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March 21, 1990



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                           21 MARCH 1990, 4:00 P.M.

                            PRESIDENT'S BOARD ROOM



  Present: Drs. Burger, Campbell, Conn, Eaton, Flowers, Hooper, J. Johnson,

           R. Johnson, La Berge, Lutze, Moore, O'Brien, Snoke, Stout,

           Teekell, Mr.  Daniel Adams, Ms. Theresa Fried


  Visitors: Dr. Robert Frary - Office of Management and Research Services

                     Mr. John Ashby - Spectrum




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS -  Dean Teekell announced that the Summer Cunningham ap-

      plicants will be reviewed by the Course and Program Criteria Committee

      on Wednesday, March 28.  The Cunningham Dissertation Award recipients

      should be announced at our next meeting.


      The contributions of graduate students to the Commonwealth of Virginia

      have been surveyed by an outside source as well as by our office of In-

      stitutional Planning.  A report, IRPA Volume 45, has been compiled.

      Dean Teekell presented a copy of this report for the members to review

      at the meeting.  The CGS secretary will distribute copies of this re-

      port to commission members next week.


  2.  COURSE EVALUATION OF GTA'S - DR. ROBERT FRARY - In the past, concerns

      had been raised about the teaching qualities of international GTAs at

      this University. Dr. Robert Frary's office had been asked to compile

      statistics regarding these concerns. Dr Frary distributed copies of a

      report from the Office of Measurement and Research Services entitled a

      Summary of Instructor/Course Evaluation Statistics for Graduate Assist-

      ants.  He then discussed the various considerations that went into com-

      piling the information from survey reports.  The report revealed no

      statistical significance between non-English and English speaking GTAs.

      The average scores for the GTAs were comparable to the faculty scores.

      Various questions were raised by members and two suggestions came from

      the discussion to Dean Teekell.  (1)  That Dean Teekell prepare a

      statement for the Collegiate Times summarizing the report.  (2)  An-

      other report be done to trace consistencies from one semester to the



  3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF MARCH 7, 1989 -  The minutes were approved with

      minor corrections.


  4.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Mr. Dan Adams stated that the ceremony for

      doctoral students received support at the last GSA meeting.


  5.  DOCTORAL COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY UPDATE - Dr. John Eaton stated that a

      tentative ceremony procedure has been established. Dr.  David Conn will

      lead the faculty into the ceremony.  Dr. McComas and Dr.  Carlisle will

      be participating and we do anticipate a brief hooding ceremony.  Dr.

      McComas will present the diplomas that evening however the official de-

      grees will not be conferred until the ceremony the following day.

      There will be a reception following the ceremony sponsored by Dr.

      Goodale's office.  Mr. Adams suggested that a formal press release be

      done stating the events of this ceremony.  Dean Teekell asked that John

      Ashby take care of this statement.



      Johnson commented that it was the consensus of the committee that a

      statement be made that five program proposals and two program pre-

      proposals were evaluated on academic merit as well as their total con-

      tributions to the University as a whole.  The committee recognized the

      program contributions especially with the emphasize on increasing the

      arts and the humanities areas.  However, the members felt that a com-

      ment should be made that in view of the current economic climate there

      is concerns about resources for these programs.  Particular resources

      were faculty positions, GA's and the space situation in a zero growth

      environment.  Dr. Snoke asked that an additional concern be an increase

      in library holdings.  Dr. Johnson was in agreement with this additional

      concern and asked that the minutes be approved.  The minutes were then

      approved as submitted.


  7.  OTHER BUSINESS - Dr. Arthur Snoke reported that the Degree Require-

      ments, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies Committee met to dis-

      cuss the review of Policy Memorandum #8.  This is the policy memorandum

      that changed the rules that the graduate students had the same grading

      system as the undergraduate students.  Dr. Snoke stated that a state-

      ment will be prepared for the next CGS meeting regarding reinstating

      the past grading system.


      Dr. Snoke stated that in conversations with Joyce Williams-Green it was

      noted that students on full support for the summer sessions must regis-

      ter and pay for these sessions.  Dr. Snoke asked for a statement re-

      garding health insurance and liability for students who are working but

      not on support.  Dr. Williams-Green will respond to this in the future.

      Dr. Stout discussed the possibility of departmental support (wages) for

      students instead of assistantship support so that the students would

      not be required to pay tuition and register.


  8.  ADJOURNMENT - 5:48 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     John L. Eaton




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