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February 6, 1991



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                          6 FEBRUARY 1991, 3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Brown, Burger, Eaton, Hooper, M. Johnson, LaBerge, Lutze

           McCoy, Moore, O'Brien, Snoke, Sporakowski, Stephenson, Tideman,

           Mr. Anthony Townsend


  Visitors: Susan Truelove - Spectrum, Marvin Foushee - Registrars



  Guest:  Dr. Walter O'Brien, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies

           for the College of Engineering




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS -  Dr. Hooper introduced the new Faculty Senate Represen-

      tative, Dr. Nicolaus Tideman.


      A new seminar series has been initiated for the "Future Professoriate

      Project".  The first seminar will be March 7 at 4:00 p.m. in Room G at

      the CEC conducted by Johnetta Davis. The topic will deal with minority

      students in the classroom. The second seminar will be March 21 at 4:00

      p.m. in Room 1870 Litton Reaves Hall conducted by Jules Lapidus. Dr.

      Lapidus will speak on the national perspective of graduate study. Se-

      veral other seminars will be conducted next fall.  These seminars are

      funded by the State Council for Higher Education and are part of our

      effort to upgrade the training of our graduate students as the future



  2.  Approval of the Agenda - The agenda was approved as submitted.


  3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 16 JANUARY 1991 -  the minutes were approved as





      COURSE AND PROGRAM CRITERIA - Michael O'Brien stated that the committee

      met on January 23 to review 42 Cunningham Dissertation Fellowship ap-

      plications.  The information has been submitted to the Graduate School

      for further consideration.  Dr. Eaton stated that the votes have been

      tallied and 12 applications have been selected to go forward to the

      next consideration.


      GRADUATE APPEALS - Fred Lutze briefed the membership on the function of

      the committee and the appropriate line of appeal for appeal cases.  He

      noted that the committee had acted on one appeal and has made a recom-

      mendation to Dr. Hooper.



      Burger stated that the committee is currently researching two issues:

      (1) Posthumous awards are being researched to develop a standard for

      acting on such requests.  (2) TOEFL scores.  The committee has not yet

      met on the issue of the TOEFL scores required for admission.


      SCHOLARSHIPS - John Eaton stated that he is in the process of setting

      up a meeting to review our graduate scholarship programs.


      COMMENCEMENT - Martha Johnson stated that the Commencement Committee

      had met that day.  There will be auditions for a vocalist to sing the

      National Anthem.  For the first time, women will be eligible for these

      auditions. Graduation invitations are at the bookstore and may be pur-

      chased by students for the ceremonies.  A list of instructions for

      graduation will go out at the end of March.  These instructions will be

      sent to all undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Hooper announced

      that an invitation has been issued to a prospective speaker for the

      doctoral commencement ceremonies.


      Dr. Hooper stated that before the term is over he would like to begin

      the process of a thoroughly examining the structure of committees of

      the CGS.


  5.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Tony Townsend, the Acting Speaker of the

      GSA, stated he was charged, at the Task Force on Governance meeting,

      with coming up with a proposal for a Commission on Graduate Affairs.

      This Commission would have a number of committees that would essen-

      tially replace the Commission on Graduate Studies.  This is not the

      preferred position of the Faculty Senate nor is it the preferred posi-

      tion of the Task Force however, there is the possibility of getting the

      proposal considered.  He distributed copies of the proposal and asked

      that the membership review the document and submit any suggestions or

      comments to him.


      A new GSA member will be appointed to the Commission.


      There will be a GSA general delegates meeting today in Room 30 Pamplin

      Hall at 5:00 p.m.  An invitation was extended to the CGS membership to

      attend the GSA meetings.


      The GSA is now acting directly on the Family Housing project.  A draft

      will be circulated, at the GSA meeting, to organize a formal hearing in

      two weeks to have people come in and discuss the Family Housing Policy.


      The APEX will be coming out soon.  An applicant with excellent creden-

      tials has applied for the APEX position.  An election will be held for

      this position.


