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February 20, 1991



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                          20 FEBRUARY 1991, 3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Brown, Burger, Eaton, Hooper, M. Johnson, R. Johnson,

           LaBerge, Lutze, McCoy, Moore, O'Brien, Snoke, Tideman Mr. Jay

           Comeaux, Mr. Anthony Townsend


  Visitors: Susan Truelove - Spectrum, Marvin Foushee - Registrars





  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS -  Dr. Hooper stated that Douglas Strickland, from

      Stetson University, will be the new Director of the Roanoke Graduate

      Center.  His appointment should begin on June 15, 1991.


      The first seminar in the series "Training the Future Professoriate"

      will be March 7, 1991. Dr. Johnetta Davis from Howard University will

      be speaking on "Sensitivity to Diversity in the Classroom".  This pres-

      entation will be in Conference Room G at the CEC at 4:00 p.m.  The next

      seminar will be on March 21, 1991.  Dr. Jules Lapidus, President of the

      Council of Graduate Schools, will be speaking on "A National Perspec-

      tive of Graduate Study".  This presentation will be in Room 1870

      Litton-Reaves Hall at 4:00 p.m.  In the fall we hope to have at least

      three more seminars such as these.


      Bernard LaBerge announced that a series of tax workshops have been

      scheduled for graduate students.  Dr. LaBerge noted that the University

      would be unable to support students who claimed that the portion of

      their stipend which was used for tuition was non-taxable for federal

      income tax purposes.  This is a change from the policy last year.


  2.  Approval of the Agenda - The agenda was approved as amended.


  3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 6 FEBRUARY 1991 -  the minutes were approved as





           Course and Program Criteria - Michael O'Brien presented a

                report from their February 13 meeting.  The report was



           Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies -

                Jim Burger stated that a meeting is planned for Tuesday

                February 26.


           Scholarship - John Eaton stated that a meeting is scheduled

                on February 28.


           Commencement - the photographer has been scheduled to photograph

                both the hooding of the students as well as students

                receiving their diplomas.  The Quintessential Brass

                Repertoire has also been scheduled.



  5.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Tony Townsend announced that Jay Comeaux is

      now the Vice-Speaker of the GSA and is officially the second GSA repre-

      sentative appointed to the CGS.


      At  the  last  meeting, elections were held to fill out the end of this

      year and to cover next year.

      A new Article IV for the GSA Constitution has been approved to  provide

      for succession of officers.


      The  entire constitution of the GSA is currently being revised. As soon

      as the constitution is approved, it will be brought before the CGS  for



      An  Opening Hearing on the Family Housing Policy will be held this aft-

      ernoon after the CGS meeting. The issue is defining a "family" in  such

      a manner that is acceptable to the graduate student community.


      Jay Comeaux announced that the Graduate Research Symposium will be held

      in  the Johnson Student Center on March 19.  This symposium provides an

      opportunity for graduate students  to  showcase  their  research  in  a

      poster  format.    All graduate students are asked to participate.  Dr.

      Alan Berg, of the World Bank will speak that evening and be hosted at a

      reception at the University Club.


      John Eaton noted that there will be a cash prize this year for the best

      two posters.


      Mike Moore asked whether the University is contracting with a local de-

      veloper to build graduate family units or will existing housing be used

      in the family housing issue? Dr. Hooper stated that  we  received  bids

      for  existing  units.    We are seeking 104 units in the first phase of

      bidding.  We are now trying to reach an agreement with a developer  who

      submitted a bid.




  7.  6.1 - "I" GRADE RESOLUTION UPDATE - Dr. Hooper stated that we are going

      to wait for the Undergraduate Commission to act on this issue before we

      pursue the matter further.



      passed in the Research Commission similar to the one that was discussed

      at our last meeting.  Basically, the resolution stated  that  the  idea

      was  supported  in concept and that they wish to have a group formed to

      oversee the writing of the charter and the entrance and  exit  require-

      ments. Dr. Hooper asked that Ron Johnson's committee, Graduate Research

      Policies  and  Programs,  review the wording of the proposed resolution

      and advise the CGS as to what further action we should take of this is-




      Tony  Townsend  asked  that comments be submitted to him in writing for

      revision of this document.  Copies of the document will be  distributed

      to the membership for their use in making suggestions.





