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December 15, 1987




                University Communications Network Committee

                         Conference Room "B" - CEC

                             15 December 1987

                              1:00 - 2:30 pm


     PRESENT:     D. Beagle, D. Betadapur, E. Blythe, C. Bostian,

                  L. Eng, L. Harris, R. Heterick, T. McAnge,

                  M. McGilliard, R. Malachowski, L. Pyle,

                  R. Sumichrast, J. Tyson, J. Wade, J. Walberg,

                  R. Wheeler, P. Winfrey


     ABSENT:      J. Evans, K. Johnston, L. Nielsen


     VISITOR(S):  Susan Bright, Mode Johnson


     Meeting was called to order by Charles Bostian.  Attendance was

     taken and the minutes from the November 13 meeting were approved.




     Charles Bostian informed the committee that the resolutions it

     made entered the University's governance system by being offi-

     cially recorded in the minutes of the meeting.  The University

     council gets copies of these minutes and resolutions become

     agenda items for Council meetings.


     Erv Blythe discussed the way funds are encumbered for telephone

     bills.  He told committee members if they feel funds are being

     unjustly encumbered from accounting codes they should contact

     Dwight Shelton in the Controller's office and Katherine Johnston

     in the Budget office.  These offices should be of assistance in

     getting funds unencumbered.


     Erv Blythe discussed the status of the contract with IBM for the

     new telephone system.  Of the $7.6 million contracted, about $2

     million has already been paid to IBM.  Both IBM and CNS are mov-

     ing towards the implementation of the system in 1988-89.  A Joint

     Development agreement is also being worked out.  This will define

     what projects will enhance the communications system and how much

     money will be spent on each.


     The question of assigning USER-IDs to students has been referred

     to the Computer committee.


     Erv Blythe addressed a question about the CNS survey of dorm stu-

     dents and their long distance habits.  The intention of this sur-

     vey is to eventually use the data for designing a long distance

     service for the students.




     A suggested plan for developing guideline for instructional use

     of the campus TV network was presented by Charles Bostian.  A

     first subcommittee was formed.  Erv Blythe and Pamela Winfrey

     were asked to report at the January meeting on what will be

     available in the dormitories.  Tom McAnge suggested that the ge-

     ographic location of students be considered within a subcommit-

     tee, data which can be obtained from Institutional Research.




     Mode Johnson and Susan Bright gave a presentation about the tran-

     sition to the new campus telephone system.




     The next committee meeting was tentatively set for January 12, 1987.


     Minutes prepared by Jill Ford.


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