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November 20, 1991



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                         20 NOVEMBER, 1991  3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Eaton, Hooper, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, McCoy, Niles,

           O'Brien, Stephenson, Tideman, Mr. Jay Comeaux


  Absent with notification: Boyle, Harris, LaBerge, Lutze, Orcutt, Snoke



  Absent:  Brown, Sporakowski, Strickland, Townsend, Faw


  Visitors: Marvin Foushee - Registrars Office

            Susan Trulove - Spectrum Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS  -  Martha  Johnson  announced  that the Patricia Roberts

      Harris Graduate Proposal is to be submitted this week.  The departments

      of Chemistry, Psychology, Entomology, Crop and Soil Environmental  Sci-

      ences,  Electrical  Engineering and Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional

      Management submitted doctoral proposals.


      Dr.  Hooper  noted  The  State  Graduate  Deans  meeting  was  held  in

      Charlottesville  and  was  hosted by Virginia Tech.   This year all the

      Vice-Presidents for Student Affairs at various institutions  were  also

      invited  to attend.  Discussions were held at this meeting to arrive at

      common concerns that are felt throughout Virginia institutions.  It was

      agreed that this group should meet on a regular basis.


      Two workshops for graduate students have  been  planned:  1)-  Research

      Training Workshop will be held on January 9 and 10.  For further infor-

      mation contact Susan Trulove or Dr. Stout.  2)- GTA Training Workshop -

      Dr. Eaton noted that three GTA training workshops will be held (January

      28,  February  4 and 11th).  Information will be circulated at a future

      date regarding these workshops or you can contact Dr. Eaton for further



  2.  INFORMATIONAL HANDOUTS - (1) Northern Virginia CPAP residency  require-

      ments, (2) Concept Paper, Virginia Tech International Fellows Program


  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - The agenda was approved with the addition (un-

      der  new  business)  of 8.1 - Northern Virginia CPAP Residency Proposal

      and 8.2 - Virginia Tech International Fellows Program.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 8 NOVEMBER 1991 -   the  minutes  were  approved

      with modification.




           Graduate Appeals Committee - In Dr. Lutze's absence, Dr. Hooper

                stated that an appeals case has been held and deliberations

                have been completed.


           Scholarship Committee - John Eaton announced that the Scholarship

                Committee met on the morning of 11/20/91.  In particular, the

                discussion revolved around the Cunningham Scholarships.  It

                has been agreed to change the Cunningham from a reward system

                at the end of a masters/or doctoral program to a recruiting

                tool.  Information will be circulated to departments soon

                which will allow them to nominate outstanding applicants

                for a Cunningham Graduate School Fellowship.  It is expected

                that as many as 10 fellowships will be awarded the first year

                and then 8-10 per year in succeeding years until we reach a

                total of 24-30.  The Graduate School will be putting in

                $2,500.00 per year of Cunningham money and a 12 month IFS

                and then asking the departments to support this with a 12

                month assistantship.  Collectively, we could produce

                packages valued at $17,000-21,000 per year that can be

                used to recruit students.  The CGS membership affirmed support

                of this concept.


           Commencement - Martha Johnson announced that Spring Commencement

                will be at 4:30 pm Friday, May 8, 1991.  The number of

                doctoral students participating in the December Commencement

                will approximately be double that of last year.  The University

                Commencement Committee has approved listing of all doctoral

                students in the Spring Commencement Bulletin whether or not

                they were listed in the Winter Commencement Bulletin.



  6.  GRADUATE  STUDENT  ASSEMBLY  - Jay Comeaux announced that a GSA meeting

      was held on November 14.  Two resolutions were passed.  (1) An affirma-

      tion of a resolution passed by the SGA and the  Commission  of  Student

      Affairs  supporting  a  move to allow the student representative to the

      Board of Visitors to attend executive sessions and have a vote  on  the

      Board of Visitors.  Currently the student representative is not allowed

      to vote and is not allowed to attend the executive sessions.  (2) A re-

      solution  to request a change in the charges in the library copying ma-

      chines.  The charges have increased from 6 cents a copy to  8  cents  a

      copy.   The GSA noted that these new charges were not announced nor was

      the basis for this change explained.  Other copying services at various

      locations still charge 6 cents or less and therefore the library  would

      have a monopoly on the copying from non-circulating journals and publi-

      cations.  The resolution will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel

      in the library.


      The  GSA  and  the SGA are putting together an ad to run in the student

      newspapers describing the sexual harassment policy along with advise on

      how to deal with these situations.


      The representative on the  Parking  Commission  is  still  working  for

      Faculty/Staff  parking privileges for graduate students holding GTA and



      The proposed funding model to the Commission on Student Affairs was re-

      jected because of certain tax and liability concerns to the University.

      As a result, the reclassification of  student  organizations  that  had

      been proposed was rescinded.





  7.  7.1 - GRADUATE STUDENT TUITION - Dr. Hooper addressed the issue of spe-

      cial  tuition  rates  for  graduate students.   At the meeting of State

      Graduate Deans and Vice Presidents  for  Student  Affairs,  Dr.  Hooper

      asked  them  about special tuition rates for graduate students at other

      universities.  There was only one institution that had such a rate  and

      that  was UVA.  They require the graduate student to register full time

      until they complete the required hours for their  degree.    Once  they

      have  met  the  full compliment of hours, at full cost, then these stu-

      dents are moved into another graduate  student  status  where  they  no

      longer  earn  regular hours toward their degree.  At that time, the re-

      duced tuition rate comes into effect.  FTEs are calculated in this  new

      category  however, hours are not earned towards the degree.  Also, if a

      student wishes to be retained in the records when they leave  the  uni-

      versity for a period of time, the student must pay a maintenance fee in

      order  to  sustain  their admission to the university.  The fee is cur-

      rently $50.00 per term while the student is on leave of absence.


      Dr. Hooper asked for volunteers for an ad hoc committee to  study  this

      issue.  The committee will be composed of Dr. Hooper, Mike O'Brien, Jay

      Comeaux.    Dr. Hooper will ask Kathye Johnston to be part of this com-







      to a handout passed out earlier in the meeting, prepared by  Dr.  James

      F.  Wolf,  Director of the Center for Public Administration and Policy.

      One third of the faculty for CPAP are  located  in  Northern  Virginia,

      however over half of the graduate students in the program are in North-

      ern  Virginia.    The  purpose of the proposal is to permit students to

      meet their doctoral residency requirements in Northern Virginia.


      Dr. Hooper referred this issue to the Degree  Requirements,  Standards,

      Criteria and Academic Policies Committee for review.



      the  concept  of this program grows out of sense that Europe, Japan and

      the U.S. have some common interests.  Businesses that hire our students

      may wish to have a student that has a particular experience that  makes

      them  conversant  with  both countries or perhaps have some experiences

      with the culture and languages with other  countries  than  their  home

      country.    We  have  developed  this program that discusses links with

      other institutions in other countries and in a formal way have our stu-

      dents go to their institutions and have their students come to our  in-

      stitutions.    Financing  will  come  from outside industries and other

      ways.  The student who formally takes part in such a program  would  be

      called an International Graduate Fellow.  There are two institutions in

      France, one institution in the United Kingdom and one in Japan with ap-

      propriate  industrial partners now exploring this idea.  There are some

      pilot programs in mind.   We would like to receive  the  sense  of  the

      graduate community about the value of this issue.


      Dr.  Hooper  asked the Course and Program Criteria Committee to examine

      this program.  Dr. O'Brien asked that Bernard LaBerge attend  a  future

      CPCC meeting to discuss the program.


  9.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:37 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton





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