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November 17, 1993




                         17 NOVEMBER, 1993   3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boles, Boyle, Mary Catherman (in attendance for A. Haney),

  Eaton, Eustis, Eyre, Johnson, LaBerge, Steve McMullin (in attendance for

  Dr. Stauffer), Merola, Mitchiner, O'Brien, Olin, Orcutt, Peters, Smith,

  Stout, Vorster, Zink, Ms. Bohr (in attendance also for Dr. Wokutch), Ms.

  Bezold, Ms. Rainer-Jeanes, Mr. Schell, Mr. Kahn, Mr. Waddill


  Absent with notification: Aughenbaugh, Foushee, Haney, Smith, Wokutch


  Absent: Brooker-Gross, Stauffer



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS- no announcements.


  2.  INFORMATIONAL HANDOUTS - CGS&P Committee on Restructuring membership

      roster and meeting dates (to be addressed later in the agenda); Report

      of the State Council of Higher Education on Graduate education.


      Dr. John Eaton prefaced his remarks on the SCHEV report by stating that

      there was a meeting of the state graduate deans the previous week in

      Williamsburg with the guest speaker being Gordon Davies from SCHEV.

      Dr. Eaton stated that Dr. Davies reported that, of the figure of

      40-65,000 students entering the state university system between now and

      2001, this figure includes students receiving high school diplomas and

      advancing to University education plus other returning students (gradu-

      ate students).  Dr. Davies also discussed budgets and the U21 report.

      He also stated that we needed to reconsider how we do higher education,

      teach our courses and run our universities.  Dr. Davies pointed out

      Virginia Tech's Phase II restructuring efforts as an example of how

      other schools might proceed.  Another discussion item was training of

      graduate students to be better prepared to be teachers, both as GTAs

      and as future faculty.


      The SCHEV report was produced as a result of a discussion of ideas from

      SCHEV representatives, graduate students and various Deans across

      Virginia.  This document was reviewed at the State Graduate Deans meet-

      ing in Williamsburg.  This document has been distributed to the state

      legislature and to the Governor.  The impact of this report will be de-

      pendant upon SCHEV's ability to inform the new Secretary of Education

      and to have this document reviewed and considered.  Dr. Eaton said that

      there were some concerns that this report didn't deal with non-resident

      part-time students.  Dr. Eaton also pointed out various items that were

      revised before this document was presented to the Governor.  Dr. Eaton

      also noted two items in the document that are of currently of concern

      to the CGS&P:  1) inform students in their letter of acceptance about

      the amounts, terms and conditions of any financial support; and 2) pub-

      lish a brochure that fully informs prospective and in-coming students

      about the program and job prospects upon graduation.  Dr. Eaton noted

      that there is debate regarding the possibility of accurately informing

      students about job prospects upon graduation.


  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - Approved as modified.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 3 NOVEMBER 1993 -  The minutes were approved as







      COURSE AND PROGRAM CRITERIA COMMITTEE - Professor Michael O'Brien pre-

      sented the report of the committee.


      The committee met on November 10, 1993.  Six new courses approved were:


      ENGL 4074 - English Syntax,

      FOR 4374  - Forested Wetlands

      MSE 4215/4216 - Intermediate Solid State Material Devices

      MSE 4244 - Intro. to Semiconductor Device Processing

      MSE 4254 - Science and Technology of Thin Films

      MSE 4554 - Polymer Engineering.


      Courses tabled were:

      ENGL 4784 - Senior Seminar, FOR/CSES 4334 - Principles and Practice of




      4000/5000 level courses for Graduate Credit - this discussion was ap-

      propriate to this meeting because there were a number of MSE courses

      acted on in this meeting that were being changed from 5000 level

      courses to 4000 level courses.  In the process of discussing these

      changes, the committee could see a potential trend toward downgrading

      5000 level courses to 4000 level in order to alleviating the appearance

      of low enrollment courses.  This appears to be an accounting or admin-

      istrative problem.  The general concern is that if this becomes a

      trend, there will be many more 4000 level courses.  It was proposed

      that, rather than down-grade 5000 level courses in order to make them

      accessible to undergraduate students, the policy on undergraduate stu-

      dent participation in 5000 level courses could be modified.  Also con-

      sidered was the possibility of putting the responsibility of allowing

      undergraduates to participate in 5000 level courses in the hands of the

      instructor of the course.  That faculty member should meet with the

      student to find if the student is qualified to take course, if those

      qualifications are met, the student will be allowed in the course.

