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February 5, 1992



                        COMMISSION ON GRADUATE STUDIES

                          5 FEBRUARY, 1992  3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Brown, Eaton, Harris, Hooper, M. Johnson,

           R. Johnson, McCoy, Niles, O'Brien, Snoke, Sporakowski, Mr. Jay



  Absent with notification: Eaton, LaBerge, Lutze, Orcutt, Stephenson,

           Stout, Tideman


  Absent:  Strickland, Townsend, Faw


  Visitors: Marvin Foushee - Registrars Office


            Susan Trulove -  Spectrum Representative


            Cortney Vargo - GSA Representative


            Jennifer Tank - GSA Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS - Dr. Hooper distributed a letter regarding tax seminars.

      The Graduate School, in conjunction with Beta Alpha Psi, will offer two

      tax workshops for graduate and international students.  These workshops

      will  be held in Room 1640, Litton Reaves Hall, March 20 from 3:00-6:00

      PM and on March 21 from 9:00 AM - Noon.  Other tax assistance workshops

      will be conducted by Beta Alpha Psi on February 21, 29, March 28, April

      4 and 11, 1992.


      Virginia Tech undergraduate and graduate students have represented  the

      University  well  in Richmond presenting the student's and University's

      views on issues relating to tuition and other student issues.


      Dr. Bernard LaBerge is out of town on a business matters and will pres-

      ent a graduate student health insurance update at a future meeting.


      Dr. Martha Johnson announced that the Outstanding TA and Service Awards

      nomination deadline is February 11, 1992.   These nominations  will  be

      reviewed on February 13, 1992.


  2.  INFORMATIONAL HANDOUTS - (1) Tax seminar announcement letter; (2) Grad-

      uate  Taxation  Issues  memorandum;  (3)  Assessment  Update article by

      Margaret A. Miller; (4) College of  Education  publication,  "Preparing

      Tomorrow's Leaders".


  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - The agenda was approved with the addition (un-

      der new business) of 8.3 - Senior GTA Discussion.


  4.  APPROVAL  OF MINUTES OF 15 JANUARY 1992 -  the minutes were approved as





           Course and Program Criteria Committee - Dr. O'Brien's presented the

                committee's report of their meeting of January 29, 1992.  The

                report was accepted as submitted.


           Graduate Student Relations Committee - Dr. Brown stated that

                the committee is studying informational sources for

                graduate students.  Cortney Vargo, GSA representative,

                stated that combination of the GSA office and the Graduate

                School offices should be the best sources of information

                available to the students.


           Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies

                Committee  - Dr. Sporakowski stated that revisions are

                complete on the Policy Memorandum 14 statement.  The revised

                statement will be available for discussion at the next CGS

                meeting.  The CPAP residency proposal has also been

                discussed and evaluated.  The committee has made

                recommendations and will submit those at the next CGS meeting

                for discussion and CGS membership approval.


           Scholarship Committee - In Dr. Eaton's absence, Dr. Hooper stated

                that the next meeting of this committee will be on 2/21/92.

                At this meeting, the committee will deal with Cunningham

                applications and with Instructional Fee Scholarship policies

                for next year.


           Commencement - Martha Johnson announced that the inserts

                announcing the doctoral ceremony have been ordered by the

                University Bookstore.


            Ad hoc Committee on Enrollment - Dr. Hooper stated that, under

                the direction of Jim Wolfe, the Provost's Office is leading

                discussion with the college deans regarding limiting the

                enrollment of entering students in order to hold steady the

                size of the total graduate student body.  A study of the

                five year average enrollments by college shows that there

                are four colleges whose student enrollment is currently growing

                substantially.  We are now trying to find a formula to take

                back to the deans to suggest appropriate levels of entering

                students with the understanding that the individual colleges

                would internally deal with setting enrollment targets (both

                undergraduate and graduate).


