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March 17, 1993




                          17 MARCH, 1993   3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boyle, Burch-Brown, Chaloux, Eaton, Eustis, L. Haney, A.

  Haney, Ron Johnson (for Wokutch), McCoy, Mitchiner, Orcutt, Snoke,

  Sporakowski, Mr. Ken Kahn, Mr. Tim Schell, Mr. Jay Comeaux


  Absent with notification: M. Johnson, LaBerge, O'Brien, Smith, Stewart,



  Absent: Clough, Eyre, J. Johnson, Joy Poindexter, Stout, Tideman, Tuthill


  Visitors: John Aughenbaugh - Student Affairs Coordinator from the

                               Vice President for Student Affairs Office


            Susan Trulove - Spectrum Representative


            Marvin Foushee - Registrar's Office Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS- Dr. Bruce Chaloux announced that the Northern Virginia

      Graduation Ceremony will be May 9 at 4:00 pm at Fairview Park Marriott

      Hotel.  Cathleen A. Magennis, Secretary of Economic Development for the

      Commonwealth of Virginia, will be the speaker.




  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - Approved as amended.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 17 FEBRUARY 1993 -  The minutes were approved as





      Course and Program Criteria Committee - Dr. David Orcutt presented the

      committee's report as follows:


      The committee met on February 23, 1993.  Dr. Ezra Brown, chair of the

      Course Criteria Committee of CUS, addressed the CPCC regarding the phi-

      losophy of that committee with respect to passing the name change re-

      quested by the Department of Agricultural Economics.  The request to

      change the name of Agricultural Economics to Agricultural and Applied

      Economics was passed (8 in favor of the request, 1 opposed).  The en-

      tire committee expressed great concern regarding the lack of any appar-

      ent attempt by the two departments to negotiate a compromise agreement

      regarding this matter.


      New Course - MATH/CSA 5465-5466 - Numerical Analysis was approved with

      minor revisions.


      New Course - UAP 4224 - Policy-making in the Federal System was ap-

      proved as submitted.


      Revised Course - UAP 5544 - Public and Non-profit Financial Management

      was approved as submitted.


      The Committee's report was accepted as submitted.


      Graduate Student Relations - Dr. Reginald Mitchiner stated that the

      committee will be meeting soon.



      Degree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies - Steve

      Boyle presented the committee's report as follows:  The DRSCAP commit-

      tee met on 3/17/93 and the electronic grade change process was dis-

      cussed.  The University is in the process of taking this process off

      the mainframe computers and putting it on server-type computers.  Wanda

      Dean specifically asked that suggestions regarding issues of improving

      the grade change system be submitted to her, she will forward this in-

      formation to the appropriate personnel who are reviewing our current

      system.  This committee will continue to review the grade change system

      issue and the recording of grades and will be forwarding a list of pri-

      orities to Wanda Dean.  Dr. Boyle asked that if anyone on the Commis-

      sion has any input to be included, please forward this information to

      any of the subcommittee members for prioritization.  The committee re-

      port was accepted.


      Scholarship Committee - Dr. Eaton stated that the Scholarship Committee

      will be meeting on 3/18/93 to discuss Instructional Fee Scholarship al-

      locations for the upcoming year.


      Commencement - Dr. Sporakowski stated that this committee will be known

      as the Graduate School Commencement Committee for future agenda pur-

      poses in compliance with the new governance system.


  6.  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY REPORT - Joanne Eustis referred to the attached Uni-

      versity Library Committee Minutes of January 13, 1993 in which she

      noted that the secretary was instructed to begin sending the minutes to

      the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies and to send all previ-

      ous minutes from this year.  Under new business, she had given a "State

      of the Library" report and there was discussion about the relationship

      among the divisions reporting to Information Systems and interest in

      having the University Librarian participate in meetings between the

      Deans and the Provost.  A letter is being sent in April or May to the

      Provost asking that he find a mechanism for Library representation at

      meetings of the Deans.  There was a report on the Vice-Presidential

      search and there was a discussion of distance learning.


