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October 6, 1993




                          6 OCTOBER, 1993   3:30 P.M.

                                206 SANDY HALL



  Present: Drs. Boles, Boyle, Brooker-Gross, Eaton, Eustis, Haney, Merola,

  Mitchiner, O'Brien, Orcutt, Peters, Smith, Stauffer, Michael Vorster (for

  Paul Torgersen), Wokutch, Audrey Zink (for James Burger), Ms. Joyce Bohr,

  Mr. Ken Kahn, Ms. Earline Rainer-Jeanes, Mr. Tim Schell, Mr. Dan Waddill


  Absent with notification: Eyre


  Absent: Kahn, Nolan, Olin


  Visitors: Susan Trulove - Spectrum Representative


            Marvin Foushee - Registrar's Office Representative



  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS- Dr. Reginald Mitchiner introduced Audrey Zink, Assistant

      Professor in Wood Science, who will be sitting on this commission in

      the place of Dr. Jim Burger who is on sabbatical.  Dr. Mitchiner asked

      that all members in attendance today, who were not at the last meeting,

      introduce themselves.  Dr. Mitchiner also noted that Dr. Paul Torgerson

      has been named as Interim President and will therefore be lost as a

      member of record with this commission.  Dr. Michael Vorster will be

      sitting on the commission as his replacement.




  3.  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - Approved as modified.


  4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF 15 SEPTEMBER 1993 -  The minutes were approved

      as distributed.





      COURSE AND PROGRAM CRITERIA COMMITTEE - Michael O'Brien presented the

      committee minutes and noted that two department name changes were con-

      sidered and approved:  Agricultural Engineering and been changed to Bi-

      ological Systems Engineering Department; Hotel Restaurant and

      Institutional Management has been changed to Hospitality and Tourism

      Management Department.  There was a request for a reduction in hours

      for the masters program in the HTM Department from 45 to 37 hours which

      was also approved.  The committee considered 17 courses and tabled 4

      courses at this meeting.  The committee report was accepted.


      GRADUATE RESEARCH POLICIES AND PROGRAMS - John Eaton presented the com-

      mittee report regarding continuous summer enrollment.  No action was

      taken on the report and the report was accepted.


      AD HOC NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT - Bob Smith, chairman of this com-

      mittee, noted the other members of the committee:  David Orcutt and Pe-

      ter Eyre.  Dr. Smith stated that Michael O'Brien from Architecture and

      Joe Merola from Chemistry were invited to be nominated for Chair-elect

      of the CGS&P and both individuals agreed to the nomination.  There will

      be an election at the next meeting on October 20.


  6.  UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES COMMITTEE REPORT -  Regarding old business from

      last year, Joanne Eustis circulated an amended charge for her commit-

      tee.  The committee name changed from the "Library Committee" to the

      "University Libraries Committee", the charge stayed the same, and the

      members are now listed.  These revisions were approved by the CGS&P

      membership.  (A copy is attached for informational purposes.)


      Ms. Eustis stated that the committee had met one time this year and the

      guest was Erv Blythe.  He spoke mainly about the search for the Univer-

      sity Librarian.  An ad should appear in the CHRONICLE in October.


  7.  GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY REPORT - Tim Schell stated that the Grad Fair

      was held today 10/06/93 and approximately 40 colleges were represented.

      Last year, there were 500 students in attendance, this year there were

      approximately 1,000.


      There will be a political forum on October 13 at 6:00 p.m. in Colonial

      Hall, the gubernatorial candidates should be in attendance.  A rally,

      sponsored by the SGA and GSA, will be held on the drill field from

      11:30-12:30 on October 20 to draw attention to further cuts in higher

      education in the state.  A similar rally should occur at every institu-

      tion across the state.  Survey information on how students view their

      programs/GSA/etc. has been collection and will be presented at the next



      Mr. Schell stated that he, along with other student representatives

      across the state, was called to Richmond to meet with the Governor.  He

      briefly discussed the questions and issues that were raised during the

      meeting regarding the proposed cuts in higher education.


  8.  APPROVAL OF LATE DROPS -  Dr. Mitchiner stated that last year a memo

      was sent by Leon Geyer to the CGS&P and CUS proposing modifications to

      the policy for approval of late drops.  CUS will be referring the mat-

      ter to their Academic Policies Committee.  Dr.  Mitchiner referred the

      matter to our DRSCAP committee.



      discussed a possible amendment to the resolution for accelerated ap-

      proval of course proposals.  The amendment would allow greater flexi-

      bility to department and colleges in the offering of experimental

      programs.  While supportive of investigating the issue, the sense of

      the commission was that the issue should be reviewed by the CPCC com-

      mittee before being sent forward for approval.  The proposal was for-

      warded to the committee for review at their next meeting.



  10. ADJOURNMENT - 4:30 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     John L. Eaton





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