Johnson, Teekell, J. Wood for Conn, Ms.

            Theresa Fried


  Visitors: Mr. John Ashby - Spectrum






      Dean Teekell announced two proxy representatives:  Dr. Mike Sporakowski

      for Dr. Janet Johnson and Dr. Jim Wood for Dr. David Conn.


      A progress report was given on Dr. John Eaton's condition. He had a

      heart attack last week and is in Roanoke Memorial Hospital undergoing



      Plans for the special doctoral graduate ceremony for May 4, 1990 at

      5:00 p.m. in Cassell Coliseum are going as scheduled.  Letters are be-

      ing sent to the major advisors of the students who plan to attend this

      ceremony.  The plans are for the advisors to lead the processional.


      The Cunningham Doctoral Award receipients have been notified and they


               Mr. Daniel S. Adams           Engineering Science and Mechanics

               Ms. Sherry P. Cassali         Industrial Engineering and

                                                 Operations Research

               Mr. Andrew P. Clements        Anaerobic Microbiology

               Mr. Ray E. Drumright          Chemistry

               Mr. Timothy D. Ludwig         Psychology

               Mr. Kyung C. Mun              Finance

               Mr. Layne A. Prest            Family and Child Development

               Mr. Lewis N. Van Brackle      Statistics


      Copies of a letter from the Educational Testing Service were circulated

      announcing  the  cancellation of all Graduate Record Examination scores

      from India.  It appears that the later testings in January and February

      were also compromised and the breach of security remains.  Letters  are

      being  sent  to  applicants,  whose test scores have not been received,

      stating that their applications cannot be processed until we are in re-

      ceipt of valid scores.


      The next scheduled meeting of the CGS will be at the Cranwell  Interna-

      tional Center.


      Friday, April 5, is Founder's Day.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF MARCH 21, 1990 -  The minutes were approved with

      minor corrections.


  3.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - no announcements



      POLICIES COMMITTEE - DR. ARTHUR SNOKE -  Dr. Snoke stated that the com-

      mittee recommends the reinstatement of a  "D"  grade  to  the  graduate

      grading  system.    A motion was made and carried that the "D" grade be

      reinstated.  Dr. Snoke and Dr. Ron Johnson will write a resolution  for

      consideration at our next meeting.


      Snoke stated that students are basically on their own regarding  health

      insurance  in  the summer when they are not enrolled with the exception

      of international students who have mandatory insurance. Dr.  Snoke  re-

      ferred  to a memo from Fred Weaver, Director of the Office of Risk Man-

      agement, regarding liability insurance  for  students  in  the  summer.

      Their  office  contends  that  if a student has permission to be on the

      premises and is a student in good standing, the student is  covered  by

      University liability insurance.


  6.  TAX EXCLUSION PROVISIONS - DR. ARTHUR SNOKE - Dr. Snoke confirmed, with

      Dr.  Cheri  O'Neil,  the basic fasts regarding the tax exclusions.  Ac-

      cording to Dr. Snoke, Dr. Ray Smoot stated that the 1990 W2 forms  will

      be  issued  net tuition.   Dr. Snoke also contacted Kathye Johnston and

      she stated that Fall 1990 tuition will be  credited  directly  and  the

      students  will  only be paying the net amount. Dr. Snoke stated that in

      the meantime, students may take the exclusion on their 1989 taxes.  Re-

      funds, from past years that these exclusions weren't used, are possible

      and those years are 1987 and 1988.  Students may refile using the 1040X

      form for these past year.


  7.  OTHER BUSINESS -  Dr. Ron Johnson asked whether a formal statement  has

      been  issued  regarding the funding for GA positions for summer school.

      Dr. Hooper said that he assumed the funding would be provided but would

      check into the matter.



  8.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:52 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     John L. Eaton




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