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March 27, 1991



            Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee


  Meeting:      Wednesday, March 27, 1991, at 3 p.m.

  Location:     400D Burruss Hall


  Attending: Crofts, Dougherty, Evans, Fox, Heterick, Hunter, Swift, (for

             Johnston) LaBerge, Litchfield, Mullins, Sanders, Sumichrast,

             Tront, and McAnge.

  Guests:  Bowden and Head


  1.     Minutes of February 27, 1991, meeting approved as submitted.


  2.     Task Force Report on Information Distribution Update

         Heterick stated that report is presently on the INFO system and

         encouraged feedback to him.  He stated that, due to budgetary

         constraints, only those items not requiring funding will be

         implemented at this time.  This item will be removed from the



  3.     Development of 5-Year Plan

         Draft report was submitted to the Committee by Fox.  He stated

         that the Computer and Library Committees will also review the

         draft.  McAnge recommended that the Committee review the draft

         prior to the next meeting.  Item will be placed on the agenda

         for discussion at April meeting.  The Committee is encouraged to

         submit comments to the listserv id, UCRC-L.


  4.     Charge for Dial-in Service - Update

         Bowden reported that the proposed hardware failed the pilot

         test. Other hardware alternatives are being investigated.  The

         economics of charging and the effect on programs were discussed.

         Faculty Senate concerns brought to the Committee by Tront

         were addressed.  Tront and Bowden will prepare a response to

         Faculty Senate.  A brief discussion followed concerning aspects

         of dial-in service. Heterick stated that service is now being

         subsidized by data users on campus.  He stated that when charge

         for dial-in service is implemented, the rate will decrease for

         campus data service.


  5.     Policies on Access

         McAnge stated that this item needs to be divided into two parts:

         (1) Policies on Access and (2) Proper Use.  The Policy on Access

         has been endorsed by the Computing Committee.  Fox indicated that

         the policy is presently on the INFO System.  A letter to the

         Committee was distributed by Fox that outlined the status of

         the Proper Use document (copy attached).  Fox reported that a

         revised draft will be available for the April meeting.

         (Note: The task force changed the title from Proper Use to

         Acceptable Use.)


  6.     Next Meeting

         McAnge announced that the next Committee meeting is scheduled

         for Wednesday, April 24, 1991.


  Meeting adjourned.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge and Joyce Smith

  Minutes approved April 24, 1991

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