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October 28, 1992


         Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee



  Date & Time:      Wednesday, October 28, 1992 @ 3:00 pm

  Location:            CEC, Conference Room A


  Present:             Fred Bailey, Freda Blecher (for Ron Daniel), George

                       Crofts (Chairman), Jim Evans, Ed Fox, Carolyn Fur-

                       row, Gail Gray, Marcia Harrington, Mark Hunter,

                       Bernard LaBerge, Judy Lilly, Charles Litchfield, Tom

                       McAnge, Chris Roper (for Katherine Johnson), Arthur

                       Snoke, Robert Sumichrast


  Guests:              Phil (Theta) Bowden





  1.      The September minutes were approved.


  2.      The second item on the agenda, Phase II budget cuts in informa-

          tion systems, was postponed until Erv Blythe can be present.


  3.      Arthur Snoke shared some understandings about campus mail that he

          feels should receive publicity in the campus community.  Other

          members added opinions about the topic.  In summary:


     >    Campus mail is not governed to assure confidentiality.  While

          people honor the implied request of envelopes marked confiden-

          tial, no policies or laws require this practice.


     >    Since sensitive information is sent through the mail, there may

          be a need for policies.  (Perhaps, we could adopt a similar

          policy to the one employed by the U.S. Postal Service.)


     >    The committee should invite Kay Heidbreder to a meeting to

          discuss legal concerns with using campus mail.


     >    A representative from the campus mail service should also visit

          with the committee.


     >    Bernard LaBerge will speak with Kay Heidbreder and others on

          confidential mail and report findings at our next meeting.


  4.      Marcia Harrington was welcomed as a new member of the committee.

          She is the liaison between the committee and the commission to

          which the committee reports, the Commission on University Sup-

          port.  She expects to serve as a conduit to the commission.  She

          will urge the commission to convert suggestions of the committee

          into policies for consideration in the new governance system.


     In response to questions, Marcia said that the commission discussed

     what it will do with minutes they receive, but no decision was



     She will ask the commission if our minutes are in a form they like.



  5.      As of October 26, CNS had 1,424 subscriptions to the inbound

          modem.  Thirty-seven were funded through a program in the gradu-

          ate school to assist graduate students needing access.  There

          were 1,183 faculty and staff subscriptions and 280 other sub-

          scriptions.  CNS is expecting 1,800 subscriptions by spring.


     VTLS may be reached directly through a library inbound modem rather

     than going through the CNS modem.


     Members wondered if a general network and computer fee should be

     charged to students.  This would eliminate billing and lessen concerns

     over different network charges between on-campus and off-campus

     students.  This may become a topic of discussion for the faculty

     network access subcommittee.


     The following is included here for your information -

          Library's inbound modem pool telephone no.:  231-4255

          Parity:  Space

          Data Bits:  7

          Stop Bits:  1

          Baud:  9600


  6.      The faculty network access sub-committee has established its own

          list serve (FACACC-L@vtvm1).  All members of the full committee

          are welcome to join the list serve.  The subcommittee is inter-

          ested in learning how peer institutions address access issues.


     The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


     The next meeting will be held on December 2nd at 3:00 p.m.




     (Minutes prepared by George Crofts and Desiree Dolan.)

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