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September 16, 1992




                         16 SEPTEMBER, 1992  3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Eaton, Eyre, L. Haney, Johnson, A. Haney, Charles

           Knight (for R. Mitchiner), McCoy, Mitchiner, O'Brien, Orcutt,

           Snoke, Sporakowski, Wokutch, Mr. Jay Comeaux, Mr. Ken Kahn, Mr.

           Timothy Schell, Mr. Neal Stewart


  Absent with notification: Chaloux, Clough, Mitchiner, Tideman


  Absent:  Burch-Brown, Eustis, Poindexter, Stout, Tuthill


  Visitors: Susan Trulove -  Spectrum Representative


            John Aughenbaugh - Student Affairs Coordinator from the

                               Vice-President for Student Affairs Office



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS  -  Dr. Eaton asked that all members introduce themselves

      and state their affiliation.


      Dr. Eaton stated that on-campus enrollment is 4,507 students.    During

      the  academic  year from First Summer 1991 to Spring 1992, 1264 MS stu-

      dents, 63 Edd and 303 Ph.D. students graduated.


      A Symposium on Ethics will be held on September 17 from 1:00-5:00  with

      a speaker at 7:30.




  3.  APPROVAL  OF THE AGENDA - The agenda was approved with addition of item

      8.3 - Nomination of members for a Search Committee  (requested  by  Dr.



  4.  APPROVAL  OF  MINUTES  OF 15 APRIL 1992 -  the minutes were approved as





           Graduate Appeals Committee - The suggested revision of the

                appeals procedures was submitted for review.  This revision

                will be brought before the CGS&P for consideration at the next



           Computer Issues - Dr. Snoke asked that Dr. Eaton update the

                membership on computer access for Graduate Students.  Dr. Eaton

                stated that letters have been sent to all department heads

                notifying them of procedures for students to follow to access

                in-bound modem use.  If students need access for doing

                departmental business, we are asking departments to use

                existing data connections to try to support their graduate

                students.  If this is impossible, the department head or

                representative will write to Dean Eaton stating this and

                including applications from students for access.  These

                applications are process and mailed to CNS.  CNS will notify

                the students when access is provided.


                Dr. Eaton also stated that, when graduate students were moved

                from Hillcrest Hall to Campbell Hall, they requested computer

                access similar to what was provided in Hillcrest Hall.  A

                computer lab is being developed now with a mixture of Apple and

                IBM computer terminals with an assortment of computer software

                This computer lab will be staffed by the computing center.


  6.  GRADUATE  STUDENT  ASSEMBLY  - Mr. Ken Kahn stated the first meeting of

      the GSA has been held.   The new officers this year  are:    Ken  Kahn,

      President;  Courtney  Vargo,  Vice President; Robert Hanson, Treasurer;

      Maurine Bezold, Secretary.  The GSA is working on a  drive  to  support

      the bond referendum and to get the student body registered for voting.


      OLD BUSINESS - none





  7.  8.1  -  ELECTION  OF CHAIRMAN FOR THE 1992-93 YEAR. - Dr.  Eaton turned

      the meeting over to the membership for nomination and election of a new

      chairman of the CGS&P.  Dr. Michael Sporakowski was  nominated  by  Dr.

      Arthur  Snoke.   After a brief discussion of chairman responsibilities,

      Dr. Sporakowski accepted the nomination and  the  members  voted  unan-

      imously for his appointment.


      Dr.  Sporakowski and various other members asked Dr. Eaton to remain as

      secretary of the CGS&P for this year.   It was  also  agreed  that  Mr.

      Marvin Foushee, representative from the Registrar's Office, be asked to

      return  to the CGS&P as liaison.  The importance of representation from

      the Graduate School was stressed by several individuals and it was  de-

      cided that Drs. Martha Johnson and Bernard LaBerge be asked to also re-

      turn  as  invited  guests  for  input  on  various issues and committee



  8.  8.2 - AGENDA FOR THE 1992-93 YEAR.  -  Dr.  Sporakowski  distributed  a

      listing,  prepared  by  John  Eaton, of various past and current agenda

      items for the 1992-93 year.  Several items were discussed and added  to

      the  listing.    Dr. Sporakowski and Dr. Eaton will meet to discuss ap-

      pointing representatives to various committees  and  agenda  items  for

      these  committees.   A listing of all committee appointments and agenda

      items will be distributed at the next CGS&P meeting.



      distributed  a  position  description for Vice-Provost for Research and

      Dean of the Graduate School.  He noted that Dr. Carlisle asked for five

      representatives from the CGS&P for consideration for the search commit-

      tee.  The volunteers and nominees were:


                  Steven Boyle - College of Veterinary Medicine

                  Arthur Snoke - Faculty Senate Representative

                  Timothy Schell - GSA Representative

                  Michael Sporakowski - CGS&P Chairman

                  R. G. Mitchiner - College of Engineering



  10. ADJOURNMENT - 4:52 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton





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