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November 20, 1991


   Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee


  Meeting:     Wednesday, November 20, 1991, 3 p.m.

  Location:    Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center


  Attending:   Bevan, Blythe, Crofts, Fox, Litchfield, McAnge, Morgan,

               Sanders, Snoke, Sumichrast, Travis, and Swift (for Johnston)


  Guests:      Bowden, Lilly, and Stock


  1.    Meeting called to order at 3 p.m. by Chair McAnge.


  2.    Minutes of the October 30, 1991, meeting were approved.


  3.    Guest Speaker, Tom Head, Director, Media Services, presented

        information about services provided by the Video/Broadcast,

        Photo-Graphic and Classroom AV Units of Media Services.  The

        Information Systems Organization Chart was distributed and is

        attached to the minutes.  The committee discussed the differences

        in the use of the studios in Agnew Hall and Whittemore.  The

        Agnew studio is used as a laboratory and the Whittemore studio is

        used primarily for production.  The Whittemore studio is also

        used by the Communication Studies students.


        Head gave his view on the way the Media Services facilities

        compare with other universities in the state and nation:  video

        and photo-graphic services are highly ranked, printing services

        are being improved, and classroom support improvements are needed.


        Richard Stock presented information concerning a study directed

        at improving and maintaining mail services.  Stock shared

        information collected for the study.  Handouts were provided and

        are attached to the minutes.  It is estimated that the total

        annual expenditures for information distribution by the

        University is estimated at $5 million.  Recommendations are being

        finalized and will be shared with the committee at a later date.


  4.    Committee discussed communicating with the Commission on

        Undergraduate Studies issues related to data network access by

        students.  The Chair will communicate with the commission,

        suggesting a joint effort to identify and address access issues.

        The committee will continue to address student and faculty access

        issues which are appropriate for the committee to discuss and

        make recommendations.


  5.    The committee finalized a committee charge statement:


               "To report and make recommendations through the governance

               structure and/or operating units regarding planning,

               purchasing, installing, and utilizing the University's

               communication systems and services, e.g., audiovisual

               support, cable TV, data networks, learning resources,

               mail, photographic, printing, telephone, and video

               broadcast services."


        The statement will be forwarded to Larry Harris as input (when

        appropriate) to the reorganization of the Commission and

        Committee structure.


  The next meeting is scheduled for January 29, 1992, Donaldson Brown

  Center, Conference Room G.


  Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge

  Approved: January 29, 1992

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