      MITTEES  -  Dr. Hooper stated that it would be good to look at the ori-

      ginal charter for the Commission on Graduate Studies  and  the  several

      committees  that now constitute the Commission. Mike O'Brien and Arthur

      Snoke voiced related concerns that committee chairmen should have  some

      documentation distributed to them describing the charge of that commit-

      tee Dr. Hooper will present the charter to the membership for review at

      a  future meeting.  The membership agreed to an additional meeting with

      this issue as the main topic of discussion.



      stated  that  some  time ago, Policy Memorandum 14 was implemented.  It

      basically tried to define how departments set standards for their grad-

      uate programs.


      Now the the Commission for the University of the 21st Century  has  ex-

      pressed concern for the source of future faculty and for the quality of

      the  graduate  teaching  that goes on at the Universities in the state.

      Concerns have also been voiced from graduate  students  that  they  get

      little or no guidance before being put before a class to teach.


      About  one  year  ago  the Provost directed Dr. Hooper to work with the

      Deans, the Departments and the Commissions to try to get guidelines set

      for training the GTAs.


      Dr. Hooper stated that at our next meeting, John Eaton will  brief  the

      membership  on  plans  under development that will effect many of these

      issues. One of the elements that has been added into  these  issues  is

      the  thought  that a policy memorandum originating as a resolution from

      CGS could establish minimum expectations of all academic units who  use

      GTAs  and  list of all factors that need to be addressed by the depart-

      ments concerning what constitutes acceptable GTA training of  the  Uni-

      versity.    The Graduate School would be given the role of implementing

      the requirements of the policy memorandum.


      Mike O'Brien asked whether this would apply only to GTAs  and  not  GAs

      and  GRAs?  Dr. Eaton stated that the reason GTAs have been singled out

      is because there has had an ongoing program in GTA training led by Dean

      Martha Johnson. GTAs are also a group that we wish to have some sort of

      training before they go into the classrooms and also to develop  skills

      that  they can take away into positions as professors or into industry.

      Basically, we are directing this program to students who are  asked  to

      teaching  as  part of their responsibilities regardless of how they are

      paid or what they are called.


      Dr. Hooper asked the membership whether the CGS should enter into  this

      process by encouraging, enacting or requiring certain minimal standards

      and  subjects  to  be  addressed by the graduate community?   Dr. Snoke

      spoke in favor of this interaction and felt that this  was  related  to

      the  topic of the "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Graduate



      Mike O'Brien suggested that if there was a  model  department  document

      that each department could either edit or rewrite it to produce depart-

      ment  standards and it would be much easier than devising all new rules

      and standards.  Dr. Hooper stated that it would be possible to come  up

      with a guide to put out to the departments.


      Dr. Eaton stated that when he presents the plans before the CGS it will

      become  clear  that  many  of  these issues have been considered in the

      planning that has been done.


      Dr. Hooper asked that the members think about the issue and bring  back

      all comments to our next meeting.



      stated that he had the opportunity to speak before the Academic Subcom-

      mittee of the Board of Visitors and to the Rector  regarding  our  con-

      cerns  about  our inability to continue to be competitive in attracting

      graduate students.


      Arthur Snoke noted questions that have  been  presented:  For  graduate

      students  who  are  on  assistantships, do they have the same number of

      days of furlough or will they be exempt in some way?  How will students

      who are on support for one semester or for one summer semester be  han-

      dled?   What about RA's who are not paid out of state funds?  These are

      the kind of issues that will come up on  the  furlough  issue.    There

      should  be  some  consideration on these points before a final decision

      would be made.



      Dr. Hooper stated that he had met with the budget office  and  put  to-

      gether  several  thoughts  to  be used in a strategy to exempt graduate

      students.  When the subject comes up before the state legislature,  the

      University will be aware of this strategy.


  12. ADJOURNMENT - 4:33 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton


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