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February 26, 1992

          Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee


  Meeting:        Wednesday, February 26 1992, 3 p.m.

  Location:       Donaldson Brown Continuing Education Center


  Attending:      Bevan, Crofts, Evans, Fox, Furrow, Johnston, LaBerge,

                  Litchfield, McAnge, Snoke, Swift

  Guests:         Bowden and Lilly


  1.      Meeting called to order at 3 p.m. by Chair McAnge.


  2.      Minutes of the January 29, 1992, meeting were approved as amended.


  3.      The following item was added to the agenda:

           - Update on Rate Schedule


  4.      Update - Electronic Village Project:

          Theta Bowden gave the following update on the Electronic

          Village Project.

            -- Presentations are being made to various groups, i.e., PC

               users, Blacksburg High School, retirees, etc., and

               receiving good press coverage.

            -- The project is still a concept but submission of potential

               applications is encouraged.

            -- Paul Gherman has been reassigned to work on the project.

               It was requested that more information be provided about

               Paul's assignment.  This item will be placed on the

               agenda for March for Blythe to report.

            -- Project is receiving positive press.

            -- Discussion continues with C&P Telephone on initial projects.


          Snoke reported on the reaction of Faculty Senate on the Project.

          A letter from Faculty Senate President Geyer was shared with

          the committee.  The letter requested, "... to make the

          Senate/faculty a part of the "loop" in the information,

          reporting, and decision making committee or other structures

          regarding the above-named project."  After a discussion on this

          issue, it was the consensus of the committee that the issues

          mentioned in the Faculty Senate required no action by the UCRC.


  5.      Student and Faculty Network Access

          A letter (November 25, 1991) was written to Provost Carlisle

          suggesting the Commission on Graduate Studies address the

          issues of access to computing resources and offered the

          assistance of UCRC.  Chair McAnge reported to the committee

          that no response has been received to date from Dr. Carlisle.

          This item will also be forwarded to the Commission on

          Undergraduate Studies for inclusion on their agenda.  LaBerge

          and Snoke will report back to this Committee on action of CGS.

          This item will be placed on monthly agenda of this Committee.


  6.      Communications Resources Rate Structure

          Judy Lilly gave an update on the communications rate

          restructuring contained in her memo to Administration, dated

          February 11, 1992.  New installations will be billed at the new

          rate as soon as final approval is granted.  CNS representatives

          will meet with departments to plan the conversion of local area

          networks to 10BaseT Ethernet connections. There will be a grace

          period for installation charges for existing networks.  To

          protect the integrity of the campus backbone, it is CNS' goal

          to convert all local area networks to 10BaseT Ethernet.  A

          policy mandating conversion may be required to meet this goal.


          Ed Fox suggested a more flexible policy; permit existing to

          remain, and mandate future installation to 10BaseT connections.

          Fox recommended the Committee encourage CNS to continue

          departmental discussions and the Committee add to its agenda

          (1) the Committee's responsibilities for providing technical

          advice to CNS and (2) security issues related to network



  7.      Next Meeting Scheduled

          The next meeting was scheduled for March 25, 1992, Donaldson

          Brown Center, Conference Room G.


  Meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.


  Minutes prepared by:  Tom McAnge and Joyce Smith

  Approved:  March 25, 1992





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