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November 29, 1989




  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1989  3:00 P.M.




  Attending: Richard Alvarez, David Beagle, Erv Blythe, Theta

             Bowden, Jamie Evans, Ed Fox, Tom Head, Holly Kim,

             Bernard LaBerge, Judy Lilly, Tom McAnge, John

             Moore, Don Mullins, Lee Pyle, Mark Sanders,

             Arthur Snoke, Bob Sumichrast, Matt Swift, Joe

             Tront (for F.G. Gray) and James Wimbush




  The minutes of the October 25, 1989 meeting were accepted without





  Theta Bowden reminded the Committee that Ed Fox had distributed a

  proposed policy at the last meeting (attached).  Theta indicated that

  there had been joint discussions about the proposed policy since the

  last UCNC meeting and a new document has been developed (attached).

  Theta reviewed the changes in the policy most of which were minor.  The

  only substantial change was the designation of BITNET as a central

  network because this network has been within the domain of the

  Computing Center.  Erv Blythe said that BITNET and Internet are merging

  and in the future these networks will appear as a single E-mail

  function to the users.  Erv stated that there is natural overlap

  between Computing Center functions and Communications Services;

  however, through good personal relationships most of the problems are

  resolved.  Art Snoke asked what the impact would be from a user point

  of view.  Ed Fox said that any department that wanted to do networking

  would have to have permission from UCNC.  Ed and Erv said that

  unauthorized connections have been made in the past that have caused

  major problems for other users and Communications Services.  It was

  suggested that the title of the policy be "Connection to Campus



  Motion: Fox/Evans


          That we accept the revised policy with the

          understanding that the title will be modified and

          item 4 will be corrected.






  Dr. John Moore reviewed what he had learned since the last UCNC meeting.

  He indicated that the form signed by faculty that is used to clear tapes

  for cable distribution will have to be revised.  The information that

  will have to be provided by the faculty will vary depending on the type

  of tape that a faculty member wants to show.  Some videotapes are in

  the public domain and don't need a for signed by faculty.  For those

  that do, the University attorney has indicated that there will have to

  be specific documentation that a faculty member has permission to

  broadcast a tape.  John said that there are virtually no limitations

  when showing tapes in a classroom; however, the cable is quite

  different.  Sending students to the library to view tapes is

  appropriate; however, recreational use in the library is unclear.  John

  pointed out that contrary to what was mentioned at the last UCNC meetin

  sovereign immunity does not protect the individual; however, the

  University is protected.  The University does carry insurance for such

  occurrences but there is no obligation on the part of the University to

  cover employees.  There is a bill in U.S. Congress to revise the

  copyright laws so that educational institutions can be sued. Dr. Moore

  said the present copyright laws, written in 1976, are unclear and do

  not address modern technology. The fair use guidelines that presently

  exist (see attached summary of copyright issues), are primarily for

  text.  John said we should do everything within reason to comply with

  the law; however, much clarification is needed and policies will have

  to be developed.  He felt that it is important for us to deal with

  acquiring rights in conjunction with purchasing videotapes.  John

  indicated that more staff time will be devoted to the copyright matter

  so that faculty will have a resource.  For example, his unit intends to

  develop a form letter to assist faculty in acquiring rights and a

  comprehensive publication will be distributed in the Fall. Art Snoke

  suggested that the various college faculty associations be contacted by

  Dr. Moore so that we can be assured that faculty members understand the

  implications of the copyright laws.  Based on a question from Dave

  Beagle, John said he will continue to work with Kay Heidbreder on this

  matter.  Don Mullins asked if "flags" could be built into the

  Purchasing Department to assure that rights are purchased.  Some felt

  that this might cause serious delay.  Mark Sanders asked if UCNC had

  discussed the copying of software.  Tom McAnge said the Computer

  Committee passed a policy indicating that we should comply with laws

  governing software.  John said he asked the library for the list of the

  most used tapes and then wrote to the publishers and asked for

  permission to broadcast.  Six granted permission without a charge.  Ed

  Fox asked John whether the proposed videotape database will be develope

  John said it would be developed and will be an important tool in

  managing the videotape/copyright matter.




  The concerns from the Faculty Senate were summarized by Dr. Art Snoke.

  He said the Faculty Senate wants to assure that faculty members have

  basic communications services.  He asked Lee Pyle what happens to

  policies that are developed by UCNC such as the one on basic

  communications services for faculty.  Lee said that the UC makes

  recommendations to the University Council and has no authority to

  institute policy.  Art said there continues to be concerns about charge

  for using the inbound modem pool. Erv said there has been no charge to

  this point because Communications Services has been busy with other

  matters; however, CNS was created as an auxiliary that has to fully

  recover costs.  Unless funds are identified to specifically support the

  inbound modem pool service, charges will have to be made.  Erv said the

  deans and department heads have not been enthusiastic about subsidizing

  this service. The fixed cost per modem port is $2000.00 and the annual

  operating cost is more than $1000 per year.  The annual port cost

  including debt service for 100 ports is just under $200,000. The

  established rate for the inbound modem service is 2 cents per minute.

  The estimated current demand is 200 ports with 400-600 ports needed in

  few years.  Lee Pyle suggested to Art Snoke that the Faculty Senate

  could play an important role in identifying funds to pay for part or

  all of the inbound modem pool charges.


  Ed Fox expressed concern about what happens to the policy

  recommendations developed by the UCNC.  Lee Pyle explained that once

  the minutes of our meetings are approved, multiple copies are sent to

  the University Council. Art Snoke indicated that the Council does not

  formally discuss the recommendations; however, the minutes are

  distributed.  The group felt that the present communication level is

  unsatisfactory and better feedback is needed from the University

  Council. Lee Pyle agreed to speak with University Council officials to

  determine if a better system can be developed.




  Tom Head, Director of Media Services, reviewed the primary functions of

  the operation he manages.  The major functions include graphics,

  printing and photography.


  Tom announced that on January 1, 1990 a high resolution Linotype output

  device will be available for general use.  The charge will be

  approximately $3.50 per page.


  He said the rapid turnaround for slides has been a major factor in

  doubling production (18,000).  He showed some examples of the type of

  work that is done and how faculty members can use the services.  Ed Fox

  said it is important that mechanisms for showing faculty how to utilize

  the services be available.  Tom assured Ed that some of this is

  available now and more would be forthcoming.


  Tom indicated that he views his operation as an electronic studio that

  can be easily accessed by the network.  Networking has not reached its

  full potential as yet because a mechanism for handling the charges has

  not been finalized.


  Lee Pyle thanked Tom Head for the informative presentation and the

  quality of his slides.


  The next UCNC meeting is scheduled for December 20, 1989 in Room F, CEC.


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