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September 20, 1991



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                         20 SEPTEMBER, 1991  3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Brown, Eaton, Hooper, M. Johnson, R. Johnson,

           Lutze, McCoy, Niles, Orcutt, Snoke, Sporakowski, Stout,

           Strickland, Tideman, Mr. Jay Comeaux and Mr. Anthony Townsend


  Visitors: Susan Truelove - Spectrum, Marvin Foushee - Registrars





  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS - Dr. Hooper asked that all members introduce themselves

      and their college affiliations.


  2.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - The agenda was approved.


  3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 17 APRIL 1991 -  the minutes were approved as





           Course and Program Criteria - Mike Sporakowski (committee

                representative in the absence of Mike O'Brien) announced

                that the first meeting of this committee will be October

                9, 1991 at 3:30 in 334 Burruss Hall.  There will be 40

                courses proposals that will be considered at that time.


           Commencement - Dr. Martha Johnson stated that the December

                Commencement will be held on December 14 and will be

                in Burruss Auditorium.  The May Commencement is May 8

                and the Commonwealth Ballroom in Squires has been

                reserved for this event.


           Scholarship - Dr. John Eaton stated that $2.3 million was made

                directly available to departments for Instructional Fee

                allocations.  Another half million dollars was made available

                through the college dean's offices.  We are currently asking

                departments to notify us of the minority students that they

                gave tuition support to this year and we are giving half of

                that amount back to the departments in additional IFS dollars.

                We will soon be examining the support of women and Ph.D.

                students in the upcoming months and looking to enhance support

                these groups as well.


           Committee on Self Examination of the CGS - Dr. Hooper stated

                that this was to have been an ad hoc committee for review

                of the CGS, however, it appears that this committee will not

                be needed because of the new commission structure.



  5.  GRADUATE  STUDENT  ASSEMBLY  - Tony Townsend stated that the first APEX

      has been produced and one more will be printed this semester.  Two APEX

      issues will be printed during spring semester.


      The GSA Constitution has passed the Commission on Student  Affairs  and

      will go on now to University Council for consideration.


      Office  space  has  been acquired in the Squires Student Center for the




      The Student Budget Board has given the GSA authority to reallocate dol-

      lars between line items in their budget.   This gives the  GSA  greater

      flexibility and allows them to respond to the needs of the graduate or-



      A special meeting will be held on October 2 with Fred Weaver (from Risk

      Management)  and  a  representative  from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.   The

      meeting will consist of a questions and answers session  regarding  the

      health policies that are available and what is being done to change in-

      surance policies and the expenses involved.





      that all concerns that were voiced last year have  been  resolved  with

      the  help  of legal counsel.  After a short discussion, the CGS member-

      ship voted unanimously to approve the constitution.   The  constitution

      now goes to University Council for consideration.



  7.  6.2  -  "I"  GRADE RESOLUTION FINAL REPORT -  Dr. Hooper commented that

      this resolution has been approved by University Council and  will  come

      into effect during the Spring Semester 1992.


      In addition to the "I" Grade Policy, the "D" Grade Policy is now in ef-

      fect and graduate students may now receive credit for "D" grades.




  8.  7.1 - 1991-92 AGENDA ITEMS FOR PRIORITIZATION - Dr.  Hooper brought the

      membership's  attention  to  listings that were posted on the walls re-

      garding issues  for  the  1991-92  CGS  meetings.    Some  issues  were

      carryovers from last year and others were suggested as issues that oth-

      ers  would  like  for the CGS to consider and act upon.  Dr. Hooper ex-

      plained the various issues and  asked  that  the  membership  take  the

      opportunity  to  prioritize the issues by using color coded preferences

      for their choices.  After each member had made their preferences known,

      Dr. Hooper and Dr. Tideman tallied the choices and and listed  each  by

      priority.  The top five issues that will be addressed are:


      Development of a Policy on GTA Training to Increase Participation of GTAs


      Continuous Enrollment


      Definition/Duties of GAs, GTAs and GTAs


      Size and Composition (M.S./Ph.D.,Dom/Intl.) of the Graduate Student Body


      Procedures for New Graduate Program Approval and Endangered Programs



      All issues are listed in rank order on the appended list.


  9.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:56 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton


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