      A new article of the constitution will be discussed today which will

      provide for the election of new officers.  Immediately following action

      on this article, election of new officers for next year will be con-





      "I" GRADE RESOLUTION UPDATE - Dr. Hooper stated that he found that

      there is still more work to be done on the "I" grade situation. There

      is wide-scale misuse and/or misunderstanding of the grading procedures

      in general.  Before the situation can be resolved, the Registrar's Of-

      fice is doing more research.  Dr. Hooper asked that the membership in-

      dulge this issue until more information is found on how the situation

      can be resolved.


      Marvin Foushee stated that Norrine Spencer (of the CUS) was to contact

      James Burger to indicate that the Undergraduate Committee was putting

      together a recommendation regarding the incomplete grades. Dr.  Burger

      stated that this recommendation was very similar to that of the Faculty

      Senate as well as to ours.  All three units are putting together bas-

      ically the same resolutions.


      Dr. Snoke stated that he re-wrote the resolution, that was presented to

      the CGS, to provide reasoning for why the "I" grade should not be in-

      cluded in the QCA as a "F".  He gave copies of the revised resolution

      to Norrine Spencer and Margaret Murray (Faculty Senate representative

      to the CUS) for review or presentation at the CUS meeting.  Dr. Snoke

      stated that Margaret Murray had conveyed two points that were brought

      before the CUS.  (1) The student misuse of the "I" was not of great

      concern.  The teacher's misuse of the "I" grades being used as though

      it were a "X" grade was of greater concern.  Dr. Snoke felt that the

      wording in any final resolution on "I" grades should include a require-

      ment that the policy on the awarding (as well as the already included

      removal) of "I" grades be strictly enforced. (2) The CUS seemed more

      deliberate about making a decision on this issue and the process may be

      more drawn out in that Commission.


      Dr. Hooper turned the issue back over to James Burger, chair of the re-

      view committee, and asked that the committee bring a recommendation to

      the CGS as to the course we should pursue.



      Walter O'Brien, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies for the

      College of Engineering.  Dr. O'Brien briefly explained the PPI Pro-

      posal.  He stated that through PPI, this University could make con-

      nections with outside industry to do practical research, test

      equipment, train, etc. which quiet possibly would not be available to

      students and faculty otherwise.  This institute would be a connection

      between the professional world and the academic world.  It would pro-

      vide an opportunity for our research faculty, who are concentrating on

      research, to consult and support an activity that is being conveyed

      into the professional world.


      After discussion, Dr. Hooper distributed a proposed motion in support

      of a Professional Practices Institute affiliated with VPI&SU.  The mo-

      tion was referred to the Graduate Research Policies and Programs com-

      mittee for review.  The committee was charged with drafting a motion to

      discuss at the next CGS meeting.





      Townsend presented this document to the CGS for inclusion in the Gradu-

      ate School Policies and Procedures Manual. The paper itself was com-

      posed within the GSA but has been heavy circulated throughout the

      campus community for review.  Tony noted that the copy, that was at-

      tached to the minutes, is not a up-to-date version and he would bring

      the revised copy to a future meeting.


      Arthur Snoke noted several areas in which he asked that the GSA clarify

      statements or add specific wording.


      Dr. Snoke and Dean Martha Johnson brought up questions concerning the

      proposed posting of assistantship opportunities.  Mr. Townsend stated

      that "favoritism" seems to exist in the offering of assistantships and

      the GSA felt it necessary to ask that a statement be in this document.

      He noted that changes may be made to this document and welcomes all

      suggestions and comments.


      The revised "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Graduate Stu-

      dents" will be presented at our next meeting.


  9.  LIBRARY SPACE STUDY - John Eaton presented a document from Wayland

      Winstead regarding a plan to provide adequate library space at Virginia

      Tech. Dr. Eaton noted that there is concern among faculty that this

      document has not been circulated to the faculty in general.  The docu-

      ment contains two sections:  (1) a proposal to replace current library

      shelving with high density shelving, and (2) integrate the present uni-

      versity bookstore into the library system and build a new bookstore.


  10. ADJOURNMENT - 4:52 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton



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