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November 18, 1992




                         18 NOVEMBER, 1992  3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Chaloux, Eaton, Eustis, A. Haney, J. Johnson, M. Johnson,

  McCoy, Orcutt, B. Smith, Snoke, Sporakowski, Tideman, Wokutch, Mr. Ken

  Kahn, Mr. Timothy Schell


  Absent with notification: Boyle, Burch-Brown, O'Brien, L. Haney, N.

  Stewart, Mitchiner


  Absent:  Clough, Comeaux, Eyre, La Berge, Poindexter, Tuthill


  Visitors: John Aughenbaugh - Student Affairs Coordinator from the

                               Vice-President for Student Affairs Office


            Marvin Foushee - Registrar's Office Representative


            Susan Trulove - Spectrum Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS- Dr. Eaton described the new application package avail-

      able for prospective students.  Dr. Sporakowski reported that several

      committees will share their minutes with the commission for informa-

      tional purposes.  Minutes from the library committee were circulated.








  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 7 OCTOBER 1992 -  The minutes

      were approved as amended.




            Course and Program Criteria - David Orcutt presented the minutes of

       the last meeting.  First item -  new course PHIL 5344 - History of

       Ethics was approved.  Second, new course PHIL 6204 - Advanced Topics

       in the History of Philosophy was approved with modifications.  Third,

       new course - PHIL 6324 - Advanced Topics in Social and Political

       Philosophy was approved with modifications. Fourth, new course -

       UAP 4224 - Policy-making in the Federal System was tabled -

       Dr. O'Brien will bring it back at a future meeting.

       Fifth, new course - UAP 5544 - Public and Non-profit Finanacial

       Management was approved with modifications.  Sixth, new course - UAP

       5764 - International Development Studio was approved.


            Graduate Student Relations - Ken Kahn said the committee had

       begin to set up an agenda and was scheduled to meet December 11.


            Graduate Appeals - Nick Tideman reported on a set of

       proposed procedures for appeals.  The proposal formalized what was

       already being done but also to an extent streamlines the process.

       After much discussion the decision was made to table the Proposed

       Appeals Procedure and Nick Tideman will bring a modified copy back

       to the Commission Meeting February 3.


            Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies -

       Steve Boyle was not at the Commission meeting, however, he sent notes

       and Dr. Sporakowski gave the report:


       ISSUE 1:  Because the Regional Consortia for Continuing Higher Educa-

       tion has been disbanded by SCHEV, the transferability of credits to

       Virginia Tech programs by students of former consortia members needs

       to be addressed.  It is recommended that 1) the transfer of credits be

       permitted by students from the former member state institutions:

       namely, University of Virginia, Longwood College, Mary Washington Col-

       lege, George Mason University, William and Mary College, Christopher

       Newport College, Hampton Institute, Norfolk State College, Old

       Dominion University, James Madison University, Clinch Valley College,

       and Radford University; and 2) The Dean of the Graduate School amend

       the graduate catalog to reflect the disbanding of the consortia and to

       indicate the specific institutions from which students can still

       transfer credits.


       Dr. Sporakowski stated that there were several things the Degree Re-

       quirements Committee needed to take a look at and pursue and try to

       make some specific recommendations that the Commission can either ac-

       cept or reject.


       ISSUE 2:  Readmissions policy - The various Deans and Department Heads

       are being polled by PROFS as to their specific opinions as to the pro-

       posed changes in the readmission policy; these opinions will be dis-

       cussed at the next meeting.


       ISSUE 3:  Integrity regarding changing of grades - Two specific con-

       cerns- relating to the changing of grades were discussed:  1) the need

       for verification at the departmental and college level prior to the

       request being forwarded to the Graduate School and 2) the time beyond

       the ending of a course at which an instructor can change a grade.  The

       consensus of the discussion was that it would be difficult to come up

       with specific recommendations to address these issues.  Policy Memo-

       randum No. 126 dealing with Graduate Program Standards and Policies

       would probably be the best means to ask that the various colleges to

       state their procedures used to insure that the integrity of grade

       changes be maintained and that the circumstances and time intervals

       beyond the end of a course be defined which permit the changing of a

       grade.  Both Dr. Sporakowski and M. Foushee volunteered to draft

       statements concerning the resolving of these issues for consideration

       by the committee; these will be discussed at the next meeting.


