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May 6, 1987


                               Computer Committee

                            Newman Library Board Room

                                   May 6, 1987

                                      3 PM



        PRESENT:     Jim Thomas, Don Allison, Norm Dodl (for John Burton),

                     Steve Chapman, Randy Crockett, David Goodyear,

                     Wayne Donald (for Bob Heterick), Sam Hicks,

                     Janet Johnson, Bea Mahan (for Katherine Johnston),

                     Harry Kriz, Tom McAnge, Charles Nunnally,

                     Alan Steiss, Jeff Wilcke, Michael Williams,

                     Stephen Golladay


        ABSENT:      Erv Blythe, Ed Clayton, Sharon Crawford, Ray Dessy,

                     Jim Montgomery, Vernon Shanholtz, Robert Parsons,

                     Paul Torgersen, Jeffrey Stiely


        VISITOR(S):  Rosie Higdon, Sandra Birch





        A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes of

        the April meeting with two wording changes.  The wording of

        agenda item number 5, Computer Rates, will be revised by Jim

        Thomas and Mike Williams.  There is some confusion as to what

        "economies" are being discussed.  Agenda item number 6 should

        read "An objective of the ..." rather than "The objective of the





        Personal computer sales, distribution, etc. for private purchases

        is being reviewed and recommendations are being prepared for the

        University's administration.  A special committee was formed to

        prepare the recommendations.  The committee members are Butch

        Nunnally, Sam Hicks, Ray Smoot, Pat Bixler, Judy Lilly and Lloyd



        In the past, Communications Network Services handled the bulk

        distribution and private purchases of personal computers.  Some

        of the vendors have had problems with CNS handling the purchases

        since they are part of the Foundation.  Currently, most of the

        personal purchases are handled by the Bookstore and bulk pur-

        chases are handled by CNS.


        The recommendations from the committee will be that the Bookstore

        handle all private purchases.  There will be some markup to cover

        costs. (NOTE: CNS also has a markup charge.)  The purchases will

        only be available to faculty, staff, and students.


        How is the vendor contract handled?  For example, IBM views the

        contract as being signed with the University and whomever the

        University appoints as the distribution point is fine.  There

        will be no resale involved.  The ownership of the PC will go from

        IBM to the student.  Previously the ownership went from IBM to

        Virginia Tech to the student.


        What is in this for the Bookstore?  It is unclear if the

        Bookstore wants to do this, but there are indications that it

        will cooperate.


        What can the Bookstore do for the University?  The Bookstore will

        deal directly with all vendors.  Students are accustomed to deal-

        ing with the Bookstore.  The Bookstore is planning to hire some-

        one who can answer questions for faculty, staff, and students and

        establish a local computer store with appropriate display space.


        There are concerns dealing with the Bookstore.  The concerns in-

        clude the lack of confidence the faculty have with the Bookstore;

        where the profits of the Bookstore go; and whether or not they

        can handle it.


        A straw vote indicated that the Computer Committee overwhelmingly

        felt that it was appropriate to give the establishment of a com-

        puter store within the Bookstore a trial.




        There were no additions to the agenda.


        The next meeting is June 3, 1987 at 3:00 pm in the Library Board

        room, if there are enough agenda items.


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