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May 29, 1991

        Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee




  Meeting:       Wednesday, May 29, 1991, 3:00 p.m.


  Location:      Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center


  Attending: Blythe, Caceci, Crofts, Dougherty, Fox, Gray, Heterick,

             LaBerge, Litchfield, Swift (for Johnston), Sanders,

             Sumichrast, and McAnge


  Guests:  Bowden, Lilly, and Miller


  1.  Minutes of April 24, 1991, meeting approved as amended.


  2.  Items added to the agenda included:

      SSI Mail Project Update

      Information Systems Reorganization Update


  3.  SSI Mail Project Update

      Project is moving forward, and by the end of summer, procedures

      will be in place.  Fox stated wide-scale student use in the fall

      was expected.


  4.  Information Systems Reorganization Update

      Heterick stated that the reorganization reflects the reality of

      staff reductions.


  5.  Policy on Acceptable Use

      The report, dated April 24, 1991, was reviewed by the Committee.

      This version was endorsed by the Computer Committee at its last

      meeting.  After discussion, a motion was passed that CRC endorse

      the policy as drafted and forward the Policy to the Vice President

      for Information Systems.  A copy of the Policy is attached.  The

      Committee will continue looking for ways to educate the University

      community on acceptable use.


  6.  Development of 5-Year Plan

      Plan discussion led by Miller.  The Plan has been split into two

      sections:  (1) Vision Statement and (2) Problems and Issues by the

      Computer Committee. The CRC members were asked to review the Vision

      Statement and send comments electronically to Harlan Miller

      (HBMIller @VTVM2).  The Problems and Issues will be passed on to

      next year's Committee for action.


  7.  Announcement made by Lilly that on July 20, 1991, at 12:01 a.m.,

      all voice and data would be down on campus for 8 hours.  Critical

      areas will be covered.


  8.  Chairman McAnge informed CRC this was the last meeting for this

      year and thanked them for their work throughout the year.


  Meeting adjourned.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge and Joyce Smith


  Approved June 15, 1991

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