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November 13, 1987




                University Communications Network Committee

                            Library Board Room

                             November 13, 1987

                               2:00 - 3:30pm


     PRESENT:     D. Beagle, D. Bettadapur, E. Blythe,

                  C. Bostian, L. Eng, S. Birch (for

                  James Evans), L. Harris, R. Heterick

                  K. Johnston, L. Nielsen, L. Pyle,

                  M. Sporakowski, B. Sumichrast, J. Tyson,

                  J. Wade, P. Winfrey, J. Lilly, R. Wheeler


     ABSENT:      T. McAnge, M. McGilliard, J. Walberg



     Greeting given by Charles Bostian, committee chairman.  It was

     stated that the committee will hold monthly meetings approxi-

     mately two hours in length.


     Committee members were introduced.


     Robert Heterick welcomed the Committee members.  Stated that the

     purpose of the committee is to discuss telephone, computer/data,

     and video issues concerning the Virginia Tech faculty, staff and

     students.  The committee is also responsible for representing the

     Virginia Tech communications user within the community, raising

     questions constituencies would like answered and to advise Uni-

     versity administration on policy questions.


     Charles Bostian was asked to find the procedure for getting a re-

     sponse from the University Council to a resolution passed by the

     committee.  Bostian pointed out that under the University's

     governance structure, the committee cannot set policy; it can

     only recommend.


     Questions were brought forward for future consideration by the



         How will the financing of University telecommunications, in

         general, be handled?


         What is the University's responsibility to students and fac-

         ulty off-campus?


         How can the University provide computing/VTLS/VT cable TV ac-

         cess for off campus and graduate students?


     An overall summary of Communications Network Services was given

     by Erv Blythe.


     Meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting was to be scheduled at a

     convenient time, in December, for most committee members.  Con-

     tact person will be Jill Ford at CNS.


     Minutes prepared by Jill Ford.


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