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August 31, 1988





                  University Communications Network Committee


                               Library Board Rm.

                                August 31, 1988

                                 3:00-5:00 pm





  D. Beagle; D. Bettadapur; E. Blythe; C. Bostian; J. Evans; E. Fox; K.

  Johnston; B. La Berge; T. McAnge; D. Mullins; L. Neilsen; M. Sporakowsi; R.

  Sumichrast; J. Walberg; D. Waller; P. Winfrey;





  L. Eng; D. Jones; R. Wheeler;





  J. Lilly;



  The meeting was called to order by Charles Bostian, and new members were

  welcomed and introduced.





  Robert Heterick reminded the committee that the Resolution Concerning In-

  structional Use of Campus TV System, involving the ability of off campus

  students to access the new cable service is still an important issue.  Ar-

  rangements with Blacksburg CATV for channels, along with alternative strat-

  egies to provide service to off campus students should be a priority of the






  Erv Blythe then reported to the committee that the August 1, cutover in-

  volving the dormitories was a success.  The project was aided by a Help

  Center installed in Cassell Coliseum by CNS to answer questions.  Blythe

  also reported that some telephone companies have not yet implemented the

  232 or 231 exchanges, the new student and faculty exchanges, not allowing

  calls from these companies to reach Virginia Tech.  Blythe told the commit-

  tee that most channels on the CATV are available now with no complications.





  Charles Bostian then asked Blythe to comment on the letter which appeared

  in the Collegiate Times written by a student voicing complaints about the

  new services.  Blythe commented that the letter, which stated that no third

  party calls or collect calls may be billed to the students phones is cor-

  rect and explained that substantial fraud expenses last year involving im-

  proper calls billed to campus numbers were responsible.  Faculty will

  however have the ability to accept collect calls, but will not be able to

  make third party calls.  The letter also contained criticism concerning the

  limited amount of 0 trunks, ones used in operator assisted calls.  Blythe

  explained that operator assisted calls are more expensive than dialing di-

  rectly and that calling card fees are more expensive than an authorization

  code.  There is also the option of having the bill sent directly to the

  parents, as would be the case with a calling card.  David Waller, the Stu-

  dent Government representative informed the committee that the general stu-

  dent opinion is good.  Blythe then asked Waller collect more feedback from

  the students at the next Student Government meeting to report to the com-






  Dr. Heterick announced to the committee that the objections of DIT to

  Virginia Tech's desire to competitively procure long distance services for

  students were still unresolved.  DIT would like to require students to use

  its SCATS network.  Virginia Techs's analysis shows that SCATS service

  would be significantly higher than competitively procured services.





  The question of whether or not the students would be able to receive credit

  for a misplaced call was addressed.  Judy Lilly answered that yes they

  would, but they must replace the call immediately.  Janet Walberg asked

  what would happen to the old faculty phones.  Lilly responded that some of

  the phones were leased.  Dinesh Bettadapur suggested a letter written to

  the Collegiate Times and The Roomer, explaining the economy of dialing di-






  Charles Bostian informed the Committee that the time and place for the next

  meeting would be set after Penny Johnson received everyone's schedules and

  found a time that minimized conflicts.


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