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February 3, 1993




                         3 FEBRUARY, 1993   3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Chaloux, Clough, Eaton, Eustis, Eyre, A. Haney, L. Haney, J.

  Johnson, LaBerge, McCoy, Mitchiner, O'Brien, Orcutt, B. Smith, Snoke,

  Sporakowski, Stout, Wokutch, G. Holtzman (for N. Tideman), L. Moore (for R.

  Wokutch), Ms. Laura Via (for Neal Stewart), Mr. Ken Kahn, Mr. Jay Comeaux,

  Ms. Joy Poindexter,


  Absent with notification: Boyle, Foushee, Stout, Tideman


  Absent:  Burch-Brown, Clough, M. Johnson, Schell, Stewart, Tuthill, Wokutch


  Visitors: John Aughenbaugh - Student Affairs Coordinator from the

                               Vice President for Student Affairs Office


            Susan Trulove - Spectrum Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS- Dr. Sporakowski reported on the progress of the search

      for the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School position.  He

      stated that approximately 100 applications have been received and re-

      viewed.  The process is now in a telephone interview phase.


      Dean Eaton stated that three people have been interviewed in the search

      for Vice President for Development.  The Vice President for Information

      Systems position search is in the same process as the position for Vice

      Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School.  There are also

      on-going searchs for the Dean's positions in the Colleges of Human Re-

      sources, Agriculture and Arts and Sciences.





      Several items were handed out at the last CGS&P meeting.  Dr. Eaton

      commented on a xerox copy of a proposal from the Governor's budget.  He

      noted that the proposal is to have the State Council of Higher Educa-

      tion study and report, to the Governor and Secretary of Education, pol-

      icies, objectives and support for graduate education.  Dr. Eaton also

      recognized the efforts of the Graduate and Professional Student Associ-

      ation of Virginia in bringing this matter to the Governor's attention.

      GAPSAV is led by the President of our GSA, Ken Kahn.


      Dr. Janet Johnson mentioned two seminar's in the continuing Research

      and Graduate Studies "Training the Future Professoriate" program.  The

      seminars are:  April 7, 4:00pm - Paula Brownlee (Opportunities for Ca-

      reers in Small Colleges); March 24, 4:00pm - Dr. James Wolfe (Expecta-

      tions of Promotion and Tenure).  Both seminars will be in Litton Reeves



  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - Approved as modified.



  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 10 JANUARY 1993 -  The minutes were approved as






      Course and Program Criteria Committee - Dr. David Orcutt presented the

      January 27, 1993 committee report as follows:  new course ACCT 6004 -

      Concepts of Accounting Research was approved with minor changes; re-

      vised course EE 5404 - Multivariable Control was approved; revised

      course EE 6404 - Optimal Control Systems was approved; new course EDVT

      5664/WS 5664 Gender Issues in Education and Work (EDVT 5664 was ap-

      proved with minor revisions) Approval for WS 5664 was tabled until fur-

      ther clarification.  Revised course ENGL 5044 - Introduction to

      Graduate Studies in English was approved with minor revisions; new

      course GEOG 5434 - Topics in Regional Geography was approved with minor

      revisions.  The committee also discussed committee responsibilities so

      that these will be outlined for future committee members.  The report

      was approved as revised.



      Graduate Student Relations Committee  - Bob Smith stated that the mem-

      bership discussed the proposed resolution for graduate student parking

      privileges.  Ken Kahn informed the membership of the background of the

      situation and that the Commission on Student Affairs had approved a

      similar resolution.  This resolution was passed out that the last CGS&P

      meeting on January 20 for review.  Various points of debate on this

      matter were discussed and the hesitation on the part of the Staff Sen-

      ate to approve the concept of graduate teaching assistants and graduate

      research assistants having the privilege of purchasing a parking permit

      and parking in faculty/staff locations.  There is apparently rather

      strong opposition to this among the staff.  Linda Haney reiterated Dr.