      The report was accepted.


      Dr. Snoke stated that at a previous CUS meeting there was discussion

      regarding re-shelving problems and student access.  Another issue was

      the amount of time faculty members take in resubmitting books.


      Ms. Eustis stated that there had been a shelving "crisis" in November

      due to being short staffed and the students leaving for holiday and re-

      turning books but the Library has since recovered.  As the library be-

      comes crowded with books, shelving becomes much more difficult.  This

      problem should be alleviated by the use of the new storage facility

      (construction will begin this Spring).


      The other problem of faculty members taking materials out and not re-

      turning them; the Library now has the capability of fining faculty who

      are not returning recalled books.  After testing and publicity has been

      completed this system will be put into place.


  7.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY REPORT - Ken Kahn announced the new slate of

      officers for the upcoming year.


                 Tim Schell - President

                 Carl Mitchell, Vice President

                 Ronald Dennis, Treasurer

                 Maria Church, Secretary



      The date for the Research Symposium speaker's (Dr. Peter Law) presenta-

      tion has been changed to March 30.  Participation in this symposium has

      doubled from last year.

      Confirmation has been received that the SCHEV study on graduate educa-

      tion has been passed through the General Assembly and a report has to

      be issued by October 1, 1993.




      8.1.- Committee Membership for Ph.D. Preliminary and Final Exams - this

      issue will be a carryover item for our next meeting.


      8.2. - Proposed Revision 6325 - Policy on Late Drops - Dr. Eaton stated

      that Dr. Leon Geyer has forwarded to the CGS&P and CUS a proposed re-

      vision of this policy to improve and clarify it's wording and to im-

      prove upon and/or prevent future misunderstandings of university

      policy.  Dr. Eaton recommended that this issue be forwarded to the De-

      gree Requirements, Standards, Criteria and Academic Policies Committee

      headed by Dr. Steve Boyle.


      8.3 - Policy on Students with Low QCAs - Dr. Arthur Snoke commented

      that he had received a request from a Faculty Senate member regarding a

      the lack of a clear statement in the Graduate Catalog as to what hap-

      pens when a student drops below a 3.0 QCA, is put on academic probation

      and does not get above a 3.0.  The Senator's opinion is that it should

      be stated that the Graduate School would drop the student if he/she

      does not raise their QCA to the appropriate level.  Dr. Eaton stated

      that he felt that departments would not be in favor of the Graduate

      School making these decisions for them.  Current policy says that stu-

      dents may be dropped, at the recommendation of the department, if their

      QCA does not reached a 3.0 level at the end of the next semester that

      they attend classes.  After discussion, the membership decided that the

      current policy is adequate and will remain as it is.


      8.4 - Report of the Nominations Committee - Steve Boyle stated that

      Reginald Mitchiner and Michael O'Brien have been chosen as nominees for

      Chairperson of the CGS&P.  Dr. Sporakowski asked that elections be held

      at the next CGS&P meeting.


      8.5 - University Library Committee Charge - Joanne Eustis presented the

      membership and charge of the Library Committee which was approved by

      University Council on April 25, 1991.  The charge of the committee is

      to disseminate knowledge and make recommendations concerning policies,

      services and development of the University's Libraries.  This committee

      is an advisory to the University Librarian and it meets monthly.  This

      committee reports to the CGS&P and sends minutes for informational pur-

      poses to the Classified Staff Affairs Commission, Faculty Affairs, Pub-

      lic Service and Extension, Research, Undergraduate Studies and Policies

      and it was decided at the last meeting to send minutes to the Commis-

      sion on University Support.


      The membership is as follows:


             Director of the Library - ex officio

             Representative from the Provost's Office - ex officio

             One faculty member representative from each college nominated by

                 the faculty associations

             An undergraduate student representative

             A graduate student representative

             A representative from the staff association



      Dr. Snoke moved for acceptance of the charge and requested that the

      method of selection for membership be reviewed by the committee.  The

      motion was approved.



  9.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:42 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton





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