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January 31, 1990




  WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1990  3:00 P.M.




  Attending:  Dave Beagle, Erv Blythe, Theta Bowden, Ed Fox,

              Mike McGilliard, Gail Gray, Bob Heterick, Sue

              Murrmann, Lee Pyle, Mark Sanders, Arthur Snoke,

              Robert Sumichrast, Matt Swift, Pam Winfrey and

              Craig Woods


    Visitor:  Jenny Akers, Staff Affairs Committee




  The minutes of the November 29, 1989 meeting were accepted as





  Chairman Pyle asked Art Snoke if he had any concerns from the Faculty

  Senate.  There were none.  Bob Heterick indicated that current and

  future budgets are a major topic of discussion within the office of

  information systems.


  In response to a questions about the scope of the UCNC, Bob Heterick and

  Erv Blythe explained that Communications Network Services (CNS) is no

  longer used.  There is an umbrella organization, Communications

  Resources, headed by Erv Blythe, with four subgroups:


  1. Network Services is the old CNS, headed by Judy Lilly, which operates

  the telephone utility, satellite uplinks and cable TV.  It is 100% cost

  recovery with a budget of 10-12 million dollars.


  2. Network Research and Planning, headed by Theta Bowden, addresses,

  among other things, the need for high speed networks on and off campus.


  3. Media Services, managed by Tom Head, integrates print shop activities

  with graphic media services.  This unit is 80-90% cost recovery.


  4. Learning Resources, headed by Dr. John Moore, is involved with

  television and dynamic images.  The unit recovers approximately

  one-third of its costs.




  Theta Bowden presented an overview of the activities and

  responsibilities of the Research and Planning Division of

  Communications Services.  He reviewed the major activities of this

  group including:


  1. Departmental Networking

     Higher speed fiber is being required at various network levels.

  2. CBX Maintenance Group

  3. Network Engineering

     This group helps maintain the multiplexor system as well as a

     variety of special projects.

  4. Sponsored Research

     Projects must contribute to the communications infrastructure of

     this university.

  5. Development Projects

     The single system mail project targeted for students is receiving

     a great deal of attention.  Other members of the university

     community will be able to use this system.

  6. VERNET - Virginia Education and Research Network

     This system has six major hubs - Virginia Tech, University of

     Virginia, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Newport News and Hampton.

     This network has been funded through the National Science Foundation

     and fees generated from the more than 20 institutions involved.  The

     recent upgrade is almost complete and full service will be available

     in 4-6 weeks.


  Theta's comments about various aspects of networking stimulated several

  committee members to voice concerns.  Ed Fox said that there are a

  multitude of issues that the committee could discuss.  He suggested we

  consider whether network training should be part of the core

  curriculum.  Mark Sanders said there appears to be little help for

  faculty who want to learn more about networking and the services

  presently available.  Bob Heterick suggested that the enormous growth

  of network options and services worldwide will add to the frustration

  of those wanting to become involved, and he said that it is unlikely

  that we will have the directories and other help documents that are

  badly needed.  Pam Winfrey told the group that at a very practical

  level she would like to use our networking capabilities to attract

  students to the dormitories.  Ed Fox commented that image databases are

  something the committee could discuss.


  Lee Pyle said that each member is free to add any item to the agenda

  that they feel is within the scope of the committee.  Subcommittees can

  be developed for studying specific matters and consultants within and

  outside of the university can be utilized. Bob Heterick suggested the

  committee not be burdened with technical detail.  Lee Pyle indicated

  that policy development and review is an important role for the



  The Chairman announced that the next meeting will be on February 28,

  1990.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


  Final revision -  3/2/90


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