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November 28, 1990



          Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee


  Meeting:  November 28, 1990, at 3:00 p.m.

  Location: Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center


  Attending:  Alvarez, Blythe, Crofts, Dougherty, Fox, Hunter, Swift (for

              Johnston), LaBerge, Litchfield, McAnge, Mullins, Sanders,

              and Robert Sumichrast.

  Guests:  Head, Lilly, Moore, and Bowden


  1.     Minutes of October 31, 1990, Meeting


         Minutes were approved as submitted.  Chairman will forward

         minutes for the University Council.


  2.     Mail Task Force Report


         No report from the Mail Task Force.  The committee is expected

         to submit a final report to Heterick in December.  The

         committee's report will be presented to the Communications

         Resources Committee at the January meeting.


  3.     Old Business - Committee Recommendations


         McAnge reported on the status of several recommendations the

         committee developed last year and discussed at the October 31,

         1990, meeting.


         Connection to Campus Network - This recommendation was approved

         by the committee last year.  The recommendation was submitted to

         Heterick on November 15, 1990.


         Access to the Campus Network - No additional comments.  The

         recommendation as drafted will not be considered by the



         Campus Cable Network -  The issues outlined in this

         recommendation have been implemented with a letter distributed

         to staff by John Moore.  This recommendation is not needed.  At

         the last meeting, the committee was asked to review the

         committee's  recommendation and letter to see if the

         implementation presently in force covers the policy.  No

         additional action is needed.


         Use of Virginia Tech Channels on Blacksburg Cable TV -  In

         general, the current practice agrees with the recommendation.

         The committee voted to endorse the recommendations.  The

         chairman will forward the recommendations to Blythe. No

         additional action is required by the committee.


  4.     Facsimile Service and Use


         At the last meeting, Fox suggested a discussion on the use of

         FAX on campus. Head presented data on the use of the centralized

         Fax service located in Patton Hall.  The current level of usage

         is 375/month faxs received and 150/month sent. Bowden reported

         that the Network Research and Planning Group is aware of the

         demand for facsimile services and is investigating methods to

         route facsimiles through the CBX and other alternatives,

         including an out-pool of Fax modems as well as routing Faxs over

         local area networks.  Lilly reported that the Communications

         Resources business office is faxing low-value purchase orders to

         vendors, which is less costly than phoning orders to vendors.


  5.     Committee's Charge


         McAnge reported that he met with the chairmen of the Library and

         Computing Committees to discuss common concerns and the future

         direction of the committees.  The chairmen have developed a list

         of the major issues facing the University in the Information

         Systems area and suggested that the Communications Resources

         Committee address the following question, "Should we plan for

         universal access to the University's computing and

         communications networks for all faculty by the Fall of 1996?"

         The committee's discussion led to the approval of the following

         charge, "The University Communications Resources Committee

         should develop a 5-year plan to improve and expand information



         Possible elements of the long-range plan discussed were the

         current situation, what could exist, what will be the uses for

         communications in the future, a financial plan, and an

         educational plan for faculty and staff.  One suggestion for the

         focus of the planning was that, "the University needs to make

         decisions that allow departments to optiminize the use of funds."


         McAnge will meet with Blythe and the other committee chairmen

         and bring suggestions to the Communications Resources Committee

         on approaches to the development of the 5-year plan.  It was

         suggested that Harlan Miller, Chairman of the University

         Computing Committee, be invited to the next meeting to express

         his views on a coordinated long-range planning effort.


  6.     Next Meeting


         The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for January 30,



  Meeting adjourned.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge

  Minutes approved January 30, 1991

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