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October 27, 1993


     Minutes of the University Communications Resources Committee




  Meeting held:       Wednesday, October 27, 1993 - 3:00-5:00 pm

  Location:           224 Williams


  Present:            David Beagle, David Bevan, Erv Blythe, George

                      Crofts (Chairman), Jamie Evans,  Mark Hunter,

                      Judy Lilly, Buddy Litchfield, Lance Matheson,

                      Lenwood  McCoy,  Mark Sanders,  Frank Schima,

                      Matt Swift


  Guests:        Phil (Theta) Bowden, Carol Eggleston, Wayne Donald




  1.   Approval of Minutes


       The September minutes were approved.


  2.   Election of Vice Chair


       Jamie Evans was elected vice chair.


  3.   Initiatives  for  Administrative  Areas  under   Distributed



       Wayne Donald, director of systems analysis & services,  gave

       an  overview  of  computer  initiatives  for  administrative

       areas.   He focused  on efforts to  automate human resources

       information.  A  system is being  purchased and modified  to

       allow  paper-less transactions  including leave  reports and

       personnel  appointments and  changes.   A commercial  system

       that can handle  the core  functions will  be purchased  and

       customized to handle our specific needs.   Bids are due this

       week, a purchase may occur by year's end.


       The system  will have a unix server and support both Mac and

       Windows environments.  Implementation will occur between six

       and  eighteen  months  of  the  purchase.    The  time   for

       implementation  will depend  on the resources  available for

       customizing the system and purchasing  equipment upgrades in

       unit offices.  (Ethernet  connection will be needed  for the

       system.)  Groups of users will help evaluate the bids.


  4.   Blacksburg Electronic Village Video


       Due  to equipment failure, the Blacksburg Electronic Village

       video tape could not be shown.


  5.   Subcommittee Discussion


       There was a good discussion on subcommittees and  topics the

       committee should  investigate this year.   Mark Sanders sees

       the need  for much  more education  for faculty, staff,  and

       students  with  respect   to  the  electronic  communication

       systems.   A  subcommittee could  work on  this issue.   The

       subcommittee members should spend time deciding just what to

       investigate,  but the  topics would  likely include  general

       information  to  the  campus  community   on  communications

       infrastructure  plans, information on  distributed computing

       applications, the BEV, and the faculty and staff development

       projects.   The subcommittee might also look at sub-parts of

       the  instructional  development  initiative  that  could  be

       isolated and presented to wider  audiences.  Matt Swift sees

       a  continuing role  for  the  universal access  subcommittee

       including a way  to give people  a voice  in changes in  the

       communications area.


       Discussion should  continue  via our  listserv.    Committee

       members should identify the subcommittee on which they would



  6.   Becoming More Informed about Network Issues


       David Beagle will see if the library  computer room could be

       reserved,  so  the  committee  could  gain  some  first-hand

       experience  and knowledge  about  network  software such  as



  7.   Date for Next Meeting


       The next meeting will be December  7, 3:00 - 5:00 pm, begin-

       ning in the library computer laboratory.


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