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January 20, 1993




                         20 JANUARY, 1993   3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Chaloux, Clough,  Eaton, Eustis, Eyre, A. Haney, L.

  Haney, LaBerge, McCoy, Mitchiner, Orcutt, B. Smith, Snoke, Sporakowski,

  Stout, Wokutch, G. Holtzman (for N. Tideman), Mr. Ken Kahn, Mr. Timothy

  Schell, Mr. Jay Comeaux, Ms. Joy Poindexter, Mr. E. Tuthill


  Absent with notification: John Aughenbaugh, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, Tideman


  Absent:  Burch-Brown, O'Brien, Stewart


  Visitors: Marvin Foushee - Registrar's Office Representative


            Susan Trulove - Spectrum Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS- Dr. Sporakowski stated that February 15 is the due date

      for the Cunningham and Commonwealth Fellows Scholarship applications.


      Peter Eyre has stepped down as chair of the Graduate Student Relations

      committee and Reginald Mitchiner has been appointed to assume that



      Arthur Snoke stated that the Faculty Senate met on 1/19/93 and passed a

      resolution in support of a resolution passed by the University of

      Virginia which was in favor of President Casteen's letter regarding the

      SCHEV announcements that they should be teaching our students for less

      pay and all resource increases and there is to be a general faculty

      meeting on January 27th 5:00pm with the place to be announced to hope-

      fully support this resolution.




           Several items were handed out, they will be discussed at the Feb-

      ruary 3 meeting.


  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - Approved as modified.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 18 NOVEMBER 1992 -  The minutes were approved as





            Graduate Research Policies and Programs - Dr. Wayne Clough pre-

       sented the report and outlined the issues related to wage vs.

       assistantship employment during summer school including the university

       view, the faculty view and the student view.  He presented a proposal

       solution which had both short term and long term aspects.  In the

       short term he (the committee) suggested that (1) GPA (SGRA's) be more

       widely used in the summer, (2) that departments look to offset summer

       tuition with greater use of ISF $ for summer.  (3) Some of the over-

       head received by colleges and departments be directed to summer sup-

       port.  In the long term the committee suggested that efforts be made

       to increase state and endowment support for graduate tuition support.

       The report was received but not approved by the commission.


            Course and Program Criteria - Dr. Orcutt gave the minutes for the

       December 9 Course and Program Criteria Committee Meeting.  The first

       item, College of Veterinary Medicine combined professional/ graduate

       degree credit was approved.  Second, Agricultural Economics name

       change was delayed for a separate meeting, which was held December 16

       regarding this item.  These are discussed in the second set of Course

       and Program Criteria Minutes following these minutes.  Third, new

       course request - UAP 4244 - Non-profit Organization and Management was

       approved.  Fourth, new course request - UAP 4714 - Economics and Fi-

       nancing of State and Local Government was approved.  Fifth, revision

       of course proposal guidelines was a discussion item, that Marvin

       Foushee brought to the Course and Program Criteria Committee Meeting.

       Sixth, Course & Program Criteria Committee Responsibilities was also a

       discussion item.  This handout was added to the minutes.  The Commit-

       tee is to think about it until the next meeting.  It was suggested

       that this may be part of the Committee Annual Report.


            Dr. Orcutt continued with the minutes for the Course and Program

       Criteria Committee, December 16.  This was a separate meeting held to

       discuss the proposed name change of Agricultural Economics to Agricul-

       tural and Applied Economic.


            Drs. Ioannides (Head of Economics), Myers (Head of Agricultural

       Economics, and Batie (former Interim Head of Agricultural Economics)

       were invited to present their respective views for or against the pro-

       posed name change requested by the Department of Agricultural Econom-

       ics.  Based on their input it appeared that there was potential for

       the negotiation of a name change that would be mutually agreeable to

       the two departments.  Therefore, the committee passed a motion that

       encouraged both department to attempt reaching an agreement relative

       to this issue and that if an impasse is reached the committee would

       act on the original name change requested by Agricultural Economics.

       Should an agreement be reached regarding the name change the new pro-

       posal would have to be resubmitted through the governance system.


            This action reflects the philosophical view of CPCC that the best

       resolution to such problems should lie in the hands of those closest

       to the issues and would be best resolved at that level rather than by



            Graduate Appeals - Dr. Reginald Mitchiner gave the report on Pro-

       posed Graduate Academic Appeals Procedure.  After a lengthy dis-

       cussion, it was decided that the Proposed Graduate Academic Appeals

       Procedures would be taken back to the committee for further consider-

       ation and revisions.







           Dr. Sporakowski stated that he would like nominees or volunteers

      for a Nominations Committee to select candidates for the new Chair for

      the CGS&P.



  7.  ADJOURNMENT - 5:12 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     John L. Eaton




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