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March 15, 1988


                  University Communications Network Committee

                           CEC - Conference room "C"

                                March 15, 1988

                                 1:00 - 3:00pm



  PRESENT:     D. Beagle; D. Bettadapur; E. Blythe; C. Bostian; L.

               Eng; L. Harris; T.  McAnge; M. McGilliard; L. Pyle; M.

               Sporakowski; R. Sumichrast; J. Tyson; J. Wade; J.

               Walberg; R. Wheeler; P. Winfrey


  ABSENT:      J. Evans; R. Heterick; K. Johnston; R. Malachowski; L.



  VISITOR(S):  Arthur Snoke




  The minutes from the February 16, 1988 meeting were approved and attendance

  was taken.


  Erv Blythe responded to a written question from Dave Beagle concerning the

  re-establishment of access to the LOCAL Telenet numbers through the Local

  Area Network.  He stated that the cost of establishing a direct link to

  Telenet would be significantly higher than the potential users are willing

  to pay.  With the implementation of the Digital Switch in Northern

  Virginia, CNS is exploring inexpensive ways to connect to Telenet via that



  Dinesh Bettadapur expressed concern about the reoccurring failures of the

  two terminals located at user services.  Erv Blythe responded that he would

  have the terminals checked by CNS installers.


  Roland Wheeler questioned whether or not the letter concerning the

  encumbrance of telephone funds ever went out from Dwight Shelton at the

  Controller's office.  Tom McAnge responded that the letter did go out, and

  that problems were being taken care of.


  A draft resolution was presented to the committee about the campus cable TV

  system by Charles Bostian.  The resolution was discussed and it was decided

  to defer action until the Committee could hear a presentation from a repre-

  sentative of the LRC about the production aspects of using the Campus Cable

  TV System to support instruction.  Charles Bostian agreed to arrange such a

  presentation for the next meeting.


  Professor Arthur Snoke reviewed the Faculty Senate proposal to create a

  Commission on Information Systems.  Committee members expressed concern

  that all commission members, as proposed, would not have voting rights.

  The majority of the committee members felt that, overall, the commission

  was unnecessary.  A letter from Charles Bostian to Lon Savage summarizing

  the discussion is attached.


  The next meeting date was tentatively set for April 12, 1988 and the meet-

  ing was adjourned.


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