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October 25, 1989



  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1989  3:00 P.M.






  Attending:  Richard Alvarez, Dave Beagle, Erv Blythe, Theta

              Bowden, John Eaton for Bernie La Berge, Jamie

              Evans, Ed Fox, Bob Heterick, Holly Kim, Judy

              Lilly, John Moore, Don Mullins, Suzanne

              Murrmann, Lee Pyle, Mark Sanders, Bob Sumichrast, Matt

              Swift, James Wimbush and Pamela Winfrey


  Administrative Assistant: Dreama Webb


  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Pyle at 3:05 P.M.




  The minutes of the August 30 meeting were accepted as distributed.




  Dave Beagle reviewed the subcommittee report (attached) on video

  distribution.  The basic issue addressed was whether the faculty/staff

  are aware of the copyright laws and if the University community is

  handling this matter in an appropriate way.  There was a wide-ranging

  discussion regarding the current system for assuring that copyright

  requirements have been met.  There was a general feeling that many

  faculty members are not aware of the specifics of the law and some are

  signing the form required for cable distribution without being aware of

  the potential implications. There was a general discussion on how tapes

  can be used on the cable system, in classrooms and for individual use.

  The most difficult problem to deal with is once a program is put on

  the cable, all cable users can have access to the program.  Ed Fox

  suggested that we should consider using scrambling devices.  Erv Blythe

  indicated that this could cause problems with the FCC.  It was

  mentioned that the state has sovereign immunity; therefore, faculty

  members can use videotapes without major concern about copyright laws.

  Others felt that respecting copyright laws and intellectual property

  rights is important in a university setting.  It was acknowledged that

  the current copyright laws are outmoded and new laws that reflect the

  current information environment are badly needed.  John Moore suggested

  that the Copyright Committee could address some of these issues and

  would be an important resource for the faculty.


  Erv Blythe suggested that copyright permission could be obtained with

  each tape purchase unless that tape would be restricted for individual

  viewing in the library.  It was pointed out that a formal process for

  obtaining broadcast rights would have significant cost implications in

  terms of fees and personnel.


  Bob Heterick suggested that we could take the approach that we would

  abide by the copyright laws and utilize the tapes based on the rights

  that had been obtained.  Dave Beagle said that it would be helpful to

  the faculty if more information were included on the form about legal

  implications.  Suzanne Murrmann asked if the form could be eliminated

  because the responsibility for managing the system rests with the

  University and not the faculty.  Erv Blythe suggested that Kay

  Heidbreder be consulted about the form in order to decide what is



  MOTION: Fox/Beagle


  The utilization of videotape material at Virginia Tech be done in

  accordance with the copyright laws.


        PASSED (3 opposed)


  Bob Heterick indicated that the implications of this motion would be

  assessed over the next few weeks.  He said that other issues directly

  related to this matter might have to be brought before the UCNC.




  Jamie Evans indicated that he had made some revisions in the report

  (attached) as requested by the UCNC.  Dr. Pyle asked members to review

  this report prior to the November meeting.




  Ed Fox distributed a proposed policy (attached) for establishing and

  maintaining campus networks.  He briefly discussed the proposal.  Erv

  Blythe said that the proposed policy is quite similar to the present

  system.  He said he would ask Theta Bowden to respond to the proposal

  at the November meeting.  Bob Heterick suggested that Ed Fox and Theta

  Bowden meet prior to the November meeting so they could make a joint

  presentation to the UCNC.




  Because Dr. Larry Nielsen was not present, Lee Pyle indicated that

  he would not comment in any detail about the memorandum of September

  27, 1989 (attached).  He said the reports requested would be provided.

  He also indicated that items 2, 3, and 4 were operational matters that

  should be handled by Network Services personnel. Item 5, the inbound

  modem pool, will be on the agenda for the November meeting.




  Ms. Judy Lilly, the Director of Network Services, provided an overview

  of the activities of this communications support unit.  She said that

  the campus presently has 15,000 PC's, 5,000 video, 11,000 voice and

  11,000 data connections.  She said there are 100 MAC'S (move, alter,

  change) per week.  The five operational units within Network Services



  1. Customer Support Services

  2. Field Engineering

  3. Logistics and Inventory

  4. Network Operation and Information Center

  5. Business Office


  Judy offered to give tours to anyone interested in understanding the

  magnitude of the communications operations on the campus.  Lee Pyle

  thanked Judy for the overview and indicated that Network Services

  provides quality services to a demanding University



  The meeting was adjourned at 4:29 P.M.


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