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April 1, 1992



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                           1 APRIL, 1992  3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Brown, Eaton, Hooper, M. Johnson, Lutze, McCoy,

           O'Brien, Orcutt, Snoke, Sporakowski, Stephenson, Strickland,

           Tideman, Mr. Jay Comeaux


  Absent with notification: Harris, R. Johnson, LaBerge, Towsend


  Absent:  Niles, Stout, Faw


  Visitors: Marvin Foushee - Registrars Office


            Susan Trulove -  Spectrum Representative


  Guests:   Donald McKeon -  Graduate School, GTA Training Program



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS  - Dr. Hooper stated that the Board of Visitors will meet

      on April 3 to decide tuition rates for the upcoming year.  The Graduate

      School will circulate this information to departments after  the  rates

      and Instructional Fee Scholarship monies are announced.


      300 international students attended the tax seminars while only 30 U.S.

      students attended.


      The  graduate  students  have been concerned about graduate housing and

      have focused on the Hillcrest problems.  A number of meetings have been

      held with the  graduate  students,  the  President,  the  Provost,  Dr.

      Goodale and the housing officials and there are a several possible sol-

      utions  that  have been voiced.   A committee will be formed to discuss

      these issues and the graduate students will be involved in  these  com-



      The  APEX  came out recently with an out of date article from last year

      regarding "family housing" which is no longer in place.  This misinfor-

      mation caused some concern in the graduate student community.


  2.  INFORMATIONAL HANDOUTS - (1) Memorandum regarding Graduate students and

      computing prepared by Arthur Snoke.   (2) Course and  Program  Criteria

      Committee report regarding a PSCI proposal.


  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - The agenda was approved with the deletion (un-

      der new business) of 8.1 - Impact of Policy Changes on Student Systems.

      Mr.  Winstead could not attend today's meeting.  This item will be car-

      ried over to the next CGS meeting.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 18 MARCH 1992 -   the minutes were  approved  as





           Course and Program Criteria Committee - Mike O'Brien presented

                the minutes of the last meeting.  Mr. O'Brien noted that

                a program proposal for the PSCI department had been approved

                with the following comments/recommendations:


                (1)  That upon the approval of this program by SCHEV and the

                     University, the accompanying courses be submitted to the

                     Course and Program Criteria Committee of the CGS for

                     review and approval.


                (2)  In considering the number of courses requested, the

                     committee suggested some consideration be given to

                     condensing related types of courses as a "Topics" course

                     to reduce the overall number of courses.


                (3)  The committee felt that the uniqueness of this Ph.D.

                     program in PSCI compared to the program in place at UVA

                     was not articulated and although it is stated that this

                     program is unique, the specifics of what makes it unique

                     were not clear.


                     This proposal was approved by the committee on it's

                     academic merit with recognition that the College Dean and

                     the Provost's Office will respond to resource requirement



                     The committee's report was accepted as submitted.


           Graduate Appeals Committee - Dr. Fred Lutze stated that the

                committee is reviewing the graduate appeals procedure.


           Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies

                Committee  - Dr. Mike Sporakowski stated that an outline

                has now been completed to go along with the new Policy Memo

                14 statement.  This outline will go to departments as a guide

                in preparing their responses to Policy Memorandum 14.

                This outline attempts to spell out some of the issues that the

                committee and the CGS has addressed as being important in the

                guidebooks and manuals from departments/programs.


                The committee's report was accepted.


           Scholarship Committee - Dr. Martha Johnson announced that eight of

                the ten students have accepted the Cunningham Scholarships.


           Commencement Committee - Dr. Hooper stated that the idenity of the

                speaker for commencement will be announced within the next




  6.  GRADUATE  STUDENT  ASSEMBLY  - Mr. Jay Comeaux stated that the Graduate

      Research Symposium will be held on Wednesday, April 8.  The speaker for

      the symposium  will  be  Dr.  Robert  Bakker  from  the  University  of

      Colorado.  Dr. Bakker is a palenbiologist and will speak on dinosaurs.


      Mr. Comeaux questioned the number of graduate students which will be on

      the CSA next year.  Dr. Eaton stated that there are three bonafied mem-

      bers (the Speaker, the Vice-Speaker and the representative elected from

      the GSA).  There is another member, which will be likely to be a gradu-

      ate  student, that will be a representative from the International Stu-

      dent Organization.


      The GSA budget proposal has been received by the Student Budget  Board.

      Most  requests  were  approved, however, the GSA requested approximatly

      $6,000.00 from the budget board  for  their  Administrative  Assistant.

      The Board approved only $1,000.00.  The GSA has appealed this decision.





  7.  7.1  -  SENIOR  GTA DEFINITIONS - Dr. Hooper noted that Dr.  Don McKeon

      has provided the membership with a  draft  definition  for  the  Senior

      Graduate  Teaching  Assistant  (SGTA).    Basically, this SGTA position

      would carry added responsibility above the regular GTA  positions.    A

      SGTA  position  would  also  receive  a,  comparable to the SGRA (GPA),

      stipend for this added responsibility.   Dr. McKeon's  document  lists:

      the  SGTA  definition,  funding for the positions and duties (depending

      upon where the funding provider).  After discussion of the document, it

      was decided that all amendments/changes would be made in  the  document

      and  then  forwarded  to University Council as supplemental information

      for the SGTA proposal.






      Winstead's  absence,  this  issue will be a carryover item for our next

      CGS meeting.


  9.  8.2 - VTIP REPRESENTATIVE SELECTION - Dr. Steve Boyle nominated  J.A.N.

      Lee  of  the  Computer Science Department.  Dr. Ron Johnson will notify

      Dr. Hooper of his nomination.


      Dr. Snoke asked that a written report be forwarded  to  the  Commission

      from the VTIP representative to keep the membership informed.



      brought attention to various computer/student related  issues  such  as

      student  access  to the main-frame and to pc's and the problems related

      to CNS charging for in-bound modem use for students using the mainframe

      from off-campus.  Discussion was also held  regarding  whether  or  not

      there  should be any University involvement in decisions as to what in-

      structors could require from students regarding computer access.    The

      membership  voted to establish a standing committee on computer issues,

      usage and access.  This committee will make recommendations  to  appro-

      priate University committees.


  11. ADJOURNMENT - 4:58 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton


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