            Graduate Research Policies and Programs - Dr. Eaton told the Com-

       mission that Clough, McCoy, Stewart and himself met and talked about

       the issue of Graduate Students on wage versus Graduate Students on

       assistantships for summer.  Dr. Eaton said he explained the situation

       to the committee and helped them try to understand the ramifications

       of any change in that present policy.  The committee will meet with

       Kathye Johnston, Budget Office, and Joyce Williams-Green, who directs

       the summer school to get their input and then they will come back to

       the Commission with a statement.


            Scholarship - no report


            Commencement - Dr. Martha Johnson reported that the ad hoc Com-

       mencement Committee met early in the semester.  She said that the com-

       mittee would like for the Spring doctoral ceremony to remain the same

       as it did last year, which was out in Squires Ballroom and the same

       procedures to be followed.  She reported the space had been reserved.

       The December Commencement is scheduled for December 19 and will be

       held in Cassell Coliseum.  Candidates and major professors are asked

       to report at 9:15am.  The ceremony begins at 10:00am.  The last day of

       final exams is December 17.  This is the first December commencement

       to be held after final exams. As of November 18, there were 300 mas-

       ter's students on the list eligible to attend and 130 doctoral stu-

       dents.  This, of course, is subject to change if the students do not

       get their thesis or dissertations turned in.  The graduate student

       speaker is Zaiqi Wang, a doctoral candidate in Biochemistry and a

       Pratt Fellow.  Review of criteria for selection of graduate student

       speaker is that they must be a fellowship student graduating that



            Graduate Student Assembly Report - It was reported that there

       were a couple of changes to the constitution.  The speaker position

       was changed to president and the vice-speaker position was changed to

       vice-president.  Also, adopted  a procedure for allocation of monies

       after restructuring of the budget board.  That is going through the

       appropriate channels now.  There was a Thanksgiving dinner at

       Hillcrest for the students on campus during the holiday.  The APEX

       came out the end of November.  Ken Kahn met with the Graduate Dean,

       Dr. Eaton, and the Student Affairs Officers in Richmond.  Dr. Eaton

       reported that the agenda at the State Graduate Dean's Meeting, in

       Richmond, was virtually or entirely devoted to Graduate Student issues

       and in large it was on part of our Graduate Student Assembly and the

       graduate students and the GAPSAV.  - Graduate and Professional Student

       Association of Virginia - GAPSAV have proposed a series of agenda

       items to the Chair of the State Graduate Dean's Meeting.  It concerned

       stipends, it also, concerned graduate student assurances that are made

       to them when they come to the university, which are sometimes not

       kept.  Housing, health and parking were also talked about.  It was a

       very educational experience for the Virginia Tech graduate students

       and they found out that at other institutions, graduate students are a

       little worse off than they are in some respects and it was useful for

       the Deans and the Graduate Students.  While the graduate students were

       there they met with Gordon Davies, the Chairman of the Council of

       Higher Education, and Education Secretary James Dyke, and they were

       well received from both of those groups.  Both expressed a willingness

       to do a study on graduate education in Virginia.  It is not clear what

       they would study.  GAPSAV is to put together a list and bring them

       back to the Deans that might be studied.  The students went home feel-

       ing good, because they had been heard and the Deans went home thinking

       there were things they could do in house to answer many of the



  6.  OLD BUSINESS - New Procedure for New Degree Programs from Pat Hyer -

      This is the information the Commission requested from Pat Hyer.  She

      referred to this as the "rolling approval process".  This is to stream-

      line and shorten the process for approval of courses.  It will probably

      take one year instead of two or more.  We will be discussing the pro-

      posed degree, etc.  What we have to deal with including the issues of

      funding and resources.  We will be studying further.





       There will be a storage facilities built for the library within the

       next two years.  This will replace the space we currently rent at the

       old Cheds building.


       It was suggested that Committee Reports be part of the agenda packet.


  8.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:35 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     John L. Eaton




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