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April 17, 1991



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                           17 APRIL 1991, 3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Brown, Burger, Eaton, Hooper, M. Johnson, R. Johnson,

  Lutze, McCoy, Moore, O'Brien, Snoke, Sporakowski, Stout, Tideman Mr. Jay

  Comeaux and Mr. Anthony Townsend


  Guest:    Kay Heidbreder - General Counsel


  Visitors: Susan Truelove - Spectrum, Marvin Foushee - Registrars





  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS -  Dr. Hooper stated that a social will be held on April

      23 at the University Club for both the CGS members and the Research

      Commission members.  He thanked all individuals for their service this

      year to the CGS.


      Arthur Snoke asked that there be periodic updates on the numbers of ap-

      plications, etc. processed in the graduate school.  Dr. Eaton stated

      that applications are running somewhat ahead of last year but that he

      did not have the specific figures at the meeting.


      Dr. Hooper stated that departments should have received a letter from

      the Provost's office regarding tuition stipend levels, and

      assistantships.  Basically, the letter said there will be up to a 5%

      increase in tuition, there will be up to a 15% increase in out-of-state

      tuition, stipends and faculty salaries are to stay at the present lev-

      els.  For out-of state students who earn $4,000 or more on an

      assistantship, we can continue to waive the out-of-state portion of

      their tuition.  The university is going to provide a substantial in-

      crease in instructional fee scholarships and negotiations are continu-

      ing regarding this issue.


  2.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - The agenda was approved.


  3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 3 APRIL 1991 -  the minutes were approved as



      Dr. Hooper stated that the December 5, 1990 minutes, that had been ex-

      cepted at University Council, have now been approved in their entirety.


      Dr. Hooper said that he has been asked to address issues involving the

      programs that SCHEV did not approve at the next University Council



      At the last University Council meeting, the Professional Practices In-

      stitute was discussed.  Final approval will come next fall.


      At the next University Council meeting, amendments and consideration of

      the Governance Task Force will be considered.




           Course and Program Criteria - Mike O'Brien presented the

                committee report from the April 10, 1991 meeting.

                (please see attachment 2).  The report was accepted

                as amended.  Dr. O'Brien noted that the final committee

                report had been submitted to Dr. Hooper.


           Graduate Appeals - Dr. Fred Lutze noted that the committee report

                had been submitted to Dr. Hooper.  Dr. Lutze stated that

                the it seems that the appeals process is not clearly followed

                at the departmental level and felt that departments should be

                briefed on the appropriate grievance procedures.  Dr. Lutze

                felt that if the departments clearly understood the

                procedures, that grievances could be taken care of at the

                departmental level and would never have to advance to the

                CGS level.  The report was accepted as submitted.


           Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic

                Policies - Dr. James Burger stated that a committee report

                has been prepared in draft form and is being circulated

                throughout the committee.  After comments/suggestions from

                the committee members are received, the report will be

                submitted to Dr. Hooper.


           Commencement - Dean Martha Johnson stated that all ushers and

                marshalls have not been nominated as yet for the commencement

                exercises.  The hooding of the students will be done by the

                major professor.  Posters have been made with instructions

                as to how to carry the hood as well as the hooding itself.

                The reception is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. and will

                be held in two tents outside the coliseum.  A final committee

                report will be submitted to Dr. Hooper after the ceremonies.


           Committee on Self Examination of the CGS - Dr. Hooper stated that

                that there will be discussion of commission structures

                before the term is over.



  5.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Tony Townsend stated that the GSA Constitu-

      tion  has  been approved by the GSA members.  The document will be sent

      to the CSA for review next week.   Kay Heidbreder  suggested  that  the

      graduate  student body, the CSA and CGS all should review the Constitu-



      Jay Comeaux stated that the GRDP and Travel Fund Awards have been  pre-

      sented.   The APEX will be coming out soon.  Representative nominations

      have been made for all the commissions and committees upon which gradu-

      ate students are seated.  The Talloiries Resolutions  has  been  passed

      and  forwarded to President McComas urging him to support the Talloires

      Declaration - which is basically a statement of concern for  our  envi-

      ronmental  responsibilities.  The GSA feels that part of the University

      mission should be to increase environmental awareness throughout class-

      room, research and extension.





      Kay Heidbreder discussed various legal issues involved in a document of

      this sort.  She noted that there are inconsistencies between this docu-

      ment and current University policies.  She also felt that before a doc-

      ument  such  as  this  could  be printed in the Policies and Procedures

      Manual, it would have to go through the current governance system.


      After discussion, Arthur Snoke made a motion that the only action taken

      by the CGS was that this document was accepted as  a  report  from  the

      students  that  should lead to it being a carryover item for the CGS at

      our first meeting next year.  The motion was approved.




      MITTEES - Dr. Hooper stated that this issue  will  be  discussed  after

      University Council on structures meets.




      that a meeting will be held on April 24 with Kay Heidbreder to  discuss

      the legal status of this document.


  9.  6.4  - "I" GRADE RESOLUTION FINAL REPORT - Dr. James Burger stated that

      the resolution on incomplete grades recommended by both the CUS and CGS

      was presented by Norrine Spencer, a representative of the CUS,  at  the

      University Council meeting on April 15.  This was a first reading.  The

      resolution will be presented for a second reading on April 25.


      Dr.  Snoke  noted  concern  that  the department heads, faculty and the

      Graduate School itself will have to be trained in the  enforcement  and

      use of the "I" grade in the future.




  10. CGS REPORT CARD -  Dr. Hooper noted items on the "report card" that had

      been  completed through the year and the items that are carryover items

      for CGS consideration for next year.  He asked for  other  issues  that

      may  not  been  included in the list.  It was noted that two issues had

      been left off the listing and the list will be revised.  A revised  re-

      port  card  and copies of all committee reports will be sent to all CGS

      members after the semester ends.


  11. ADJOURNMENT - 4:31 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton





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