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February 17, 1993




                         17 FEBRUARY, 1993   3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Burch-Brown, Chaloux, Eaton, Eyre, A. Haney, M.

  Johnson, LaBerge, McCoy, Mitchiner, Orcutt, Snoke, Sporakowski, Stout,

  Tideman Wokutch, Mr. Neal Stewart, Mr. Ken Kahn, Mr. Tim Schell


  Absent with notification: Comeaux, Eustis, L. Haney, O'Brien, Poindexter


  Absent:  Smith, Clough, J. Johnson, Tuthill,


  Visitors: John Aughenbaugh - Student Affairs Coordinator from the

                               Vice President for Student Affairs Office


            Susan Trulove - Spectrum Representative


            Marvin Foushee - Registrar's Office Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS- Dr. Sporakowski announced that the Nomination's Commit-

      tee has been appointed and the following people have agreed to serve:

      Steve Boyle, John Aughenbaugh, Bob McCoy and Mike O'Brien.


      Dr. Ernie Stout mentioned an additional seminar in the "Training the

      Future Professoriate" program.  March 31 - Barbara Carlisle (Funding

      and Research in the Arts), 4:00pm in Litton Reeves Auditorium


      Ken Kahn announced the Graduate Research Symposium will be held on

      March 30.  The speaker for the symposium on March 30 will be Dr. Peter

      Law of the Cell Therapy Research Foundation.  He will speak about re-

      search methods used to treat muscular dystrophy.  Dr. Law is a leader

      in clinical research in the genetic treatement for MD.  The GSA will

      also be presenting a "Speaker Series".  The following dates and speak-

      ers were announced:  March 22 - Dr. Lesley Davis-Burns, (Dr. Davis-

      Burns' topic and place of presentation will be announced at a later

      date when confirmed), March 24 - Dr. Thomas Sutherland (Former Hos-

      tage), (Dr. Sutherland's topic and place of presentation will be an-

      nounced at a later date when confirmed) April 15, Dr. Richard Hall,

      Dean of Behavioral Science at Albany University will speak on Organiza-

      tion Theory and Structure, (place of presentation to be announced at a

      later date).




      Brochure for Spring Commencement 1993


      Graduate Academic Appeals Procedure document


      Survey from the last Council of Graduate Schools Meeting in December


  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - Approved as submitted.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 3 FEBRUARY 1993 -  The minutes were approved as






      Commencement Committee - Dr. Martha Johnson announced that a speaker

      has been selected for the May 7 Doctoral Ceremony.  Dr.  Eleanor Baum,

      Dean of the College of Engineering at Cooper Union has agreed to speak.


      Course and Program Criteria Committee - Dr. David Orcutt announced that

      the next meeting would be on February 24 at 3:00 pm in 203 Wallace




      Graduate Appeals - Dr. Reginald Mitchiner stated that the committee

      will be meeting soon to discuss graduate student support letters.



      Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies - Steve

      Boyle presented the committee's report as follows:  The DRSCAP commit-

      tee met on 2/16/93 and the electronic grade change process was dis-

      cussed.  The committee agrees that the potential exists within the

      current system for grade changes filed electronically at the department

      level to be forwarded to the graduate school without adequate verifica-

      tion at the department and Graduate School because of 1) the volume of

      requests for grade changes and 2) the cumbersome computer screen proto-

      cols that must be used to verify the rationale for the change.  It is

      recommended that a representative from University Systems Analysis and

      Services be invited to meet with members of the DRSCAP subcommittee to

      discuss possible changes that could be implemented in the software cur-

      rently being revised to handle electronic filing of grades and address

      the problems identified above.


      The matter of maintaining the integrity of any grade changes will be

      addressed specifically when the DRSCAP committee reviews Policy Memo-

      randum 126:  Graduate Program Standards and Policy and determines how

      best to remind departments/colleges that they have the primary respon-

      sibility for the conduct of their graduate degree granting programs

      e.g. including the integrity of grade changes.  The committee report

      was accepted.



      Scholarship Committee - Dr. Eaton stated that the Scholarship Committee

      will be meeting soon to discuss Instructional Fee Scholarship allo-

      cations for the upcoming year.  Instructional Fee Scholarship monies

      are not expected to be increased for this upcoming year.



  6.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY REPORT - Tim Schell reported concerns relayed

      by students regarding maintaining student privacy when a student plans

      to transfer to another department.  Current policy dictates that the

      student's current department must release a student from that depart-

      ment before they can be considered by another department.  Students

      feel that when departments learn of their plans to depart from their

      present department, certain problems arise.


      Dr. Eaton stated the procedures followed by departments and the Gradu-

      ate School currently and some of the rationale surrounding these proce-

      dures.  This issue was passed to the Graduate Student Relations

      committee to review.


      John Aughenbaugh stated that the Parking and Transportation Committee

      reviewed the resolutions brought forward by the Commission on Student

      Affairs and the resolution from the GSA.  Both resolutions were voted

      down at that committee.





      7.1.- Committees of CGS&P - Dr. John Eaton commented that within the

      new University governance system it might be possible to interpret it

      that the CGS&P committees were university committees and if they were,

      the members would have to be appointed by the President.  Dr. Eaton

      asked that it be affirmed that the committees of the CGS&P are not Uni-

      versity Standing Committees dealing with matters of University wide in-

      terest, but they serve to deal with matters specific to the role and

      function of CGS&P.  A motion was made to declare the CGS&P committees

      to be Commission Committees not University Committees.  The motion was



      7.2. - Dr. Peter Eyre announced he had placed the question of "approval

      of resources for new programs" on the agenda for the next Council of

      Deans Meeting.


  8.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:14 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     John L. Eaton




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