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February 21, 1990



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                          21 FEBRUARY 1989, 4:00 P.M.

                            PRESIDENT'S BOARD ROOM



  Present:  Drs. Bates, Boyle, Campbell, Conn, Eaton, Flowers, Hooper,

            J. Johnson, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, La Berge, Lutze, Moore,

            O'Brien, Pienkowski for Dr. James Burger, Snoke, Stout, Teekell,

            Mr. Daniel Adams, Ms.  Theresa Fried


  Visitors: Dr. Charles Kennedy - Commencement Committee

            Mr. John Ashby - Spectrum

            Mr. Rod Gentry and Mr. James Stanek - Collegiate Times






      Dean Teekell announced that Dr. Robert Pienkowski is attending todays

      meeting in substitution for Dr. James Burger.


      Dean Teekell and Dean Eaton recently attended meetings for the Council

      of Southern Graduate Schools.  The CSGS presents an Achievement Award

      each year to a person who has received his/her doctorate within the

      last five years.  This year's recipient was Dr. Jonathan Phillips a

      faculty member of East Carolina University.  Dr. Phillips received his

      baccalaureate degree from VPI&SU, his masters degree from East Carolina

      University and his doctorate degree from Rutgers.  Dr. James Campbell

      was on Dr. Phillips committee while at Rutgers.


      The Cunningham Dissertations applications have been reviewed and the

      applications are now to be sent to the final committee for review.


      Dr. Eaton announced that the GRE tests in India that were compromised

      in October have been repeated.  The tests scores are being evaluated

      now and results should be reaching us soon.


      Dr. Eaton also announced that Dean Teekell was elected as Vice Presi-

      dent to the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools.


      Dr. Snoke announced that he had discussed the issue of a book drop in

      the commuter parking lot with representatives of the Library.  There

      were several issues raised against a book drop in that area and Dr.

      Snoke presented alternatives that could be implemented by students.  He

      stated that there is now a 10 minute parking area at the Library to

      make book returns easier.  Also there are books drops available in cer-

      tain branch libraries for easy return.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 15, 1989 -  The minutes were approved

      with the correction of the spelling of Dr. Francis Ventre's name and

      Item 3 second paragraph should read " a motion made by Dr. J.



  3.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Mr. Dan Adams stated that the GSA is now in

      the process of informing graduate students of the decision of the Com-

      mencement Committee regarding the exclusion of the awarding of the doc-

      toral degrees at the University Commencement.  Within the next week,

      there will be a flyer sent to all graduate students informing them of

      this action and asking them to voice their opinions to Dr. Kennedy, Dr.

      Carlyle and Dr. McComas.  The GSA would also like to thank Dr. Snoke

      for his help with the book drop issue.


  4.  GSA RESOLUTIONS (COMMENCEMENT) - Dr. Charles Kennedy spoke to the Com-

      mission members regarding the issues surrounding the Commencement Com-

      mittee decision to drop the doctoral degree presentations from

      Commencement.  He referred to a report published after the 1988 Com-

      mencement.  In this report, issues were raised about improvements to

      the ceremony itself.  He discussed each issue and the Committee's view-

      point on solutions to the problems.  Dr. Kennedy then welcomed dis-

      cussion and questions from the Commission membership.  Mr. Dan Adams

      asked Dr. Kennedy if the Commencement Committee would consider the re-

      evaluation of it's decision to exclude the awarding of the doctoral di-

      plomas during the ceremony.  Dr.  Kennedy stated that he would put this

      issue on the agenda for the next meeting which will be Wednesday, March

      7 at noon at Hillcrest Conference room.  Dr.  Kennedy excused himself

      for another meeting and the floor was opened for discussion on the mat-

      ter.  Dr. William Flowers made a motion that we get the sense of the

      Commission on Graduate Studies on supporting the GSA resolution to re-

      consider awarding the doctorates at the University ceremony.  The vote

      was seven in favor, four against and five abstentions.  The motion car-





      POLICIES COMMITTEE - Dr. Arthur Snoke stated that two issues were ad-

      dressed:  (1) reconsideration of having no grade of D for graduate stu-

      dents -- this issue is still under consideration and there was no

      report on that issue and (2) securing dissertations -- the committee

      collected data that shows that most universities have a policy in ef-

      fect.  The reasoning behind the policy is to protect the student with

      respect to publishing from their dissertation work and the actual re-

      lease of their dissertation.  The committee will pass on the informa-

      tion they have accumulated to Dean Teekell and Dr. Stout for review and

      ask that they set guidelines for this University.



  6.  CGS COMPUTERIZED MINUTES (UPDATE) -  Dr. Eaton stated that we have ar-

      chived the previous minutes of the CGS on the computer system.



  7.  OTHER BUSINESS - Dr. Conn asked that the issues of the Presidential

      Fellowship Program be an agenda item for our next meeting.  Dr. Snoke

      addressed the issue of tax exclusion for graduate students.  Dr.

      LaBerge stated that graduate students should be able to exclude their

      tuition payments from taxation.  He advised that a graduate student was

      recently audited and won the case.  This is enabling Dr. Cherie O'Neil

      to go back through University channels to request the exclusion of tui-

      tion from the W2 Form and thereby reduce taxable income.



  8.  ADJOURNMENT - 5:20 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton





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