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October 7, 1992




                          7 OCTOBER, 1992  3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Burch-Brown, Chaloux, Eaton, Eustis, A. Haney,

           L. Haney, J. Johnson, McCoy, Mitchiner, O'Brien, Orcutt, Snoke,

           Sporakowski, Tideman, Wokutch, Mr. Jay Comeaux, Mr. Ken Kahn, Mr.

           Timothy Schell, Mr. Neal Stewart


  Absent with notification:


  Absent:  Burton, Clough, Eyre, Poindexter, Stout, Tuthill


  Visitors: John Aughenbaugh - Student Affairs Coordinator from the

                               Vice-President for Student Affairs Office


            Marvin Foushee - Registrar's Office Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS - Dr. Sporakowski opened the meeting by asking members to

      introduce themselves and state their affiliation.


      Dr. Sporakowski stated that he received notice that he had been ap-

      pointed to the search committee on the Vice Provost for Research and

      Dean of the Graduate School position.


      Dr. Eaton noted that the search committee is structured but not all of

      those invited to serve have responded to the Provost's Office.


      Dr. Sporakowski noted that the Provost has asked to meet with the CGS&P

      membership at a future meeting to discuss his sense of where graduate

      studies in the University might be headed in the future.  Dr.

      Sporakowski will contact the Provost's Office to schedule a meeting and

      the membership will be notified.




  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - The agenda was approved as submitted.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 15 APRIL 1992 -  the minutes were approved as

      amended and subject to approval of wording by Arthur Snoke on item 7.1.





  6.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY - Mr. Ken Kahn stated the next meeting of the

      GSA would be on Thursday 10/8/92.


      Key agenda items will be:


          (1) Submission of a resolution on the bond referendum.

          (2) Submission of a resolution on a congressional bill that will

              make stipends tax exempt.

          (3) submission of a resolution on graduate student parking




      On 10/03/92 a meeting was held with the Graduate Professional Student

      Association of Virginia (GPSAV) to outline an agenda to be presented at

      the Vice Presidents for Student Affairs Meeting and also at the Gradu-

      ate Deans meeting in November.  Dr. James Dyke, Secretary of Education,

      made a surprise appearance at this meeting to endorse the organization.


      On 10/07/92, the GSA met with Joan Munford to discuss issues that the

      state legislature can address in regard to graduate education.  In par-

      ticular, the GSA is pushing for a study to be endorsed by the state

      legislature charging SCHEV with doing a study on the economic impact of

      graduate education along with looking at the competitiveness of

      Virginia's graduate education programs and those of neighboring states.


      Dr. Sporakowski noted that the The Graduate and Professional Day was

      held on 10/07/92 at the Squires Student Center.  He congratulated the

      GSA on a fine effort and an outstanding student turnout.



  7.  OLD BUSINESS - Michael O'Brien asked that an item be added to "Old

      Business" for the next meeting.  He stated that at the last CGS&P meet-

      ing, Dean Eyre volunteered to investigate, with the Dean's group, the

      issue of monetary resources for new program proposals.  Dr.

      Sporakowski stated that he would contact Dean Eyre and place this issue

      on the next agenda.  Dr. Eaton noted that this is also an issue that

      should be discussed as a joint issue with the CUS to see if they have

      similar concerns.





          8.1 - COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS. - Dr.  Sporakowski reviewed committee



          Dr. Snoke noted that, as stated at the last CGS&P meeting, graduate

          school representatives should be listed on all committees.  The no-

          tation "Representative from the Graduate School" was added to the

          Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies Com-

          mittee; the Graduate Research Policies and Programs Committee; and

          the Graduate Student Relations Committee.


          8.2 - COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS - Dr. Sporakowski reviewed all commit-

          tee agenda items and asked for additional items that may have been

          excluded.  He referred to the revised appeals procedure (attachment

          2), in the CGS&P agenda packet for today's meeting, to the Graduate

          Appeals Committee.  He asked that the committee meet and be pre-

          pared do a presentation on it at the next CGS&P meeting.


          Ken Kahn noted that item #11 (Retainment Policy for Students)

          should be changed to read - Support assurances for students and

          this item should be referred to the Graduate Student Relations Com-

          mittee.  Ken also added an additional item to the list of Agenda

          items assigned to committees #12 - Graduate Student Parking Privi-

          leges - he also asked that this item be referred to the Graduate

          Student Relations Committee.


  9.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:03 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton


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