  6.  GRADUATE  STUDENT  ASSEMBLY  -  Courtney  Vargo,  Secretary of the GSA,

      stated that the GSA has been working closely with the SGA on the budget

      response activities.  The "Letter Signing Campaign" was successful.   A

      packet  of  signatures  was  sent  to every legislator in the state and

      60-70 responses were received back.   A group of 25  students  went  to

      Richmond  on  the  week  of January 27, 1992.   Ken Kahn, GSA represen-

      tative, and two UVA students testified in front of the House  Appropri-

      ations  Sub-Committee  on  Higher Education to offer specific solutions

      and outlined problems.   They also met  with  Secretary  of  Education,

      James  Dyke.    The following day a rally was held on the Virginia Tech

      drill field with approximately 2,000  people  in  attendance  to  raise

      awareness with the students.


      The Graduate Research Symposium will be coming up the end of March.  An

      exact date will be announced at a future meeting.


      Two  committees,  a  Social  Committee and a Committee on Disabilities,

      have been formed.  These committees have been formed as support commit-



      Elections will held at the next GSA meeting.


      Jennifer Tank was recognized for her participation in a national  tele-

      conference sponsored by GEM.  A copy of the video tape of this telecon-

      ference is available in Martha Johnson's office in the Graduate School.





  7.  7.1  - GRADUATE STUDENT TUITION - Dr. Hooper stated that the concept of

      different tuition rates for students who have completed all  their  de-


      gree  requirements  is being analyzed.  He hopes to present a report at

      future CGS meeting.


  8.  7.2  - GA, GTA, GRA DEFINITIONS -  Dr. Hooper presented the current de-

      finitions of GA, GTA and GRA to the membership.  He also presented pro-

      posed changes that were suggested at CGS meetings  in  1989  and  1990.

      Dr. Hooper noted that assistantships have traditionally been based upon

      the  "hours"  system.    One specific change, suggested earlier, was to

      list a normal work load as being equivalent to one-fourth  faculty  ef-

      fort.   These changes are being initiated so that a student and/or fac-

      ulty member will be sure of just exactly what is expected from  someone

      who  would  be  on an assistantship.  After discussion, Dr. Snoke noted

      that all proposed changes were not included in the agenda that the mem-

      bership had received.  Dr. Hooper suggested that  all  previous  recom-

      mended changes be retrieved from past minutes and included in an agenda

      for the next meeting.


  9.  7.3  -  ELECTION  OF A CHAIR FOR 1992-93 - Dr. Hooper noted that he had

      recently received instructions regarding the restructuring of the  Com-

      mission  on  Graduate Studies and Policies.  This proposal outlines the

      structure and charge of the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies

      in the upcoming sessions.  The proposal also outlines the  election  of

      the chair of the commission.  Dr. Hooper stated that the proposal calls

      for  the  chair to be elected from among the non-administrative faculty

      and staff members of  the  commission  by  the  commission  membership.

      Copies of the CGS restructuring outline will be distributed at the next







      asked that the Degree Requirements, Standards,  Criteria  and  Academic

      Policies  Committee, chaired by Mike Sporakowski, reaffirm and/or exam-

      ine residency requirements.


      Dr. Snoke noted that, in the committee's efforts to examine the  North-

      ern  Virginia  Campus  CPAP  program,  the committee found that a basic

      problem that exists is the literal wording  of  the  residency  policy.

      Dr.  Snoke suggested that the entire CGS membership should consider the

      aspects of the residency requirements and bring their views back  to  a

      future CGS meeting.


      Dr.  Hooper asked that Dr. Sporakowski's committee focus the discussion

      for the CGS members and bring up the changes that the  committee  feels

      is necessary.




      Hooper noted that Dr. Eaton is collecting materials to present at a fu-

      ture  meeting  to study joint/dual degree programs so that students can

      gain recognition for their efforts.


  12. 8.3 - SENIOR GTA DISCUSSION - Dr. Hooper asked that  Dr.  Sporakowski's

      committee,  Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Poli-

      cies Committee study a draft proposal for a  new  assistantship  title,

      "Senior Teaching Assistant".  Dr. Hooper stated that just as there is a

      GPA  in the Research area where students take on considerable responsi-

      bility, we have GTAs who have responsibility far in excess of the aver-

      age assignment for a GTA.   They act  as  a  direct  extension  of  the

      faculty  in  the department administration.  We are trying to recognize

      their efforts in such a way that we  can  pay  those  individuals  more

      money  for that added work and recognize them by a more appropriate ti-



  13. ADJOURNMENT - 4:47 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     John L. Eaton




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