      Smith's comments that this is a very emotional issue as far as the

      staff is concerned.  Possible alternatives were discussed and the com-

      mittee agreed to ask the Parking and Traffic Committee to establish

      some parking places to be reserved for graduate research and teaching

      assistants on the edge of the commuter student lots, another alterna-

      tive was to do this in the form of a pilot study making it available to

      a selected number of departments who have a large number of GRAs and



      At the end of the meeting it was agreed, in principle, that the Parking

      and Traffic Committee would be asked to look into the possibility of

      finding parking places on the edge of commuter lots and express that as

      a concept to be discussed at that committee.


      Graduate Appeals - Dr. Reginald Mitchiner stated that the committee re-

      viewed the Proposed Graduate Academic Appeals Procedure and made re-

      visions which he reviewed with the CGS&P membership.  Some minor

      revisions to this document were suggested after which Dr. Eyre made a

      motion to accept this document as modified.  This document was accepted

      as modified.  Dr. Eaton stated that this document will be a part of the

      Graduate School Catalog.



      Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies - in

      Steve Boyle's absence, Dr. Eaton presented the committee's report in

      three different sections.


      Section 1 - Dr.  Eaton stated that the committee addressed the issue of

      the disbanding of the Regional Consortia for Continuing Higher Educa-

      tion.  The committee asked that the Dean of the Graduate School amend

      the graduate catalog to reflect the disbanding of the consortia and to

      indicate the specific institutions from which students can still trans-

      fer credits.  This section of the committee report was accepted.


      Section 2 - Readmission policy.  Currently, when a student is out more

      than one semester (excepting a summer term), an on-campus student must

      apply for readmission.  An off-campus student must apply for readmis-

      sion when they are out more than two consecutive semesters.  The com-

      mittee proposed liberalizing this policy and suggests that on-campus

      students be allowed two consecutive academic semesters and off-campus

      students be allowed four consecutive academic semesters before being

      required to apply for readmission, providing that they are students in

      good standing within their departments.  This proposed change in policy

      has been reviewed by 70 departments and the departmental concerns have

      been incorporated into this revised policy.  This section of the com-

      mittee report was approved and is attached to these minutes.


      Section 3 - Integrity regarding changing of grades.  This issue is

      still being deliberated in the committee.



      Scholarship Committee - Dr. Eaton stated that the Scholarship Committee

      will be meeting soon to discuss Instructional Fee Scholarship allo-

      cations for the upcoming year.



      Library Committee - Joanne Eustis distributed minutes from the Univer-

      sity Library Committee from 9/16/92, 10/21/92, and 11/11/92.




      9/16/92: A goal statements was distributed and an announcement was made

      that the library had received $1,250,000 as an addition to the materi-

      als budget. Library services for the distance learning facilities.


      10/21/92: A library materials budget update was presented explaining

      the use of the $1,250,000.00.  A library survey was conducted and a de-

      tailed analysis was distributed regarding the results.


      11/11/92: A library storage building report was presented and also

      about the proposed addition to the library.  The decision has been made

      not to renovate the University Bookstore for library services.  A re-

      port was given regarding resource sharing within the state between UVA

      and Tech.  Materials are moved between UVA and Tech within 48 hours.

      There was a policy discussion on shelving problems and policies.








      7.1.- Nominations Committee - Dr. Sporakowski asked for volunteers for

      a Nominations Committee for nominations or volunteers to choose the new

      Chair for the CGS.  Mike O'Brien, John Aughenbaugh and Bob McCoy volun-

      teered for this committee.  Dr. Sporakowski will also contact Steve

      Boyle to ask for his assistance on this committee.


      7.2. - Resolution on Graduate Student Parking Privileges - Ken Kahn

      gave the background of the parking situation for graduate students and

      reiterated the information given previously in the Graduate Student Re-

      lations Committee Report.  The resolution was reviewed and discussed by

      the members and "friendly amendments" were presented.  The resolution

      was approved in principle, with modifications, by the membership with 2

      dissenting votes.  A copy of the approved wording is attached.


  8.  ADJOURNMENT - 5:16 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     John L. Eaton




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