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November 11, 1987


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                            President's Board Room

                               November 11, 1987

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  L. J. Arnold, F. M. Asche, J. Cairns, Jr., R. A.

                    Comparin, W. L. Flowers (for M. R. Geasler), D. B. Hodge,

                    J. C. Lee (for W. G. Huber), D.G.I. Kingston, D. F.

                    McTaggart, M. D. Pierson, M. Potts, A. W. Steiss, F. W.

                    Stephenson, R. A. Teekell, J. F. Wolfe


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   P. K. Edwards, V. R. Fu, G. W. Norton, G. G. Schurig


  INVITED GUESTS    C. D. Waring, K. A. Wilkins





      A listing of deadlines and target dates for proposal submissions was

      distributed.  The monthly newsletter advising faculty of proposal dead-

      lines will be revived.


      A substantial increase is anticipated in funding of the DOD University

      Research Initiatives Program.


      Official confirmation has been received from the Department of Health

      and Human Services regarding the indirect cost rates.  These rates are:

      Research 48%; Extension 42%; Instruction 91%; and the Agricultural Ex-

      periment Station 64%.


      The request for proposals for CIT Technology Development Centers was





      The minutes of the October 28, 1987 meeting of the Commission on Re-

      search were approved as distributed.






          SMARTDOLLAR allocations appear to be tracking reasonably well.




          Dr. Hooper has transmitted the Committee report to Mr. Ridenour and

          has met with him to discuss this matter.  A copy of the memo by

          which Dr.  Hooper transmitted the report was distributed to the

          Commission.  Several alternate approaches have been suggested to

          facilitate the process of new construction or remodeling projects.


          Dr. Hodge pointed out that, while Dr. Hooper's memo suggests find-

          ing an alternative route to getting the work done, the root problem

          is in the University Architect's Office and has to be solved.  Dr.

          Arnold stated when Mr. Ridenour spoke to the Faculty Senate, he

          commented on the Committee's report and stated that he felt very

          clearly that the problems were in the day-to-day management of the

          University Architect's Office.




          A letter has been received from Don Moore outlining an approach to

          the questions of sole source and proprietary procurement which he

          proposes be implemented at Virginia Tech on a trial basis.  The

          Committee will study the proposal and communicate back to Don

          Moore, through Bill Haas, and to the Commission, through the Com-

          mittee, as to what steps might be taken.




      Mr. Ridenour and Dr. Hooper have expressed concern about this resol-

      ution and asked that it be withdrawn from the University Council

      agenda, suggesting that administrative routes be followed instead.  Dr.

      Arnold raised a point of order about the matter, indicating that the

      failure to circulate Resolution 86-87A to the University Council mem-

      bers was clearly in violation of the bylaws of the Council.


      Discussion followed concerning (1) interruption of the resolution's

      progress on its way to University Council; (2) Dr. Hooper's misinter-

      pretation of the status of the resolution; and (3) the appropriate

      action to get the resolution back on track.  The Chairman assured the

      Commission that the resolution will be placed on the agenda of the next

      University Council meeting.  The central issue is adherence to the es-

      tablished procedures within the University governance system.


      Dr. Hooper will address the Commission's concerns over his actions with

      regard to Resolution 86-87A at the December 9th meeting.




      Dates have been adopted for the uniform semester system:  Fall Semes-

      ter, August 16 through December 31; Spring Semester, January 1 through

      May 15; and Summer Term, May 16 through August 15.




      A $3 million blanket authorization has been requested in Richmond for

      construction and renovation to begin in 1988.  These funds would be

      limited to the 460 Research Compound and other off-campus areas.  A

      separate proposal has been submitted for planning funds to develop a

      major on-campus facility specifically for research activities.  This

      would be a generic facility that could be changed to suit changing re-

      search needs.  The Virginia Tech Foundation has agreed to provide a

      line of credit to assist in the financing of these buildings and re-

      lated facilities.


      An approach has been developed to finance about $6.5 million worth of

      new construction and about $2 million worth of renovations over a ten-

      year period.  Provision has also been made for some rental space be-

      cause projects cannot wait until the buildings are available.


      Three options have been discussed with the Deans regarding the financ-

      ing of the debt service on this loan.  It is hoped that very shortly it

      will be possible to implement an approach to facilitate the financing

      of currently planned buildings.


      In view of the significance of the research effort at Virginia Tech,

      questions were raised regarding the further involvement of the Founda-

      tion in support of this mission.  It was suggested that Dr. Smoot be

      invited to address the Commission about the Foundation and its activ-



      The Chairman asked the Commission to review the options that were pre-

      sented to the Deans to ensure that the Research Division was on the

      right track in the efforts to provide additional research space.





      The National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges

      (NASULGC) is looking into the question of Academic and Research Miscon-

      duct and hopes to be able to formulate a model policy for adoption by

      member schools.  The Faculty Senate has indicated that the current Uni-

      versity policy will be reexamined and perhaps some changes will be pro-

      posed.  It is appropriate for the Commission to offer inputs to the

      deliberations, particularly with respect to misconduct in research.


      A Graduate Faculty may be an appropriate device to reinforce policies

      and procedures regarding misconduct, but it still is necessary to have

      the guidelines.  Various Federal agencies expect the University to have

      such guidelines in place now.  While the FACULTY HANDBOOK includes

      statements in this regard, the question is whether or not they are ade-



      The Chairman asked that Commission members study the materials handed

      out, look at the current policy, and be prepared to continue this topic

      as an agenda item for the next meeting.



  The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Decem-

  ber 9th at 3:30 p.m. in the President's Board Room.







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