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September 19, 1990



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                         19 SEPTEMBER 1990, 4:00 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Bonnie Braun (for William Flowers), Burger, Richard Conners

           (for William Stephenson), Norm Dodl (for Michael Moore), Eaton,

           Hooper, R. Johnson, LaBerge, Lutze, O'Brien, Snoke, Sporakowski,

           Stout, Mr.  David Lush and Anthony Townsend


  Visitors: Ms. Susan Truelove - Spectrum, Marvin Foushee - Registrars





  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS -  Dr. Hooper asked that all members introduce themselves

      and their college affiliation.  He announced that in the absence of Dr.

      Mike Moore (on research sabbatical), Dr. William Flowers (out of the

      country), and Dr. William Stephenson (unavailable for this meeting),

      Drs. Norm Dodl, Bonnie Brown and Richard Conners will serve the commis-



      Dr. Snoke stated that the College of Arts and Sciences elections were

      underway to select a representative to the CGS.


      Dr. Hooper reviewed the list of Commission members and noted that Drs.

      John Eaton, Martha Johnson and Bernard LaBerge are now listed as in-

      vited participants.  These people, in the past, have been presumed to

      be members of the Commission because of their Graduate School affil-

      iation.  Dr. Hooper asked the membership for permission for them to be

      regular vistors with the Commission.


      Dr. Hooper asked that, if it met with the membership's approval, a new

      item be added to our agenda entitled "Approval of the Agenda." This is

      being done so that any new items can be added to the agenda at the be-

      ginning of the meeting.  The membership agreed to this new procedure

      and Dr. Hooper added an item to the agenda for this meeting.  He dis-

      tributed copies of a document concerning "Securing Theses and Disserta-

      tions."  He asked that this document be accepted into the agenda as

      "Other Business" for todays meeting.


  2.  Opening Comments by Dean Gary Hooper - John Eaton will continue to

      serve as Secretary for the Commission.  The minutes will be more de-

      tailed and will be approved at the outset of the meeting.


      This year we have the unique opportunity to look at the graduate commu-

      nity and Graduate School to see how business is conducted.  During this

      coming year, matters of policy and the mission and goals of the Gradu-

      ate School will be brought to the Commission for discussion.  This

      group should set, establish and review policies and the Graduate School

      should have a direct role in carrying out this mission.


  3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 18 APRIL 1990 -  the minutes were approved with

      minor corrections.


  4.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - David Lush and Anthony Townsend addressed

      the following issues:


      The first meeting of the GSA was September 5 at the College of

      Veterinary Medicine.  Neal Stewart was named as the new Chief Justice

      of the Honor System.




      The "Graduate Statement of Rights and Responsibilities" will be ad-

      dressed at the next GSA meeting for final approval.  Copies of this

      document will be circulated to the membership for perusal.


      The Grad Fair title has been changed to the Graduate and Professional

      School Day. This event is scheduled for November 6 and will be held at

      the Burke Johnson Student Center.


      The Graduate Research Symposium date has been moved to February.  The

      graduate research examples will be in a broader context this year to

      include already published work instead of work that was solely designed

      for this show.


      The graduate student housing issue is passing through the appropriate

      channels for approval.  Dr. Hooper stated that the request, as it goes

      forward, is not for the building of a new complex but is more likely

      for the dedication of all or part of an existing facility to house

      graduate students. The initial phase of this request is for a 100 unit

      facility.  It is hoped that this will be available for August 1991.


      The GSA constitution will be reviewed and revised this year.  The two

      student goverance systems - SGA and GSA are requesting being pulled

      from the Budget Board system and to receive their funding directly from

      Dr.  Goodale's office or the office of Minnis Ridenour because of the

      natures of the organizations and the communities that they serve.  The

      GSA is currently preparing a budget proposal to go to Dr. Goodale's of-



      There will once again be two funding cycles for the Graduate Research

      and Development Project (GRDP) and Travel Fund applications.


      One of the new programs set up last year was the Graduate Lecture Dis-

      cussion Series.  Two of the series will be titled "Toward Teaching Ex-

      cellence - A Methodology of Teaching".  The GSA feels that this series

      will serve two purposes: (1) The people who are teaching now will be

      better instructors for the undergraduates and (2) In most cases, this

      will be the only experience that the Ph.D. students will have with

      pedagogy. Dr. Larry Weber and Dr. Dan Vogler will participate on issues

      of evaluation and syllabus development.  Hopefully, the first series

      will begin on September 26, 1990.  The next series will be on October

      10 on Grant and Research Proposal Writing with Dr. John McLaughlin from

      the College of Education.