      Further discussion on this issue will be held at the next CPCC meeting

      on December 8.


      Revised operating guidelines were distributed at the meeting for re-

      view.  The committee will act on those guides at the next meeting.

      Should these guidelines be approved, they will be distributed through-

      out the University and there may also be a workshop on the procedures

      of the review of courses, departmental name changes and program pro-



      The committee's report was accepted.




      Steve Boyle reported that the next meeting of this committee will be

      November 19.



      tributed the committee's report of Thursday, November 4.  An initial

      discussion was held at this meeting regarding the issue of flexible

      graduate student stipends.  Dr. Olin listed items that will be consid-

      ered by this committee.


         1) RA and TA salaries within a given department should be very close



         2) There should not be a distinction between foreign and American

            graduate student salaries.


         3) Policy should assume that all graduate student on support are

            receiving tuition fee scholarships.


         4) Departments should have the flexibility to compete with other

            universities for the excellent students, even at the expense of

            funding fewer students.


         5) Realization that this policy could cause various pay scales from

            department to department.



      The next meeting of this committee will be Tuesday, November 30 at 2:00

      p.m. in 460 McBryde.


      The committee report was accepted.



      stated that she had relayed the message to the Vice President for In-

      formation Systems that the graduate students would like to be included

      in the search committee for the University Librarian.


  7.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY REPORT - Mr. Tim Schell stated that he and

      other members of the GSA attended the regional meeting of the Graduate

      and Professional Student Association at Florida State.  Time was spent

      with the Dr. Mabe, Dean of the Graduate School at Florida State, dis-

      cussing some of the issues that are of concern to both universities

      such as the 4000/5000 level courses, decreased funding from the state,

      tuition scholarships and graduate housing.  At the regular GPSA meet-

      ing, Carl Mitchell and Tim Schell were both nominated for national of-

      fices which they declined because they are graduating.  The Virginia

      Tech GSA was encouraged to host a national meeting, which was an indi-

      cation that the GSA is doing something right.  Virginia Tech was com-

      mended for the GSA involvement at different levels of the governance

      system and for the good relationship with the Dean's Office.


      Mr. Schell also stated that he did meet with the Board of Visitors to

      ask for additional funds for graduate stipends.  He also relayed, to

      the board, some of the survey results from last spring.




      a)  CGS&P Committee for Restructuring - Dr. Mitchiner referred to hand-

      out that was distributed earlier in the meeting.  He listed the commit-

      tee members:  Professors Mitchiner, O'Brien, Boyle, Olin, Wokutch,

      Orcutt, Dean John Eaton and Dean Leonard Peters, Mr. Tim Schell and

      Professor Michael Sporakowski (previous chair of the CGS&P).  The meet-

      ing time for this committee will be from 2:30-3:15 in 206 Sandy Hall

      directly before each CGS&P meeting.  The charge of this committee is

      the determination of the structure of this commission, given the charge

      to the commission in the University Council Constitution.  What kind of

      committees are required in order to satisfy the CGS&P function within

      the governance system?  In addition, what other university committees

      should report to this commission.  An assessment needs to be completed

      regarding the adequacy of the current committee structure, verify

      charges, look at the memberships, and if not adequate in any area,

      change needs to be prescribed.  This restructuring will bring forth

      commission subcommittees composed entirely of commission members; uni-

      versity standing committees to which the members will be elected; and

      university standing committees to which all members are appointed by

      the President from nominations.


      b.  Graduation Under a Particular Catalog - Dr Mitchiner stated that a

      concern has been raised by graduate students relating to the determi-

      nation of which issue of the catalog governs a student's program of

      study: the (DOE) date of entry of the student or the (DOG) date of

      graduation of the student.  The current policy applied by the Graduate

      School is the date of entry applies unless a policy beneficial to the

      students is approved in the interim.


      This question was referred to the Degree Requirements, Standards, Cri-

      teria and Academic Policies Committee.



  9.  ADJOURNMENT - 4:45 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton



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