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March 7, 1990



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                            7 MARCH 1989, 4:00 P.M.

                            PRESIDENT'S BOARD ROOM



  Present:  Drs. Campbell, Conn, Eaton, Flowers, Hooper, J. Johnson, M.

            Johnson, R. Johnson, La Berge, Lutze, Moore, O'Brien, Pienkowski

            for Dr. James Burger, Stephenson, Stout, Teekell, Mr. Daniel

            Adams, Ms.  Theresa Fried


  Visitors: Mr. John Ashby - Spectrum






      Dean Teekell announced he and Dr. Hooper met with the College Deans or

      their representatives recently and devised a plan for a commencement

      for doctoral students.  The ceremony will be held in the Coliseum at

      5:00 p.m. Friday May 4, 1990.


      The Graduate Research and Development Project Award recipients will be

      announced by the end of this week.  The GSA Travel Award recipients

      will be announced the following week.


      Eight students have tentatively been selected to receive the Council of

      Higher Education - SCHEV Commonwealth Fellowship Awards.  This is a

      program for American black doctoral students.  Dean Martha Johnson co-

      ordinates this program at VPI&SU and represents this University in



      The Graduate School has received 1,325 applications for degree at the

      masters level and 414 at the doctoral level for commencement.  At this

      time 559 of those applicants have been cleared for graduation.


      The Graduate School recently compiled information on applicants, ac-

      ceptances, and enrollment statistics that were presented to a speaker

      from the American Association of Universities.  Copies of these statis-

      tics were distributed to commission members.


      Dr. Robert Frary, from the Learning Research Center, will be the guest

      speaker at the next CGS meeting on March 22, 1990.  Dr. Frary has been

      invited to speak on the effectiveness of TAs at this University.


      Dr. Bob Pienkowski is representing Dr. James Burger at this meeting.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 21, 1989 -  The minutes were approved

      with minor corrections.


  3.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Mr. Dan Adams stated that he attended the

      Commencement Committee Meeting and the general consensus was that time

      constraints prohibit further changes in the commencement ceremony.  Mr.

      Adams stated that he was going to present the plan to have a separate

      ceremony for doctoral students to the GSA for consideration.  Mr. Adams

      thanked all members of the Commission for their support.



      Johnson presented the minutes and they were approved as submitted.  Dr.

      Johnson also announced a special meeting on March 14 at 1:00 p.m. in

      Sandy Hall to review new program proposals.



      the discussion of funding for this fellowship program.  It was agreed


      that Dr. Gary Hooper and Dean Teekell will meet at a future date to

      discuss the possibility of future funding options for this program.


  6.  OTHER BUSINESS - Dean Teekell issued copies of a Council of Graduate

      Schools study regarding the role and nature of the doctoral disserta-

      tion.  Dean Teekell offered this information to the membership for pos-

      sible inclusion in future meetings.  He stated that this information

      could be helpful in developing guidelines for this University.  It was

      the general consensus of the membership that this should be discussed

      at a future meeting.



  7.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:42 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton



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