      Some of the married graduate students with children have set up a

      daycare co-op among themselves on a timesharing basis.  This issue will

      be expanded for a discussion with Dr. Goodale.


      Hillcrest residents have expressed a concern regarding the use of the

      dining area, where their normal meals are set up, as the facility for

      "fine dining."  The residents now find it necessary to go another fa-

      cility on campus for their meals.  The students were not involved in

      the decision making for this change and therefore the appropriate per-

      sonnel are acting on their concerns.


      The D Grade Policy issue was addressed. The question the GSA is dis-

      cussing is whether the policy will retroactively affect current stu-

      dents or whether the policy will go into effect for students accepted

      after a certain time.  A resolution is expected to come from the GSA

      for clarification of this issue.


      Two resolutions were brought forward at the GSA meeting:  (1) A resol-

      ution was approved to extend bus service to the College of Veterinary

      Medicine building (2) The second resolution was on the university tui-

      tion surcharge.  After discussion and some misunderstanding, the resol-

      ution was tabled.  Dr. Hooper stated that he will try to bring a budget


      report to the next meeting to clarify some of the questions regarding

      the tuition surcharge.


      A copy of the GSA agenda and the minutes for their meetings will be

      provided for the membership and everyone is welcome to attend their



  5.  MINUTES - CHANGE IN PROCEDURES - this issue was addressed in the an-

      nouncements and the opening comments by Dr. Hooper.



      - Attachment 2 in the packet was principally for review and information

      for the membership.



      dressed the issue of a posthumous degree for Ms. Jean Black de Cornejo.

      Ms. de Cornejo was a student in the Department of Curriculum and In-

      struction with Dr. Larry Weber serving as her advisor.  Dr. Dodl noted

      the student's outstanding academic background as well as her personal

      character.  Dr. Dodl noted that the awarding of such degrees has been

      done in the past under similar circumstances. A motion was made and

      seconded to award this degree.  Discussion was led by Dr. Ron Johnson

      regarding the previous awarding of these degrees.  He asked that some

      specific background of past requests be brought to the Commission so

      that the membership can be consistant in their recommendations.  This

      item was tabled until the next meeting.  The background information

      will be presented to the Commission at that time.


  8.  M.S. IN ARCHITECTURE HOUR REDUCTION - Dr. Hooper quoted a letter from

      Dr Carlisle written to the State Council of Higher Education regarding

      the reduction of credit hours for the M.S. in Architecture degree.  The

      program had not been re-evaluated upon the conversation to the semester

      system.  The program is research oriented and not intended as prepara-

      tion for professional practice.  The university approved this change

      based on the approval of the college and the faculty's recommendation.

      There was a date (during the summer when the CGS does not meet) that

      this issue had to be addressed with SCHEV to be effective for the Fall

      1990 term and that is the reasoning behind the direct statement to

      SCHEV from Dr. Carlisle's office.  This issue was brought to Dr.

      Hooper's attention and the provost's office conveyed their apologies

      for bypassing the Commission in this decision.  Dr. Snoke noted that

      emergency meetings can be called to act on such matters. Dr. Hooper

      asked that the minutes reflect that the CGS noted the action taken and

      that we will make ever effort, if this happens in the future, to call

      an extraordinary meeting to act on such issues of importance.


  9.  INCOMPLETE GRADE POLICY - carryover item for next meeting.



      SEARCH - Dr. Hooper stated that the IEOR Department has changed its

      name to Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) effective immediately.

      The change has been accepted by the University.  The change has been so

      noted by the CGS.


  11. TRUTH AND PACKAGING POLICY - carryover item for next meeting.


  12. GRADUATE SCHOOL GOALS FOR THE COMING YEAR - carryover item for next



  13. OTHER BUSINESS - item added during Dr. Hooper's announcements.  "Secur-

      ing Thesis and Dissertations" - discussion will carryover for the next



      Dr. Hooper stated that longer meetings will be considered when the

      agenda appears to require such. The duration of the meetings will be

      listed on the agenda.

      Dr. Hooper also reminded the membership of the Open House at the Gradu-

      ate School from 4:00-6:00 on September 28, 1990.  Everyone is invited

      to attend.


  14. ADJOURNMENT - 5:06 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton



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