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April 28, 1993


         Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee




  Meeting held:        Wednesday, April 28, 1993 - 3:00-5:00 pm

  Location:            Board Room, 6th Floor, Newman Library


  Present:             Fred Bailey, David Bevan, Tom Caceci, George Crofts

                       (Chairman), Jamie Evans, Ed Fox, Carolyn Furrow, F.

                       Gail Gray, Marcia Harrington, Bernard LaBerge, Judy

                       Lilly, Buddy Litchfield, Tom McAnge, Lenwood McCoy,

                       Arthur Snoke, Matt Swift


  Guests:              Phil (Theta) Bowden



  1.      The March minutes were approved.


  2.      Mail Regulations


     On behalf of the subcommittee on mail regulations, Bernard LaBerge

     proposed two statements for approval.  Each was approved with minor

     editorial changes.  The statements are:


          Given the complexity of electronic mail and the likely great

          increase in its use, because of ERIS and the Electronic Village,

          a standing subcommittee of UCRC should be established to oversee

          issues of electronic mail.  There is no organization on campus at

          present that is charged with monitoring electronic mail issues.

          The standing committee should develop an education program to

          address the issues of electronic mail.


          No comprehensive set of policies and procedures for the use of

          campus mail seems to exist.  It is recommended that the manager

          of mail facilities draft policies and procedures for the mail and

          submit the draft to the UCRC for review and subsequent distribu-

          tion to appropriate administrators.  It is recommended that the

          intent of the US postal service for confidentiality be balanced

          with university concerns for confidentiality and appropriate use

          in the document.  Since student-group use of the mail involves

          interaction with the Office of the University Registrar (e.g.,

          getting mailing lists) and University Printing Services (the

          reporting unit for centralized mailing), the procedures will need

          to involve these offices.


     Bernard reported that the subcommittee had long discussions on issues

     related to each statement.  The full committee also discussed the

     second statement extensively.  A very knotty issue is the tension

     between confidentiality (only the person whose name is on an envelope

     may open it or permit another to open it) and use of campus mail to

     make requests of offices (many offices must respond to requests

     quickly even if the addressee is on leave).  Furthermore, students

     living in dormitories expect "normal" mail service from residential

     mail services, and faculty expect business-mail services from the

     system; e.g., confidentiality for professional mail.


     A policies and procedures document is needed if only to educate the

     university community.  For example, the document could help the

     community understand that USPS concludes its obligation when it

     delivers mail to 118 North Main Street, as Tom Caceci explained to the

     committee, but that the university has a legal obligation for intra-

     university distribution of U.S. mail, as Kay Heidbreder explained to

     the committee in December.


     Hypothetical (and real) examples of individuals opening mail of others

     were cited and became driving forces in the discussion.  Actions that

     some see as violations of understood (albeit unwritten) mail

     regulations, others view as unprofessional or unethical behavior.  The

     latter group may worry that mail regulations are being proposed as an

     attempt to legislate professional behavior.  Are we confusing a

     personnel or standards-of-conduct issues with mail regulations?


     Ed Fox proposed, and the committee approved, the following actions:


          Share with the mail service manager all committee minutes of this

          year that give reference to mail regulations.


          Suggest to the mail service manager that he meet with the

          subcommittee to review its discussions.


          Invite all members of the full committee to communicate specific

          concerns about the mail service directly to the mail service



          Ask the mail service manager to give us a summary of the current

          working policy and procedures followed by the service.


  3.      Phase II Update


     In lieu of Earving Blythe's absence, the committee asks that he send

     us a written update on Phase II plans and implementations.



  Committee members were reminded that the interview of Dr. Glenn Ricart,

  candidate for the vice president for information systems, is Wednesday,

  May 5, 10:30 - noon, conference room A, CEC.


  This being the final meeting of the academic year, the chair thanked the

  committee members for their work.  The committee members expressed

  appreciation to the chair.


  According to Arthur Snoke, it was announced at university council that,

  for the 1993-94 academic year, committees will operate according to the

  "old" governance rules regarding membership and the method of selection.

  That means the next meeting of UCRC will be 3:00 p.m., September 29.


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