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June 3, 1987


                               Computer Committee

                            Newman Library Board Room

                                  June 3, 1987

                                      3 PM



        PRESENT:     Jim Thomas, Don Allison, Randy Crockett,

                     Sharon Crawford, John Krallman (for David Goodyear),

                     Bob Heterick, Katherine Johnston, Harry Kriz,

                     Jim Montgomery, Chuck Waring (for Alan Steiss),

                     Jeff Wilcke, Mike Williams


        ABSENT:      Erv Blythe, John Burton, Steve Chapman, Ed Clayton,

                     Ray Dessy, Sam Hicks, Janet M. Johnson, Tom McAnge,

                     Charles Nunnally, Vernon Shanholtz, Robert Parsons,

                     Paul Torgersen, Stephen Golladay, Jeffrey Stiely


        VISITOR(S):  Rosie Higdon





        A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes of

        the May meeting with no changes.




        For details of the new rate structure refer to the handout.  Cost

        Centers are established to provide a chargeback system and to af-

        fect user behavior.  The number of cost centers has been greatly

        reduced to make it easier to understand the cost structure and to

        eliminate cost centers that do not affect user behavior.


        The cost centers are CPU, Connect, Disk Storage, Tape Rental,

        Setups, Printing, and IMS.  The other cost centers that were used

        have been combined or eliminated.


        The CPU cost center incorporates CPU utilization and memory

        charges.  At one time memory was a constraint that programmers

        had to adjust to; with virtual memory systems this limiting con-

        straint no longer plays a deciding role.


        The connect time cost center has doubled.  This now reflects the

        actual cost to the Computing Center.  The Disk Storage and Tape

        Rental cost centers have been adjusted.  All setups will be

        charged the same rate.  Setups include tape, printer, plotter,



        The printing cost center has increased by 25% over last year.

        However, this cost is being offset by the removal of the charge

        for spooling print jobs from VM to MVS.


        An analysis of the master accounts shows that if the new rates

        were used during 1986-87, the charges would be 90% of what they

        currently are.  If anyone wants a master account analyzed contact

        Mike Williams.


        What does the current CPU utilization look like?  Statistics

        about CPU utilization were sent to the members of the committee

        before the May meeting.  Usage is steadily growing.  To allow for

        scientific computing growth on VM1, the Center is looking at ways

        to move some general purpose computing from VM1 to VM2.




        The VAX CPUs have been saturated at peak times but it has been a

        manageable situation.  The micro usage has had a substantial ef-

        fect on the VAX usage.




        Dr. Heterick reported:


        1.  Digital Switch

            The vendor selected was IBM/ROLM.  The dormitories will be

            cabled and ready to use the switch for Fall Term 1988.  The

            rest of the campus will be converted by January 1989.


        2.  New Building in Research Park

            The impact study for moving showed that there was not enough

            money to build the building AND move.  The building will be

            built for offices and laid out for the Computing Center to

            eventually move.


        3.  Teleport antennas

            Three new antennas have been obtained.  The functions are up-

            link for data transmission, NPR radio uplink, and CATV re-



        4.  IBM Contract for personal purchases

            Personal purchases for IBM personal computers are now handled

            through the Bookstore.


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