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February 16, 1988


                  University Communications Network Committee

                          CEC -- Conference room "C"

                               16 February 1988

                                1:00 - 3:00 pm



  PRESENT:     D. Beagle; D. Bettadapur; E. Blythe; C. Bostian; L.

               Eng; J. Evans; L. Harris; R. Heterick; M. McGilliard;

               R. Malachowski; L. Neilsen; L. Pyle; R. Sumichrast; J.

               Tyson; J. Wade; J. Walberg, R. Wheeler


  ABSENT:      K. Johnston; T. McAnge; M. Sporakowski; P. Winfrey




  The meeting was called to order by Charles Bostian.  Attendance was taken

  and the minutes from the January 12, 1988, meeting were approved.





  Erv Blythe discussed recent questions concerning LocalNet performance.  He

  informed committee members of the overload problem and explained how any

  small problem dramatically effects the entire system.  To speed solutions

  to these problems, CNS has increased the number of people correcting system

  errors and contracted help from an outside vendor.  By December 1988, CNS

  expects to have reduced the number of users by 1000 which should dramat-

  ically effect system response time.


  Erv Blythe also mentioned the new identification badge policy initiated at

  CNS.  He said that several individuals involved in some of the recent

  thefts were apprehended by the police.


  Data communications installers have decreased their response time to five

  or ten days from the date of request with rare exceptions, for example, a

  large number of connections in a single request according to Erv Blythe.


  Mike McGilliard questioned Blythe about the use of Hillcrest's PC lab for a

  switch room.  The response was that approximately forty percent of the lab

  space will be taken for the switch and the rest will remain as a PC lab.


  Ludeman Eng questioned the maximum capacity of the new system.  Blythe re-

  sponded that there would be 16,000 lines initially; the system is wired for

  18,000 to 19,000 lines and it can exceed 30,000 lines.


  Bob Heterick passed out the report, "Information Systems:  A Planning

  Prospectus", and asked for comments from committee members.





  Charles Bostian introduced the subcommittee reports on potential uses and

  problems with the cable TV system.


  Subcommittee A, chaired by Mike McGilliard, was asked to estimate the de-

  mand for TV services in coursework.  There does not seem to be a great deal

  of interest in using the system for classes.  The attached report details

  the comments made by the subcommittee members.


  Subcommittee B, chaired by Dave Beagle, was asked to investigate ways to

  make the cable TV system available to off-campus students.  The subcommit-

  tee came up many questions concerning their task.  The attached report de-

  tails the subcommittee member reports and questions.

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