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November 9, 1988





                              CEC Conference "C"

                               November 09, 1988



  MEMBERS PRESENT:    D. Beagle; D. Bettadapur; E. Blythe; C. Bostian;

                      L. Eng; J. Evans; E. Fox; R. Heterick; M. Swift for K.


                      B. La Berge; T. McAnge; S. Murrmann; L. Pyle

                      R. Sumichrast; J. Walberg; D. Waller; R. Wheeler; P.



  MEMBERS ABSENT:     D. Jones; D. Mullins; L. Nielsen;


  The meeting was called to order and the minutes from the previous meeting

  were approved, with the correction that David Waller was present.


  Charles Bostian reminded the Committee that he is going on leave January 1,

  and that his term as Chairperson will end on December 31.  He announced

  that the new Chairperson would be Lee Pyle.




  Dr Robert Heterick explained to the Committee the action that the Adminis-

  tration has taken on the issue of Black Entertainment Network.  He reported

  that President McComas has written a letter to the Chairman of the

  Blacksburg CATV Committee expressing Virginia Tech's opinion of the impor-

  tance of minority offerings to the community and urged the Chairman to sup-

  port this channel for Blacksburg Cable TV use.  Charles Bostian informed

  the committee of the newly appointed sub-committee which will recommend

  policy for Channel 30 on Virginia Tech's Cable TV System, members include:


  Robert Sumichrast as Chairman

  Bernard La Berge

  Edward Fox

  Larry Nielsen

  David Waller


  The members of the subcommittee accepted the nomination and agreed to re-

  port any findings back to the committee at the January meeting.  Erv Blythe

  pointed out that two to four hours of educational programming are already

  scheduled on channel 30.




  Robert Heterick informed the committee of it's responsibilities to the sug-

  gestions of the Self-Study Monitoring Committee.  These responsibilities



  1.  to review the recommendations and either accept them as appropriate for

      UCNC, or to forward them to the appropriate person(s),


  2.  to respond on the appropriate ones by December 15th,


  3.  to indicate the ones in progress or completed.


  4.  to determine financial plausibility.


  A copy of the recommendations referred to the Committee is attached.  The

  Committee considered them and took the actions summarized in the attached

  letter to Dennis Hinckle, Assistant Provost.  Those for which the Committee

  must provide a detailed response will be discussed in the December meeting.


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