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December 7, 1993

            Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee



  Meeting held:      Tuesday, December 7, 1993 - 3:00-5:00 pm

  Location:          3:00-4:00: Library's Computer Room;  4:00-5:00:

                     Moved to another room reserved by Buddy Litchfield


  Present:           David Beagle, David Bevan, George Crofts (Chairman),

                     Ron Daniel, John Eaton (for Bernard LaBerge), Jamie

                     Evans, Ed Fox, Mark Hunter, Jo Johnson, Judy Lilly,

                     Buddy Litchfield, Lance Matheson, Tom McAnge, John

                     Moore, Mark Sanders


  Guests:            Phil (Theta) Bowden, Greg Kroll



  1.   Introduction and Practice with Networks


       John Moore and Greg Kroll gave the committee an overview of how

       the network (internet) can be used.  Applying the software

       distributed and taught in the instructional development initiative

       workshops, Mr. Kroll gave the committee a quick, hands-on

       demonstration of some capabilities (and exasperations) of the

       world of networks.  The network with the software make e-mail,

       file sharing, and on-line searches easy.


  2.   Approval of Minutes


       The October minutes were approved.


  3.   Subcommittee Reports


       A report from the subcommittee on network education is appended to

       these minutes.


  4.   BEV Video


       The Blacksburg Electronic Village video expanded the committee's

       understanding of the electronic village concept.


  5.   Other Items as Suggested by Members


       John Eaton reported that Ed Fox and David Bevan are involved in

       discussions about submitting dissertations electronically to the

       graduate school. Such dissertations will be stored on disk rather

       than in hard-copy form.  They will be made available

       electronically on the network rather than from university

       microfilm as xerox copies.


       Ed mentioned that technical reports may soon follow.  The computer

       science department has four years of technical reports on-line in

       electronic form.


  6.   Date of Next Meeting


       The next meeting will be January 25, 3:00 - 5:00, location to be




                     Network Education Subcommittee Members of the UCRC

                            Minutes of December 6, 1993, Meeting


  Subcommittee Members:       Dave Beagle, Daniel Gallagher, Lance

                              Matheson, Lenwood McCoy, Mark Sanders

                              (Chair), Frank Schima, Shirley Travis


  Lance Matheson, Lenwood McCoy, and Mark Sanders met to begin the work

  of the Network Education Subcommittee of the UCRC.


  Our agenda was as follows:


       1. Background


       2. Possible "Plan of Work" for Subcommittee:


          a.  Identify Network Education Problems/Needs (e.g. need for

              better information distribution with respect to the campus

              network, central point for network access information, need

              for ongoing educational programs, etc.)


              Methods of approach:


                   Committee brainstorming & discussions

                   Canvassing our colleagues

                   Data collection as appropriate


          b.  Determine what programs are currently  in place"


          c.  Identify network education "strategies"


          d.  Provide recommendations back to UCRC


        3.  Work Assignments?


        4.  Adjourn


  After a general discussion regarding our charge and how we should go

  about the work of the committee, we had a very productive discussion

  with respect to #2 above.  We began to identify some aspects of

  electronic communication ("networking") that could benefit from

  additional education efforts around campus.  These included information



        access to the university network (including a host of initial

        installation and configuration issues),

        access to the internet,

        ethernet installation,

        security issues,

        home access/configuration issues,

        general information on "networking,"

        student access issues


  Following this discussion, we began to identify places where

  information on these and other topics is currently, or might be made

  available.  That list included:





        Collegiate Times

        University Info (ERIS) system

        Campus Computing Labs

        Traditional mail notices

        Student registration information

        Prospective student mailings

        Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs

        Campus TV

        Videotape training modules

        Floppy disk tutorials


  Mark Sanders agreed to send a memo to Judy Lilly, Bill Sanders, and Tom

  Head asking what types of network education efforts were currently in

  place from CNS, User Services, and LRC respectively.


  In preparation for our next meeting (probably in February) we decided

  that each of the subcommittee members should ask his/her colleagues the

  following question:  "What information about electronic communication

  would you like to see made available at Virginia Tech?"  You might also

  ask them for suggestions on how that information might best be made



  We adjourned at 11:55 a.m.


  Respectfully submitted,


  Mark Sanders, Subcommittee Chair




                                  Copy of Memorandum Sent




  To:           Tom Head, Judy Lilly, Bill Sanders, & Ed Fox From: Mark



  Date:         12/8/93


  Subject:      Network Education Subcommittee


  The University Communications Resource Committee (UCRC) has established

  a new subcommittee titled "Network Education" that I have been asked to

  chair.  In concert with the general purposes of the UCRC, the purpose

  of the Network Education subcommittee is to examine current network

  education practices at Virginia Tech and generate suggestions for

  enhancing those services.  These would in turn be considered by the

  larger UCRC group, with the final result being one or more

  recommendations coming from the UCRC to the university community at

  large.  This is in keeping with the UCRC's charge which includes a

  provision to "...recommend policies regarding planning, purchasing,

  installing, and utilizing the university's communication resources."


  With that in mind, our subcommittee is in the process of identifying

  what is currently in place in terms of educational support for

  "networking" at Virginia Tech.  The subcommittee has identified User

  Services, CNS, LRC, and the CS Department as current sources of general

  "network education" for students and faculty on this campus.


  Obvious sources of information about "networking" include 4Help,

  FastLine, CNS telephone support, and the network education component of

  the Faculty Development Initiative.  But there are all sorts of other

  educational services provided by Virginia Tech personnel relating to

  "the network."  It would be very helpful to the subcommittee if each of

  you would provide me with a brief annotated list of the types of

  educational support you now offer with respect the network. Annotations

  might include any detail you think might be relevant and useful to the



  I would appreciate your input before January 15, 1994.  Feel free to

  contact me if you have questions about this.  Thanks in advance for

  your assistance with this request.


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