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January 12, 1988



              University Communications Network Committee

                       CEC - Conference Room "A"

                           January 12, 1988

                             1:00 - 3:00pm


   PRESENT:     D. Beagle; D. Bettadapur; E. Blythe; C. Bostian;

                L. Eng; J. Evans; L. Harris; R. Heterick;

                K. Johnston; T. McAnge; M. McGilliard; L. Nielsen;

                L. Pyle; M. Sporakowski; R. Sumichrast; J. Tyson

                J. Walberg; R. Wheeler; P. Winfrey


   ABSENT:      R. Malachowski; J. Wade


   The meeting was called to order by Charles Bostian.  Attendance

   was taken and the minutes from the December 15, 1987, meeting

   were approved.




   Cabling and data communications:


   Erv Blythe explained that there are currently 33 connection orders past

   60 days, CNS is making an attempt to send notification letters to those

   whose orders have been delayed.  Orders are currently taking, on the

   average, 30 - 60 days to complete.




   Erv Blythe told the group that a letter had been drafted by CNS

   and sent to Dwight Shelton concerning the encumbrances of tele-

   phone funds.  This letter will be sent to the departments from

   the Controller's office.


   Dinesh Bettadapur asked whether or not CNS will totally bypass

   C&P when the switch occurs.  Erv Blythe answered that CNS had a

   contract with C&P for pay phones.  Also, Virginia Tech will be

   leasing access trunks from C&P worth about one million dollars a year.


   The question of phone book distribution to students was addressed

   to Erv Blythe.  CNS will investigate the possibility of having

   Blacksburg phone books made available to students.


   The matter of operator assisted calls changing after the imple-

   mentation of the switch was discussed.  Erv Blythe stated that

   the calls will either be handled through the University operators

   or will be contracted with a vendor.


   Larry Nielsen informed the group that an ad hoc Faculty-Senate

   committee was considering the question of making a commission out

   of the University Computer, Library and Communications Network





   Erv Blythe and Pamela Winfrey submitted a report on the cable TV

   ability planned after the implementation of the switch.  It was

   made clear that the "University" cable TV system was not just a

   "dorm" system, but the dorms will be cabled first because of the

   revenue created.  The intent of instruction on the campus TV sys-

   tem is not meant to replace classroom instruction, but to supple-

   ment it.  Departments will not be charged for the use of a campus

   TV channel for instructional purposes.


   Charles Bostian asked that interested committee members contact

   him about being a part of the second group of subcommittees.

   These people will be asked to research some of the questions and

   issues involved in class use of the University cable system by

   off-campus students.


   The next committee meeting was tentatively set for Tuesday, Feb-

   ruary 16, 1988, at 1:00pm


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