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April 12, 1988


                  University Communications Network Committee

                            CEC Conference Room "C"

                                 12 April 1988

                                1:00 - 3:00 pm



  PRESENT:     D. Beagle; E. Blythe; C. Bostian; J. Evans; R.

               Heterick; K. Johnston; T. McAnge; L. Pyle; M.

               Sporakowski; J. Tyson; J. Wade; R. Wheeler; P. Winfrey


  ABSENT:      D. Bettadapur; L. Eng; L. Harris; M. McGilliard; R.

               Malachowski; L. Neilsen; R. Sumichrast; J. Walberg


  VISITOR(S):  Stan Huffman




  The minutes from the March meeting were approved.




  Charles Bostian stated that all three committees; Library, Computer, and

  Communications, voted against the commission.  University Council has put

  off voting on the commission until their 18 April meeting.  At that time

  they will redraft the proposal.




  Katherine Johnston expressed concern that the committee would not have a

  chance to review the second reading of the proposal for a Commission on In-

  formation Systems.  Robert Heterick replied that because of the lack of en-

  thusiasm for the commission from many committees it may be postponed in

  University Council.  Roland Wheeler suggested that Charles Bostian write a

  letter to Lon Savage, in the President's office, concerning our problem

  with not being able to review the second revision of the commission pro-



  Erv Blythe commented that the switch project was going along fine with the

  exception of an air conditioning procurement problem.  This should be

  worked out within the next week.  There is also a problem with Virginia

  Tech putting together a long distance package for the students versus re-

  quiring them to use SCATS.  Discussions with DIT are being held to resolve

  this problem.




  Stan Huffman, representing the LRC and distance learning, discussed the

  costs involved in producing instructional videos.  Dale Arbor, head of pro-

  duction at the LRC, will schedule TV program production for instructional

  use.  The individual, or department, is responsible for travel costs, out

  of pocket costs, and the cost of the video tape but otherwise the is no

  charge for the equipment or staff used.  For a sponsored program, though,

  full production cost is charged.


  In order to distribute the programs throughout campus the professor must

  contact Daphne Albert at CNS.  For distance learning, credit and non-credit

  courses are offered through the University via satellite and public broad-

  casting in and out of state.  The cost is based on production, uplink and

  transponder time.  Teleconferencing is also available through these chan-



  John Wade inquired about the availability of crews for these productions.

  Small productions can be worked in but major productions have a 4-5 month



  Mike Sporakowski asked why the LRC handled production and the rental of

  tapes and VCRs and CNS handled the TV sets.  The answer was that there is a

  proposal to purchase TV sets for every classroom and to merge the LRC/CNS

  responsibility for VCRs and TVs so one group is in charge of it all.


  Lee Pyle asked if Virginia Tech is close to competing with major universi-

  ties in distance education.  Stan Huffman replied that we are leaders in

  the market at the present time and are very competitive with other univer-

  sities.  Some problems are that we are not encouraged to advertise to the

  out-of-state market and we do not have the capabilities for a small number

  of remote students.




  Katherine Johnston stated that some faculty members were concerned that

  they were not asked for their opinions on the use of TV systems for in-

  structional use.  Some even believed that the use of these systems were

  mandatory.  Erv Blythe stressed that the use of campus TV for instruction

  is strictly voluntary and not being imposed on faculty members.  Katherine

  Johnston suggested that a statement about this issue be included in the re-

  solution.  Further discussion of the resolution was put off until the next



  The meeting was called to a close and  May 10, 1988, from 1-3pm was decided

  for the next meeting.


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