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February 27, 1991



    Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee



  Meeting:  Wednesday, February 27, 1991, at 3 p.m.

  Location: Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center


  Attending: Blythe, Caceci, Crofts, Evans, Fox, Gray, Hunter, Swift (for

             Johnston), LaBerge, Litchfield, McCoy, and McAnge.


  Guests:  Bowden, Lilly, Sewell (Computing Center)


  1.   Minutes of January 30, 1991, meeting approved as submitted.


  2.   Recommendations for Use of Virginia Tech Channels on Blacksburg

       Cable TV


       The committee's recommendations for use of the Virginia Tech

       channels on Blacksburg cable TV were sent to Blythe.  The chairman

       reported that he had received a response from Blythe.  The

       committee's recommendations have been implemented as operating

       procedures by Communication Resources.  Lilly reported that there

       are currently three Tech channels on Blacksburg cable and a

       fourth channel may be added in the near future.


  3.   Task Force Report on Information Distribution


       No new information.  Item left on agenda for future discussion.


  4.   Development of 5-Year Plan


       Croft stated that the ad hoc committee with membership from the

       Library, Computing, and Communications Resources Committees had

       met.  A report is being drafted by the committee.  The draft

       report will be shared with the committee when completed, hopefully

       before the committee's next meeting date, March 27th.


  5.   Charge for Dial-in Service


       Lilly reported that work is continuing to establish a rate for

       dial-in service.  The rate and implementation plan will be shared

       with the committee when completed.


  6.   Policy on Protecting Electronic Access Privilege


       Blythe distributed a draft policy from the Computing Committee on

       "Protecting Electronic Access Privilege".  He suggested the

       committee members review the policy statement and make comments at

       the next meeting.  He indicated that he will suggest more specific

       terminology in the policy to delineate between communication and

       computing systems.  Comments should be directed to Mike Williams.


  7.   Access to Networks


       Fox reported on the activities of the task force appointed to

       develop recommendations concerning access to networks.  The

       following individuals are serving on the task force:  Fox, chairman,

       Lore Balkan, Randy Marchany, Jeshua Pacifici, and Don Mullins. Fox

       distributed a draft of the committee's recommendations and a cover

       letter.  The cover letter outlined suggested action to be taken by

       the Communications Resources Committee.  Fox briefly reviewed the

       draft policy.  Fox indicated he would like to have the draft brought

       before the committee twice before action is taken. McAnge asked the

       committee to review the draft and make its comments to the

       listserve id, UCRC-L.  Lilly asked to be added to the task force.


  8.   Slip Demonstration


       A demonstration of SLIP (Serial Line Interface Protocol) was

       presented by Fox and Sewell.  Fox stated the purpose of the

       demonstration was to show the access capabilities available on



  9.   Next Meeting


       McAnge announced that the next committee meeting is scheduled for

       Wednesday, March 27, 1991.


  Meeting adjourned.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge and Joyce Smith

  Minutes approved March 27, 1991

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