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January 30, 1991



    Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee


  Meeting:  January 30, 1991, at 3:00 p.m.

  Location: Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center


  Attending:  Blythe, Crofts, Fox, Hunter, Swift (for Johnston), LaBerge,

              Litchfield, McAnge, Mullins, Sanders, Heterick, Sumichrast,

              Travis, and Tront.


  Guests:  Head, Bowden, Miller


  1.   Minutes of November 28, 1990, Meeting


       Minutes were approved as modified.  Chairman will forward minutes

       for the University Council.


  2.   Old Business - Committee Recommendations


       McAnge reported that he had received a note from Blythe stating,

       "The recommendation for regulating connection to medium- and

       high-speed data networks by the University Communications Resources

       Committee will be implemented by Network Services, effective

       January 1, 1991."


  3.   Information Distribution Task Force Report


       Jeshua Pacifici, Chairman of the Information Distribution Task

       Force appointed by Dr. Heterick, presented an overview of the Task

       Force's recommendation.  Of particular interest to the UCR Committee

       was the recommendation that the telecommunications system be

       available to the entire University community.  It was pointed out

       that the current telecommunication system is available to all campus

       locations, but each department makes its own decision about the

       number of computer connections.  The Task Force Final Report will

       be sent electronically to the UCR Committee members.



  4.   Development of 5-Year Plan


       Harlan Miller, Chairman of the University Computing Committee,

       discussed the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee with representatives

       from the Computing, Communication Resources, and Library Committees.

       The Ad Hoc Committee will begin the development of a 5-Year Plan.

       Information drafted by the Ad Hoc Committee will be shared with

       the total UCR Committee via electronic mail.  The membership will

       be requested to interact with their Ad Hoc Committee representatives

       by electronic mail.  McAnge announced that a list server had been

       established for this purpose.  The name of the list server is

       UCRC-L.  Mark Sanders, George Crofts, and Ed Fox agreed to serve

       on the 5-Year Plan Ad Hoc Committee.  Charles Litchfield will

       serve as moderator for the list server discussion.


  5.   Charge for Dial-in Service


       Blythe announced Network Services is in the process of establishing

       a rate and charging procedure for data dial-in modem service.

       Cost data are being collected and will be submitted to the

       Controller's Office to determine the rate.  As with all

       communication services, the cost to provide dial-in modem service

       must be recovered.  Until recently, there was not a technical

       means for controlling assess. Bowden explained the technical

       alternatives for controlling access and measuring service.  The

       method selected will be the least costly to administer.  This item

       will remain of the agenda as an informational item.   Blythe also

       reported that the contract with C&P Telephone for datakit service

       will expire in April 1991 and must be renegotiated.


  6.   Student Access to Networks


       Ed Fox introduced several issues related to student access to

       computer networks. The issues related to performance, ethics,

       security, and the image of the University. He also pointed out the

       need for the education of students on the proper use and ethic

       conduct as a network user.  A task force was named to clarify the

       issues and develop recommendations, if needed.  The following

       individuals agreed to serve on the task force:  Ed Fox, Don

       Mullins, Jeshua Pacifici, Lore Balkan, and Randy Marchany.


  7.   Next Meeting


       The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for February 27, 1991.


  Meeting adjourned.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge and Joyce Smith

  Minutes approved February 27, 1991

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