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December 7, 1988






                            CEC Conference Rm. "F"

                               December 07, 1988




  MEMBERS PRESENT:    D. Beagle; D. Bettadapur; E. Blythe; C. Bostian;

                      L. Eng; J. Evans; M. Swift for K. Johnston; B.

                      La Berge; T. McAnge; L. Pyle; R. Sumichrast;

                      J. Walberg; D. Waller; R. Wheeler; P. Winfrey


  MEMBERS ABSENT:     L. Eng; E. Fox; D. Jones; D. Mullins;

                      S. Murrmann; L. Nielsen;



  The meeting was called to order by Charles Bostian and the minutes from the

  previous meeting were approved.


  Lee Pyle, the incoming chairperson, remarked on the significance of the

  committee in relaying an understanding of the communications network to the

  remainder of the University and of the need to continue this service into

  the next year.




  Erv Blythe updated the committee on the digital switch project citing only

  two problems, both involving defective cable.  These problems occurred at

  the College of Veterinary Medicine and University City Office Building.

  These problems were discovered before the service was switched, by the

  quality assurance team of CNS.  Other than these setbacks, the project is

  ahead of schedule and CNS hopes to have implemented 95% of the University

  by the end of January.




  The Committee reviewed all of the communications and information related

  recommendations which had been assigned by the Self Study Monitoring Com-

  mittee.  No additions were made to our initial assignment and it was agreed

  that we would prepare reports on recommendations 10-12, 10-16, and 10-20.

  Lee Pyle will appoint subcommittees to draft the reports; the appointments

  and the charges to the subcommittees will be discussed at the January meet-





  Bob Sumichrast reported on the progress of his subcommittee in drafting a

  recommended policy statement for use of the University's channel (30) on

  Blacksburg Cable TV.




  Dinesh Bettadapur told the committee of problems the students are having

  accessing VTLS through the CBX.  David Beagle said that the problem might

  stem from the fact that the Data Primer instructs students to CALL VTLIB to

  reach VTLS; that has since been changed to CALL VTLS.  Beagle has since re-

  ported that CALL VTLIB will not work, since it will not transfer to CALL

  VTLS.  Bettadapur also voiced the opinion that more feedback was needed

  from The University Council concerning previous recommendations, such as

  the policy concerning the ability of off campus students to access the

  Virginia Tech Cable Television System.


  The meeting was adjourned and the next meeting time and place will be set

  by the new Chairperson, Lee Pyle.

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