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September 25, 1991

  Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee


  Meeting:  Wednesday, September 25, 1991, 3 p.m.

  Location:  Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center


  Attending:  Bevan, Blythe, Crane, Crofts, Daniel, Evans, Fox, Furrow,

              Gray, Hunter, McAnge, McCoy, Morgan, Sanders, Sumichrast,

              Swift, Travis, and Tront


  Guests:  Bowden and Head


  1. Meeting called to order at 3:10 p.m. by Chair McAnge.


  2. The new committee members introduced themselves.


  3. Information Systems Organization


     A discussion of the Information Systems Organization Chart (copy

     attached) was led by Blythe.  With Heterick's retirement effective

     October 1, Blythe will serve as Interim Vice President for

     Information Systems.  A national search will be conducted for

     Heterick's replacement.  The details concerning the structuring of

     the search committee has not been finalized at this time.


     Blythe shared with the committee information about the Blacksburg

     Electronic Village Project and the dedicated statewide data network

     for Cooperative Extension Service, Public Service, and local

     government projects.


  4. Committee Charge


     A copy of the Joint Task Force on University Council, Commissions,

     and Committees Recommended Constitution Revisions, 4-3-91, Item E,

     Computer Committee was discussed.  The Computer Committee Charge, as

     stated in the report, overlaps with the Communication Resources

     Committee responsibilities.


     It was the consensus of the committee that no action be directly

     taken to modify the report.  The UCR Committee will review its

     charge.  Chair McAnge will draft an internal charge for the

     committee and electronically share with the members for their input.

     A presentation will be added to the agenda monthly to bring the

     total committee up-to-date on issues of significant change.  Blythe

     will present an update on one area of Information Systems at the

     October meeting.


  5. Vision Statement


     Background on the Vision Statement was shared with the committee by

     Chair McAnge.  The Vision Statement was drafted last year by several

     members from the Library, Communication Resources, and Computing

     Committees.  All members are to review carefully and be prepared to

     discuss at the October meeting.  The issues and problems on page 6

     of the report will be considered as agenda items for future meeting.

     Committee members may comment on the draft statement using the

     committee distribution list UCRC-L@VTVM1.


  Next Meeting


     The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 30,

     1991, Donaldson Brown Center, Conference Room G, 3-5 p.m.


  Meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge and Joyce Smith

  Approved:  October 30, 1991



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